What to do during Medifast to speed up weight loss?

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I have gained 60 pounds in four years. Before that, I was a healthy weight. What does your skin look like after you reach goal? How do you do damage control? Is there anything you can do during weight loss to help? Thanks-Danielle..

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So many of the answers you're looking for are very individual. Folks say your skin has memory and will go back to close to it's original size. I was obese my whole life, so my skin has no good "memory" in there anywhere! It's a little saggy (OK, a lot) now, but I've noticed parts ARE firming up slowly. I've been using the heck out of Q10 lotion - I think it's been helping..

Anyhoo - I kinda think of the extra skin as battle scars. It's been through quite a battle!..

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Chris looking at you now it's SOOO hard to believe you were EVER not the little pixie you look like now.


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Ahhh, aren't you sweet, Heidi!.

Nope, started gaining weight at age 7. Poor skin...among other body parts...

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Q10 is a skim-firming lotion/reshaping cream from Nivea. Just drug store stuff...

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I think it really depends on several factors such as:.

-How long you have had the extra weight.

-Your age.

-Your exercise routine while losing.

-How fast your your weight lose is.

I lost nearly 80 lbs in less than 6 months. I am 34yrs old (33 when I lost), I ran and lifted weights 5 days a week during 5/1 and I carried the extra weight for roughly 4 to 5 yrs..

My skin was loose right after I lost.

It wasnt terrible but it took it a while to reshape the way I wanted it to..

After maintaining for nearly year, I am pleased to say that my body has really reshaped itself...

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I think Q10 does help. My mom had me start using it and I think it did help, I'm out right now but will definitely go get more. Costco has it every now and again...

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They have done studies and are finding it doesn't necessarily depend so much on how fast you lost the weight but on how quickly you gained the weight. In other words, when you gained the weight, if it was quick enough that you damaged your skin (stretch marks, damaging elasticity), then your skin may not be as tight. However, if your weight gain was slow or if you didn't damage your skin when gaining weight, your skin will more likely be tighter (even if you lose weight quickly)...

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Hi! I just joined MY Medifast but I may have a helpful hint about skin sagging. I natural bristle skin brush such as can be purchased at the healthfood store and brush your skin every day before shower. It feels so good. just brush 3 times every part of body (i have heard it's best to stroke towards your heart) anyway, this stimulates your lymphatic system and gets blood flowing to make skin healthy and vital. Should really help...

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I have lost 20 pounds on Medifast before stopped and gained it all back over the course of a couple of years. I want to lose 40+ pounds, I am 52 and also concerned about skin issues. Do people who lose 100+ pounds require surgery to fix lose skin?.

Also, I have briefly looked thru the Forums and couldn't find anything about long term maintainers. Are there any people out there who have maintained their weight loss for at least 3 + years? .....and how do you do it?.

I have no problem staying on Medifast the after is the problem and concerns about lose skin...

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