What foods do you love to eat during Nutrisystem?

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I am sure this question has been asked before, but I can't find it at this time. I am having trouble finding food that I really like on this program. I am new so I expect that I just haven't found the good ones yet. Someone please help direct me to the good stuff...

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Your question was: What foods do you love to eat during Nutrisystem?.

Hi Catbarn:.

Everyone's taste is so different. I may hate an entrey and six others will love it!.

The entres I enjoy and will order again:.


Chicken Breast.

Thick Crust Pizza.


Items I won't order again:.

Pasta with Beef (too spicy for me).

Chicken Caccitiore (green peppers).

Chicken w/Dumplings.

I think if you find a way to alter the meals to your individual taste, you will enjoy them more (example, I love steamed veggies (green beans, asparagus, carrots) - and everything tastes better with a side of steamed veggies.

Best of luck to you!.


Ps - you can find your old posts by going to "MY PAGE" and view all your board entries......

Comment #1

Breakfast: Frittata, although I have liked pretty much all but the crabberry granola bar and the plain O's cereal.

Lunch: Homestyle mashed potato, turkey hotdog, 3 cheese pasta with chicken.

Dinner: BBQ pork wrap, flame broiled beef patty, italian herb pizza.

Dessert: BBQ soy chips, any of the mint flavoured chocolate..

Comment #2

Here are some of my favs, but you might not like them..

Breakfast: double chocolate muffin, cinnamon bun, lowfat granola cereal.

Lunch: Chicken and pasta in cacciatore sauce, fudge graham bar, double chocolate caramel bar, mexican tortilla soup, tuna salad, vegetable beef soup.

Snack: Honey Mustard Pretzel Sticks, Pretzels, Zesty herb snack mix.

Dinner: Penne pasta chicken alfredo, bbq sauce over beef beans and rice, flame broiled beef patty, italian herb pizza, thick crust pizza, lasanga with meat sauce.

Desserts: Chocolate caramel bar, chocolate rainbow delights, peppermint cookie, thin mint crisp bar..

Comment #3


For dinner I like the chicken breast and the homestyle beef w mashed pot and gravey.

For lunch the tuna salad, cheesy mashed pot, and split pea soup.

Dessert: the choc pudding is yummy with whipped topping.

A lot of the bars would be good but I am sensitive to sugar alcohols and can only have some of them. The thin mint crisp bar is great...

Comment #4

My favorites:.

Breakfast: Lowfat granola cereal, Maple Brown sugar oatmeal, banana nut muffin and blueberry muffin..

Lunch: Fudge graham bar, cheesy homestyle potatoes, creamy ceasar dressing with chicken..

Dinner: Beef patty, buffalo chicken wrap, Pork wrap, chicken breast, mac & cheese..

Desserts: Vanilla cake, carrot cake,walnut chocolate chip cookies, almond biscotti and peppermint cookie patty...

Comment #5

These are my favorites....

Breakfast: Egg frittata (scrambled on stovetop with Egg Beaters for protein add-in), any of the muffins after a few seconds in the microwave, berries/multigrain cereal.

Lunch: Cheesy potatoes, fettuccini alfredo, 3 cheese pasta with chicken, bean and ham soup.

Dinner: mac and cheese with beef, pretty much any of the Italian dishes, especially spaghetti with meat sauce.

Dessert: chocolate crunch bar, walnut chocolate chip cookies, cheese puffs..

Comment #6

Dinner: I love the Italian Flatbread pizza, the meat Lasagna and the Flame Broiled Patty..

Don't care for too many of the lunches.

Breakfast: Like the cereals, oatmeal and Blueberry Muffin..

Comment #7

Well, so far (day three) I have LOVED the tortilla soup and the vegetarian lasagna...

Comment #8

Never liked fake mashed potatoes but the cheesy mashed potates are not bad mmmm...

Comment #9

Right off the bat, I loved a lot of the dinners, but my favorites are the flame broiled beef patty, the italian herb flatbread pizza, the spaghetti with meat sauce, and the chili. I order several of these items each time..

I had a harder time finding lunches that I really liked. I didn't care for the turkey hot dog the first time I had it, but when I decided to give it another chance the next month, I really liked it. I also like the tuna salad (not a fan of the chicken salad though), the tomato soup, the creamy broccoli soup, and the fudge graham bars. Problem is, most of the lunches seem to be pastas, and so the first couple of months I ordered mostly pasta figuring I'd eventually find SOMETHING I liked. Eventually, I figured out that I don't really care for the lunch pastas, which is fine because there are plenty of other choices.

I pretty much like all of the breakfasts I've had. If I had to make a list of favorites, I'd say the chewy chocolate granola bar, harvest nut bar, cinnamon bun, all 3 kinds of muffins, and both types of pancakes. But I really like pretty much everything I've had for breakfast. I won't get the scones again because I found them overly dry, but I still didn't think they were bad, just not as good as a lot of the other options..

Desserts, again, I've liked most of them. I don't really get the cookies anymore because I felt like they had a strange "starchy" texture. I love the bars though. The thin mint crisps, the chocolate caramel bar, the crunch bar, and the chocolatey nougat bar are probably my favorites...

Comment #10

Here are some other threads to look at. I went to Search (top right), clicked on Advanced Search, put the keyword "favorite" in, and searched titles only in the food talk and tips forum only. There were many others, also, if you want to keep looking.....







Comment #11

I really like 99% of them so it's hard to say. Just remember that your tastes are going to change and something you may not care for now, might be a favorite later on. It's kinda cool. I like things now that I have never liked my whole life and I'm 51. That was a nice surprise, Nancy..

Comment #12

If I had to pick one from each meal it would be :.

Lowfat granola cereal, turkey hot dog, meatloaf and mashed potatoes, chocolatey nougat bar with peanuts..

Comment #13

I LOVE with mad passion the Buffalo Chicken Wing Pretzels. If anyone has these, I'd trade many things...almost anything...for them...

Comment #14

Why don't you just order all these? (if you are woman, you only get one snack/dessert per day). Or get extras by ordering them a la carte. There is no additional S&H charge for a la carte items if you order them with your regular auto delivery order...

Comment #15

My favorites are:.

Breakfast - berries/flakes cereal (have every work day!) and pancakes (that's it!).

Lunch: Black beans and rice, fettuccini alfredo, chicken noodle soup.

Dinner: Cheese Ravioli, mushroom risotto, mac & cheese (w/tomatoes & chiles! yum!).

Dessert: Choc Chip Pudding (1/2 my order), almond biscotti, choc chip cookie, oatmeal cookieJust Tried the Cheese Puffs! Love them!.

Nothing at all with maltitol - tried it, couldn't handle it -.

All in all, I think the food is very good - and I certainly love the results!.


Comment #16

My favorite entree's are the pizza's. I add fresh mushrooms,bell pepper,onions and different proteins to them and feast out!!!..

Comment #17

Breakfast - most cereals, maple and brown sugar oatmeal and the cinnamon roll (nuked for 20 seconds).

Lunch - red beans and rice, cheesy homestyle potatoes, and split pea soup, lunch bars.

Dinner - the pizzas, beef patty and grilled chicken breast (that's about all of the dinners I eat)..

Desserts: haven't found one I didn't like, but favorite so far is the chocolate coconut bar.

You just have to try different things and you'll find some that you like. Also look at the "fixes" and "add-ins" that folks post. I made chicken fajitas last night out of the grilled chicken breast and it was AWESOME! I sauteed green peppers and onion in a skillet w/ Pam, added the chicken breast (sliced) and a little fajita seasoning and water. Served it in two low-carb, high-fiber garlic herb tortillas with FF sour cream and a little salsa. YUM! I can't believe how good it was and very filling too..

I also add mushrooms (and other veggies) and turkey pepperoni to the pizza and have with a side salad...makes a great meal. then you get a tasty dessert...ha - this is a diet??? :>).

Keep reading the boards and experiment. you will find things you like. keep the faith!..

Comment #18

NS Eater it's my first month. Now I know, and I will...

Comment #19

Thanks for all the ideas. I tried some today and they were terrific. I was really surprised at the penne pasta and chicken in alfredo saucealmost no noodles which I loved. Also tried the pancake today and it was very good with pureed strawberries on top...

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