What dressing to use for salads during Medifast?

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In the old days, I'd load up a salad with lots of croutons, cheese, bacon, seasame seeds, chinese noodles (you get the picture). I know salad is a great "green" because of the volume but just lettuce and lite dressing don't do it for me. I miss my "stuff". Any suggestions?.


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Don't use all lettuce. Use some of the green portion for things like cucumbers, mushrooms, cauliflower and a tomato bit or two..

Won't take the place of cheese but a bit more interesting then lettuce. That's still how I eat it today even in maintenance..

Also you CAN have a bit of cheeseParmesan is generally a good choice as it's 1tbsp for a condiment. Or deduct from your Lean portion to add some instead to your salad...

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Don't forget the broccolli (sp) ~ it's great in a salad. And I like to slice my grilled or baked chicken breast and add it to the salad to make a complete meal...

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Thanks. I was thinking of non veggie additives. I've tried adding half a bag of crushed soy snacks in and that helped a lot. Kind of like a crouton - I just don't have a meal bar that day.

I was putting peppers in to help with the "crunch" but was missing my "carbs". The soy chips are really good..

Have a good day all!.


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I agree with Quill. After months of either spinach or romaine with dressing, I decided to stop being lazy. I now use 2 servings of green and then one serving of peppers, mushrooms or tomato. I sprinkle about 1 TBL of Feta and then use Newman's Own Lite Balsamic. 2 tablespoons is sufficient since it is so flavorful. More work to prepare "to go" salad for work, but tastes better than weeds with dressing....

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I was the SAME way! I know your pain. What I have been doing, is taking like 8 of my "puffs" and put them in a salad. So I will eat my parmesean puffs for the meal before my LG meal. then I will put some of my parm puffs in the salad to be crutons. that way your not actually skippin any Medifast meals too...

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Also, I have always been HUGE fan of Taco salads. I like boca burgers. You can have two so it gives you a lot of meat. And I put some hot sauce on it. Then I put it in my salad with some salsa and Puffs for the tortilla affect. Its really good! you can make it how you like it but I like the boca because it feels more like the beef. I would rather do that than just chicken...

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And don't just set stuff on top of your salad. Put in a big bowl with a lid including the dresssing and really shake it all around. Everything gets evenly distributed and somehow just tastes better. We can also have nuts (NS says ok) so a balsamic with chicken and few crushed walnuts is awesome...

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I agree with the parm puffs as croutons. For me they were a little too hard so mixing them with the salad also added some moisture to them - so they are still crunchy but not as tough to bite...

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What nuts and how much can we have. Good news to meWhere is it listed? Thanks..

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They aren't listed because they are not on plan. If a person chooses to incorporate a healthy but off plan food, Nutrition Support will give you a way of doing so that will have the least impact on your diet overall. In fact, here is one of their responses regarding adding nuts...

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Thank you for the reply about nuts, I was excited for a bit but it did not make sense to me. I prefer to stay OP , but I will get some pine nuts!..

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Nuts are not suggested but if you choose to incorporate. I read a thread where Nutrisystem gave the amounts you could have if you choose. It is a rare treat and I make sure I am in all my fat, carb, and calorie amounts for the day...

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