What does the Medifast Lean and Green consist of?

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Hello, I just started Medifast 2 days ago and I am having difficulty coming up with lean and green meals ... what does your Lean & Green meals consist of???.


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Get some low carb cookbooks,1001 low carb recipes ,new by Dana Carpenter has some great recipesMade the slow cooker pork chili yesterday and it was wonderful. google low carb recipes and check out the sites , Linda's low carb site is really good. South Beach has a new cookbook coming out. Low fat turkey breast patties by jenni-o are great and easy. search here for recipes, lots of good ones. I do a lot of splitting, 2/3 lean at night 1/3 during the day.

I can't eat that much protein in one sitting and like to enjoy veggie at lunch and snacks during the day. Just measure everything, get a food scale that does both ounces and grams, and indispensable tool! Medifast has a new cookbook out for lean and green available on this and the TSFL site. I just ordered mine and it should he here Wed. This is a very helpful board so just keep asking and searching!..

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Lean is 5-7 oz lean protein. Green is 1.5-3 cups of vegetables. Lists are provided (see the Success Tools tab for downloads) that give you exact amounts for various foods. For example, I will be having about 6oz grilled salmon over a salad of 2 cups shredded romaine and 1/2 cup sliced raw summer squash for dinner. I could also choose 2 cups egg beaters with 1/2 cup each diced red and green bell peppers and diced asparagus (cooked first). I don't eat meat so, if you do, your choices are that much broader..

Lean and green is your opportunity to learn how to eat real food in a healthy way and to be creative. Eventually (transition and beyond), you will be eating more regular food and less packets, so you need to learn portion control, sizes, and content that will help you maintain your loss..

Cookbooks are great for beginners or people who need ideas. I spend some time online looking at recipes - Eating Well, Food Network, etc. I know Medifast just introduced a new one (haven't seen it myself). They're a good place to start, but I encourage you to get creative as well. Visit a farmer's market or buy something new at the grocer and see what you can do. Have fun with it..

Good luck. Let me know if I can help..


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I generally keep it as written and don't make too many receipes..

7 oz of baked chicken breast, 3 servings of veggies listed in the quick start guide. Generally, one serving is 1/2 cup unless you have leafy veggies like lettuce or raw spinach leaves-then a serving is one cup. I occasionally put a pinch of season-all or a grind of black pepper on the veggies if I want some extra flavor..

For veggies, I have bags of broccoli and cut green beans in the freezer and fresh broccoli flourettes, roamine hearts and fresh mushrooms in the fridge. I also have canned button mushrooms and black olives in the pantry..

I generally cook 3-4 breasts at a time and make 3-4 days worth of veggies so my meals are just sitting in tupperwear waiting to be reheated when I get home from work...

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Make sure you weigh your lean and green. This link will give you the weights in grams for your veggies.

In the beginning, keep it simple. Look through the recipe section for lean and green meal ideas. Do simple meat and veggie dishes. As you get more comfortable weighing and measuring and understanding the plan, then you can get creative but, in the beginning KISS - keep it simple sweetheart..

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I do a lot of boca burgers or MorningStar items becuase I do not have time to cook so those are simple for more and than I love broccoli or salads...

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The best tool I have for my L&Gs is my scale. It weighs grams and ounces. I start with putting my plate on it, then zero it out and start adding the food. I keep a little chart on the inside of the closest cabinet with how many grams of vegies or ounces of protein. Chicken, shrimp and steak are my favorite leans. Asparagus done on the grill are our favorite vegie (I even have my husband eating asparagusa minor miracle!).

Salad is always good...and you will be amazed at how much you can have..

Good luck! Stick with it!.


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My George Foreman grill and my scale have been lifesavers on this plan. Most nights I just have a piece of grilled chicken, with a salad. Am going to switch that up a little tonight, and have tuna salad on top of a bed of romaine lettuce.

As you can tell I am in to simple and easy..

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I have cookbooks up to my eyeballs cause I don't cook well at all on my own. Go for the low carb recipies. Use the veggie list as your guide to choosing your veggies. There is a food converter so you can convert grams to ounces (I forget where it is exactly but it is on this site), use your scale, if you don't have one get one, and weigh everything till you are comfy eyeballing your servings. I eat a lot of salads with chicken or lean steak on top becuase it is easy and quick...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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