What do you think of relationships?

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My first question is: What do you think of relationships?.

My next question is: I've known this beautiful, intelligent girl for 2 years from working in the same company. About 4 months ago we decided to begin the steps to get our own biz going. I've had a crush on this girl since I met her.. but now.. it's just different. I believe the feelings grow stronger each time I see her.

She allows me to flirt with her- which usually includes being a touchy feely. when I compliment her, she returns the compliment (not sure the sincerity) I think i'm just in a horrible position, starting a biz w/ her while I have feelings for her are making me sad. does anyone have some sound advice. I'm not thrilled with this whole situation. it's almost painful...

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Your question was: What do you think of relationships?.

Why dont you just tell her how you feel?..

Comment #1

I cant tell her how I feel because I'm certain she'll be freaked out.She's happy with her bf and i'm just a distraction- I'm going to stop the flirting all together.. I'm certain I am bound to be hurt in some manner by all of this (well I already am by not being able to be w/ her). I'm just spent. There have been signs from her that she's just not interested, the lack of eye contact, the certain way she hugs me (tapping on the back) and now I'm sensing her desire to be biz partners may be waning...

Comment #2

She may already have an inkling that you like her (if you are such a slave to your heart, then perhaps you're not keeping it under wraps very well) and is backing off. If I were her I would not start a business with you, out of a desire not to start a situation that will end up with drama or disaster. Sorry but I don't think running a business together is a good idea if you can't control your feelings...

Comment #3

>>You can't control how you feel, but you can control your actions. <<.

So true!.

CL - Women of Color  ..

Comment #4

Here is something for you to think about.  She flirts with you and is touchy feely, would you want her doing that if she were your gf?  If she does it with her present bf, she would most likely do it if you were her bf..


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Comment #5

It's a difficult situation. Starting a business is tough, especially in this economy without bringing other stuff to the table. She has a boyfriend. I would cut the flirtation and start going out with the intention of finding a girlfriend. Try to keep business and personal separate.


Comment #6

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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