What do you eat after medifast goal is done?

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Hello all,.

Although I am still in my first week I am looking into the future. What do people eat AFTER the Medifast goal is met? I know there is transition and maintanence, but I mean after that. I dont suppose people order medifast forever (I could be wrong). Some ideas of things you would purchase at a grocery store would be great..


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That's a great question. Unfortunately, the people who lose and maintain without buying Medifast usually don't post here when they are done, which makes it hard for the rest of us to know what to do. There are some but most will tell you they still use it and still eat 6 small meals a day. Kinda like 3 L&G meals each day, plus 2-3 Medifast meals. I think we could make our own healthy snacks, though...

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Ask Schu1. She has been maintaining for 3 years and checks the boards daily. Send her a pm. I know she would love to help you out. She has been a great source of help and inspiration to me and many others...

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Well, the maintenance part of T&M is the "after" part. I don't believe anyone realistically believes that he will be on Medifast products daily for the next 3,4, or 5 decades. I am using transition to figure out just exactly what foods I can have that don't set off cravings and I will use them for the maintenance phase of my life. If you like protein bars and shakes, you can buy them locally and incorporate them into your maintenance diet. Lots of whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, lean protein and very little junk food will be my maintenance plan. I may or may not continue to order medifast as I get more comfortable in learning how to maintain, but I do know that I won't be buying medifast for the rest of my life.

I look for things that have few ingredients, too. The fewer the chemicals and processing, the healthier the food..

At some point it simply has to be about calorie balance more than specific foods or products. I do like the idea of eating several times per day, so I am looking to continue that habit throughout. Replacing the 100 calorie Medifast foods with similarly constructed snacks is where I am leaning...

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Goin4goal sent me a pm, asking me to check out this thread.I can only speak from my own experience,,so here goes....

I eat something like oatmeal or eggbeaters for breakfast, with 16 oz of water plus my coffee. Sometimes I may add one turkey sausage link. I never skip breakfast..

I dont always get a midmorning snack, but if I can work it in between clients, it is something like a few nuts, raw veggies,and/or a small apple or other small portion of fruit..

For lunch I will have veggies (raw) with sliced turkey rolled around them, or cottage cheese with local honey, or a protein bar. Somewhere along the way I may eat a few olives also..

I always need an afternoon pick me up at work, and for me, ths needs to be a protein, sometimes lowfat cheese wedge (laughing cow), or a spoonful of natural peanut butter..

Dinner is my main meal, and most of the time I follow general guidelines for L/G meals but with more veggies..

At night I may have a sugar free lowfat yogurt,or Medifast Hot cocoa..

This is just a general way of eating, and there are weeks I don't go near a Medifast meal, and the HC and cappucino are the only ones I still keep. I am almost out of them, and will probably just move on to a regular sugar free HC or the international coffee sugar free..

I still get a minimum of 64 oz of water. Plenty of water is a key factor in my mantenance.I keep my protein choices on the lean side mostly, and eats lots and lots of veggies, both cooked and raw..

I never let one poor choice at one meal, become poor choices for several meals. I am the only one who controls what food I eat, and the responsibility for NOT eating too much of the bad things, is up to me, and only me. I decided early on, that I am worth this effort..

I try to stay away from white flour in anything,,,but,,,if a special occasion, DH and I will split one portion of cake, pie, whatever..

When you hit maintainance it is about calories in/calories out more. At my age (will be 60 the end of this year ), my maintainance calories have to be between 1400 and 1600..

I avoid things like hot breads,as much as I can, cause they are a trigger for me, so if I am somewhere that pizza is on the menu, I will eat only the toppings, and not the crust..

Also remember to stay active,,doesn't have to be heavy exercise, just remove the rump from the couch more. Yesterday I painted the kitchen and dining rooms,,by myself,,,I not only got a good workout,,up and down the ladder,,but have two great looking rooms to show for it!! so just move!!.

I am sure there are other things I do that I am not remembering, so if anyone has questions, just pm me or ask here. I dont make it here everyday, but will check it when I do...

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That was an awesome post Sharon. (Not that I am surprised!!0 So glad you still come around to help ALL of us!!..

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I am a very new member but I must say that I joined a Medifast Center and look forward to losing the weight, once and for all, with their guidance and support. They have 3 phases they work with you on...Weight loss, Incorporation of real food and Maintenance. I will be in the weight loss phase for 39 weeks (I have 117 lbs. to lose), the incorporation phase for 16 weeks and the maintenance phase for 52 weeks. I truly believe that I will be slender and fit by January 25, 2011!.

I work with a gal (that's how I came to join MF) that has ordered her food online without ever visiting a center. She is very nervous about incorporating real food back into her diet. I don't share those nerves because I have the expert staff at my Medifast Center that will work with me as well as monitor my weight loss and health each week. My coworker has decided that she will be joining her local center for the support as well. Also, when you sign up with the center you are medically supervised. That's a huge bonus.

Thanks for letting this newbie share. I'll be sticking around and learning from you all...

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Thanks so much everyone for the kind and encouraging words. I will take all the advice I can get. Now that the first few days are over and Ive stayed OP I feel great. I actually walked through the bread isle today (huge trigger!) and survived!.

Schu1, thanks so much for your post. You are truly and inspiration! This was exactly the kind of info I was looking for...

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I still eat 5 or 6 times a day. 2-3 snacks, 2 light meals, and one heavier meal. I try to make the heavier meal breakfast, or lunch, when possible. And I still use some Medifast products, for convenience, maybe 6 or 8 a week - it's very hard to find a hundred calorie snack with that level of protein. For me, the high protein snacks really go a long way in keeping down hunger and cravings..

My rules are pretty simple. At least half of every meal has to be vegetables, and I eat those first. I eat a LOT of vegetables. The other half of my meal is split between lean protein, fruit, and whole grains. I eat as low as possible on the food chain - almost no processed foods except for Medifast products, almost no fast foods, because there's no way to know what's really in them. I'm learning to do more with beans and various vegetarian options, just to keep the fat and calories down, although you have to watch out - vegetarian doesn't necessarily mean healthy..

Portion size portion size portion size. That's key. My protein portions are smaller now than on 5&1. I can have just about anything I want, as long as half of everything I eat is vegetables (skip the cheese sauce!), and I eat those first..

I eat much more slowly than I used to! That makes a difference..

I keep a weekly and daily calorie budget. I know that I need to eat 1400-1600 calories a day to maintain, plus whatever calories I burn in exercise. I plan my days in advance, and try to cook in advance where possible so I have no excuse to "just grab" something. I eat at the lower end of my range during the week, and higher on the weekends when I have my long runs and various social obligations. I plan ahead on my calorie budget - I don't think oh, I'll eat this and make up for it later. Instead, I think I'm going out Friday night and want a glass of wine, so I'll save up calories during the week to cover my treat on the weekend..

I NEVER use/borrow calories in advance, if I can help it. Planning ahead makes it less likely that I'll make bad choices. The weekly budget lets me adjust individual days without having to worry about every single calorie every day..

Those are the basics - then I've got a bunch of "cheat" things I do to my old recipes to lower fat and cals without destroying the recipe. It's amazing how little butter you really need to get the flavor, for example. A little GOOD cheese goes a lot further than a lot of cheap cheese. Etc...

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Welcome to Medifast, Happycat1. I hope you have success with the center and that the staff at your particular center actually know the program and stick to giving Medifast advice. It seems that so many of the centers simply sell the product but know little to nothing about the actual program. I hope yours is different..

Check out the Medifast Connection area of the website for lots of interesting and engaging posts from people who are also just beginning the weight loss phase. Stick around and you will find lots of support from so many people who are going through much the same things you are..

I wish you strength, determination, commitment and, most of all, great success on your journey!..

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I eat whole foods as much as possible. No packaged/prepared food products. A lot of veggies, fresh meats/poultry/fish, whole eggs from a local farm, fresh fruits, olive, grapeseed and nut oils, butter. Beans/legumes and other starchy things in small amounts. Boo on that. Bread is home baked in my breadmachine...I LOVE that thing.

Sweeteners are tough. I don't like stevia and really try to stay away from Splenda and other artificial sweeteners. When needed I use a combination of xylitol and erythritol. Love local maple syrup and honey but have these in very small amounts..

So, I went from chemical packet food to the other extreme! LOL I have to watch my weight and cut back on carby things when it starts to creep up. I LOVE carby things (breads, pasta, beans, etc.) too but they don't love me. It took a while to figure out what works for me (maybe about a year) through trial and error. What I learned is that I can NEVER go back to how I used to eat. And for most of the time, I don't want to...

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I made goal, finished Transition and I'm in Maintenance and I still choose to have my 3 favorite Medifast meals everyday..

Brownie, chocolate pudding and a bar or cheese puffs..

They are a healthy great tasting treats that are handy to keep on hand...

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Suesully, I didn't like Stevia either until I tried "Stevia in the Raw". That is AWESOME, it has no aftertaste or weird taste like the other stevia products. Give it a shot...

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I am about two weeks into Maintenance and I basically eat like the 4th week of Transition with but sometimes I add some extra veggies or extra fruit from time to time. I still eat 4-6oz of protein for two of my meals. For the most part, my carbs are from fruits and veggies. I really don't eat much rice (used to LOVE it pre MF) or breads (the one I use off and on is Joseph's Heart Healthy Lavash Roll). I still use Miracle Noodles, I am just hooked on it! I love Hummus so I usually have it every day and Greek yogurt is my dairy staple. I am still playing around with what works for shakes and bars that are non Medifast but I know that I will be ordering some of my old favorites really soon! They are just handy to have around and like Steph pointed out, they are low calorie and packs a good protein punch...

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Happycat, I have been going to a center in Fort Worth TX since last November. I love it! I could never have done this program without the accountability the center offers. I hope yours is a corporate Medifast center and not a TSFL center. Anyway, make sure they look at your food journal every week when you go in. I always circle and put a frownie face near things that I ate too much of. Portions were a problem for me in 5/1 l&g.

I log all of my food at the free site of Daily Plate. I plan my food each morning for the day and stick to it religiously. I can only have 1,280 calories to maintain my weight now. If I would get in gear and start walking, I could have as much as 1,500, but I'm lazy..

Good luck to you and your center. I have had nothing but great experiences with them. And the money was well spent.....I only weigh 9 pounds more than at my wedding in 1970. Now that's success, girlfriend..



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When I joined the center, they gave me a 3-ring binder of information about the program. When I got to the transition part, I closed the binder. I found that concentrating on the 5/1 was all I should do. Then a week before transition I read that part of the binder, along with the book I bought at the center. Then a week before maintenance, I did the same thing. Please think about not overloading your mind with what's going on in the future.

By the time you get to your goal, you will be totally unconcerned about food and it will be only fuel for you. It's still difficult for me to eat enough food....


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Thanks to schu1 and corbie for taking the time to share - this is so helpful. My husband has made it to maintenance but I still have a long way to go. I am getting back on track after losing 50 pounds with Medifast last year, gaining 10 and staying there for almost 8 I need to go back to basics, but found your suggestions and experiences so helpful. Thanks for staying with us!.

Just in trying to find snacks for my husband, I find the crunch bars really convenient and great for the protein count and low calories. Hard to find equivalents at that low a calorie count. About the only thing I've found in the snack category are the soy crisps - available at Whole Foods 365 brand, or here in Texas a Safeway brand called Eating Right. They are nutritionally almost identical to the Medifast ones, but so much cheaper. [have to count them, though, not premeasured]..

Thanks again for your help!..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.