What do you do when you're really hungry on Medifast?

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I wanted to ask everyone what they do when they get hungry. What really works for you when the hunger pains set in. I am starting to get frustrated with MF, as I have in the past, because of the hunger. When I am in ketosis, I am still hungry. Most of the time, It's a low grade hunger but it's still there. What tricks to you have that you can share?..

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I throw back:.

If it's mild hunger -.


Diet soda.

If I'm really hungry -.

Laughing Cow Baby Bell Light cheese (60 cal, 3 fat, 0 carb, 6 protein).

Prue Protein RTD Shake (only about 2-4 carbs, not sure about the other info).

Liv-Active Cottage Cheese w/ packet of stevia mixed in (90 cal, 2 fat, 8 carb, 10 protein).

Muscle Milk Light (1/2 bottle - Nutrisystem says can be used as occasional snack).

Hope this helps!..

Comment #1

I just eat the next meal, Medifast or l&g, whatever is left and next of the total for the day. I also like cucumbers - an extra cuke is under 10 cals so can't go wrong! Sometimes, specially right after exercising, I double up the mfs to feel satisfied. Also, waiting a few mins to make sure that I am treating hunger and not thirst helps me every time!.

Good luck...

Comment #2

Drink water, go for a walk, clean, try do anything other than eat...

Comment #3


Wait twenty minutes.

Write it down. Sometimes just making a note of it reminds me that feeling hungry is just a sensation. It doesn't require any action to make it stop..

10:30 amhungry..

See? All done and it went away. It doesn't last 24/7..

Other people find success in drinking water...

Comment #4

These tips are really helpful. I just started Medifast again today and I am so hungry. I am drinking water constantly to try to fill the hunger. My work schedule however sets me into overdrive so while the average is sleeping, I'm working and thinking of food. I may need to write it down like ZsuZsu says because it's really is a mind game. I know that I did great with my 5 in 1 and was OP so my body is satisfied..


Comment #5

For me there is a difference between the medifast 55 and 70. I do much better with the 70. It is a few more calories but I find that I am less hungry. I like the idea of a little more protein as well since I go to the gym 5 days a week. I do understand that hungry panic feeling. Sometimes a cup of tea or a flavored water helps.

Good Luck!..

Comment #6

I wil have a little lean protein. This way I know that I am not going to send my body out of ketosis.


Comment #7

I do the lean protein thing too - sometimes just a little bit of turkey is enough and lots of water and tea. Also I find that once I eat a little bit of that and stay super busy, which isn't hard with three little ones, that I forget about the hunger and it is already time for the next meal...

Comment #8

My health coach asked me if my hunger was real...and when it occurred. I told her that when I wake up in the morning I'm famished even after having my shake. She said alot of times people are having acid issues in their tummy due to the reduced food intake and body not knowing what to do with all that tummy acid. Her recommendation was to take zantac (the larger dose) 1 in the am and 1 in the pm for 14 days and see if that helps with the hunger pains. I'm going to the store to buy it today...

Comment #9

If I eat within an hour or two of going to bed, I wake up RAVENOUS, with a lot of acid in my stomach. It's like my body gets busy digesting whatever I ate before bed, and then for some reason stays in that mode. If I don't eat anything for a few hours before bed, I don't wake up hungry at all...

Comment #10

My 2 cents. I lost 130 pounds and medifast and quit for awhile and I'm back on to lose the last 40.

As an aside, I dropped off because I got sick of being hungry and I got so sick of their food it was making me nauseous and I couldn't gag it down (I can only do shakes and bars now)! Previously acceptable items like the oatmeal literally made me start gagging as if to throw up!.

Now, many are going to rail against some of what I do, so I only offer it as one perspectiveone that is working for me now.

Some basics I follow:.

1) No artifical sweeteners at all (no Splenda, no Nutrisweet, no nothing)they are unhealthy and will only make you hungrier. This means no diet sodas or anything. Pretty much only water. So, I don't do the syrups in my shakes or anything (they have splenda). I will only use stevia (Sweet Leaf brand in my coffee and 1 [no more] 0 Cal Sobe LifeWater per day)..

2) A super consistent schedule is easier for me to follow even if challenging to keep the consistency. So I do my schedule almost like clockwork..

3) I can handle hunger during the day with no problem. Evenings kill me! So, I want to delay eating as much as possible and eat as often as possible..

4) Drink lots of waterLOTS of water. Between 9 AM and 6 PM I typically drink about 120 ounces of water. And I drink some before 9 AM and some after 6 PM just not as constantly..

My schedule is to wake up at 5:30 AM to run (typically 4 miles). I'm generally in bed by about 10 PM. So, reference these when I lay out my schedule..

6:00 AM - Out the door to run..

8:00 AM - Triple Espresso with Sweet Leaf (helps my morning hunger).

10:00 AM - shake.

12:00 AM - shake.

2:00 PM - bar.

4:00 PM - shake.

6:00 PM - shake.

7:30 PM - half daily lean and whole green.

8:30-8:45 PM - other half of daily lean.

Does this mean I'm never hungry? No! You are going to be hungry on Medifastperiod. Can't live with that, don't do itdo a slower "lifesyle modification" based solution. Hunger is the price for losing weight so fast (my 130 pounds was in about 7 months). However, I find that I can control it during the day and the above schedule gets me enough at night to get me through the evening..

One last tipthe first 4 or so days for me is the hardest. If you cheat during those days, you'll just be starting that over. If I make it through those, I can settle into the constant low grade hunger.

Good Luck...

Comment #11

I thought we were supposed to have our first Medifast meal within the first hour of rising. I eat my first meal at 6:30am, then 9:30, lunch at noon 3:00 shake L&G 6:00 & final shake at 8:00. I rarely feel hungry unless I am bored. The first week I was constantly hungry. I just kept reminding myself another meal is soon to follow..

Comment #12

That's a recommendation that works for many, but not all. It definitely does not work for me. The sooner I eat in the day, the hungrier I am. I do not wake up feeling hungry and don't much feel like eating until 2-3 hours afterward (whether I am in ketosis or not) and if I force myself to eat too early I end up with cravings and hunger all morning...

Comment #13

I either drink water, hot tea, or if that doesn't do it, I eat a few spanish olives or a pickle spear to hold me over...

Comment #14

Today, I was feeling REALLLLLY hungry all day. I had 4 out of my 5 daily Medifast supplements by 3:15. I went for a massage and that calmed my hunger to the point I could hold on until I came home and had my L&G...

Comment #15

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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