I'm going off Medifast plan

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I will be out of town for 1 week for work with all my time/meals planned out in advance by my work. This will prevent me from being on the plan for 7 days. My guess is that if I can at least stay on a lean /green diet it would help but does anyone have any suggestions?..

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I would definitely keep the carbs low... When I've been "fed" at conferences and such, I'd do things like eat the inside of turkey and cheese sandwiches but not the bread (just dumped the insides on a plate and called it a salad). Bring your own salad dressing in a little bottle. Have egg beaters or other lean protein for breakfast..

Better yet, try to stay on 5&1 or at least a 4&2 plan. Trust me, I've made Medifast work in the most stringent of circumstances... like spending a day in a prison (I'm a reporter) where I CAN'T bring my own food LOL....

Personally, if it were me, I'd try to find a way to stay on 5&1, even if it means giving up some "free" food. If you can manage to keep two of their meals very lean and green, you could fill in the rest with Medifast foods for a "4&2" plan. I've done that and still lost..

What you don't want to do is fall out of ketosis and have to start that all over again!.

Good luck to you and enjoy the trip!..

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Staying on plan at work conferences has been the hardest part for me, because even at the good ones it seems like they feed people carb and sugar packed food just to keep people pacified for some pretty boring sessions. There always seems to be a lot of bread.

If your meals are in restaurants, it should be fairly easy to put together a facsimile of a lean and green meal. Even if it's not perfect, you could use what you have learned while on Medifast to eat something that is somewhat healthy and in proportion. You could look at it as preparation for the Transition phase...

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Why run the risk of going off plan? You spend roughly $50 to get yourself into ketosis & back into the fat-burning state. And besides, who knows how long you will be off plan before getting yourself back into the swing of things? I can only speak for myself, but when I've gone off plan, it can be months to years before I get back into it. Always telling myself I'll get back to it tomorrow. I'm certain I'm not alone in that, but don't want to assume you don't have the determination to really stick with a set number of days off & can get back on when you say you will.

I travel a LOT on business, too, and will have to entertain multiple clients while doing so. Believe me, as surprising as it may seem, it can be quite simple to make the plan work. Where I will be entertaining clients at a specific restaurant, I will call in advance & explain to the staff that, with my reservation, I need a non-obtrusive placement of boiling hot water as I must prepare my own soup. Most often, the clients will not flinch and if someone asks, I explain that I have a medical condition and a restricted diet. I do not make a big deal out of it, and have never had anyone else do so, either. I am frequently on the road more than I am not, and have never had an issue.

When I'm at a conference, you can contact the hotel in advance to ensure that they have egg beaters. Hot water is ALWAYS available.

When in situations where you don't know meeting places in advance, you can always split your lean & green meals, or switch to a 4&2 and add in some exercise to offset that. Even then, you can ALWAYS get boiling water. And, even if it's not on the menu, it's ok to demand a simple chicken breast (or shrimp, or whatever) cooked simply. No matter how fancy the restaurant, they will always have to accomodate people with dietary restrictions. They're in the service industry, and they will not flinch if you ask. I guarantee you're not going to be the first to do so.

And tip well.

It's just that we're not USED to demanding what is needed of us. Once you do it for the first time, it will soon become second nature..

Good luck to you...

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Thanks to all of you for your great suggestions. I think I will try for the 4 and 2. I can regulate breakfast and snacks and be choosey about food that is provided for lunch and dinner. With all the new flying restrictions let's hope I can bring my Medifast meals on the plane!!! Thanks again. Bedraggled..

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Check the TSA website:.


My interpretation is that special foods can be brought thru the checkpoint. The TSA's main concern is liquids, so as long as the Medifast food is still dry, there should be no problems. If you bring a lot of food with foil wrappers (puffs or bars) the officers may need to hand screen your carry on since the xray may have trouble looking thru the wrappers..

I am leaving on a week long trip on Wed night. I am bringing one day's worth of food in my carry on and the rest is packed in my checked luggage. The only problem I see is the security limitation of bringing 3oz of liquid thru the check point. I may bring an empty water bottle with me to fill at a water fountain or I may visit a shop and pick up bottle of water once I'm inside the security area...

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There should be no problem with flying with the foods,,,I flew several times while I was on MF,,,and was never questioned. I did cut the front off the boxes and put them in the baggies with my foods,,so they could read that and understand what it was. I was never questioned though..

I realise that sometimes in a situation where the menu is set before hand, you will not be able to special order, especially if the meal is catered. Just pick at what you can eat, and try to keep as close to plan as possible. I have stirred many a choc shake, cappucino or hot cocoa into coffee to keep on plan. The 4-2 is certainly an option here,,as is splitting your L/G between two meals and still having 5 Medifast ones. I would think the new crunch bars would make travel much easier than it was when I used the old, one a day ones.,,so much more portable! either way,,just do the best you can possibly do, try not to use this as a crutch to slide off the plan,,,but as a stepping stone to lifetime maintenance down the road.! Best wishes!!..

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