What do you do for hungry days on Nutrisystem?

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I'm sure most people have those days where they just never seem to be able to eat enough. I was that way yesterday. As soon as I finished one thing I'd be watching the clock till time for something else to eat. I know veggies are unlimited but I really don't like vegetables and it takes everything I have to eat the 4 servings a day already. I am drinking water like I'm suppposed to. What are some tricks others have come up with to get rid of hunger?..

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Your question was: What do you do for hungry days on Nutrisystem?.

Hi Misty,.

Everyone is different so your probably just going to have to experiment and see what works best for you, here are some tricks that I use:.

I heat up my water in the microwave which for some reason makes me feel fuller.

I chew sugarless gum since actual cravings usually only last 10-15 minutes this helps me a lot..

Sometimes I have to get out of the house...usually in the late afternoon I know I will have that slump period so I plan my day to be gone from 6-7..

I also cook my vegetables and eat them about an hour before my dinner and I eat my salad about an hour before I have my lunch just to spread out my meals a bit..

Hang in there, it gets better!..

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I really can't help on this one. I know that our men's plan is a lot different than the others, but honestly I have trouble every day (for almost 4 months now) MAKING myself eat all this stuff..

I can honestly say I haven't been hungry at any point.

I suppose if I was I'd try very hard to go into my "bags" in the fridge and grab celery and carrots or sliced peppers and stick with those..

It's a bit easier for me since our household is just my wife and I and she doesn't and never has eaten junk stuffso there literally isn't anything in the house I COULD eat that is bad..

No ice cream, cookies, chips, no lunch meat, no breadnothing..

Drink more water, eat 'good stuff'. Punish yourself by making yourself go for a walk when you're feeling hungry? (lol)..

Those would be what I would do.


Comment #2

Hmmmm, I'm hardly ever hungry, but here are some thoughts..

1. Spreading out my meals so that I'm eating about every 3 hours really helps.

2. Honestly, I hated veggies too, but the more I have patiently listened to these wonderful people here, I have picked up enough tips to learn to like more and more, and find my few that I rely on, so they help fill me up (snacking on raw veggies with ff ranch, low-sodium v-8, BIIGGGGG salads, and my few favorite cooked veggies that I eat lots of - sauteed okra, broccoli, I add mushrooms to LOTS of entrees, ummm that's about it - some others that I do when I feel like add bulk to my meals like shredded cabbage, mashed cauliflower, etc .).

3. Drink lots of water (even more than you are), or a diet soda curbs my craving sometimes (but watch the sodium intake)..

4. Definitely sugar-free gum gets that "taste" out of my mouth and curbs cravings and hunger.

5. There are several free foods worth snacking on that can curb hunger (like popcorn or sugar-free jello).

6. Eat good lean protien for your dairy/protein add-ins. They stay with you longer than, say, milk, cheese, or yogurt. Go with some turkey, hard-boiled eggs, or chicken..

7. one more... sometimes I'll go ahead and eat my "fat" if I have some nuts handy. That helps curb hunger..

Hope this helps..



Comment #3

Many people swear that after those hungry days they have a nice weight hang in there...the mini meals are a great idea, as is eating "bulkier" foods. Drink extra water and brush your teeth more often. Nothing tastes good with toothpaste...

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I use bulkier foods, like a serving of spaghetti squash and low sugar tomatoe sauce with some veggies tossed in...

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I'm hungry all the time! I eat my meals spaced like Noralee does - I eat my fruit later on for a snack. My problem is that I'm not a fruit or veggie lover, so I could eat more veggies and bigger salads. I'm trying, but it's been a difficult 3 weeks - thanks for all the suggestions - I will drink more water!! What kind of popcorn can we eat? Is there a certain brand that we can microwave? Thanks and good luck to all!..

Comment #6

Hot cup of tea or broth helps me. Sugar free jello is an easy free food...

Comment #7

If I get hungry which I hardly ever do I eat a piece of fruit. I love fruit and I could eat it all day every day but I don't...

Comment #8

I know you said you don't like veggies but have you tried the cauliflower rice?.

Just grate or chop cauliflower fine, microwave 5 mins, fluff with a fork. You can add spray butter and whatever seasonings you like. I put it in a skillet sprayed with Pam, add diced onion, celery and diced carrots and cook until it starts getting brown just like you would do fried rice. It is so filling and so good. It has gotten me through many hungry days...

Comment #9

Add veggies!!!.

See also.

Suggestions @

Bulk @

Modify @

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This sounds delicious!!! Going to try this tomorrow... oh man cant wait! lol..

Comment #11

I was looking for popcorn on the "free foods" list, but it is under the Low Glycemic Carb section. So, we would have to give up a carb someplace in order to eat it? Am I reading this correctly?.


Comment #12

You can make the air-popped popcorn, but you only get 1 cup as a free food. You can have 3 cups if you count it as your carb (which you only get with the entrees that lets you add a roll - like hamburger patty, chicken patty and chicken or tuna salad).

(Except I believe the men get an extra carb so they could have three cups.).

I do occasionally add 1 cup of popcorn to the soy crisps or the herb snack mix along with nuts (counted as fat) and have that along with a diet cola...

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You know what? I just seem to stay hungry. I've tried most of the tips above, and sometimes it just takes a long time for your body to adjust to the plan you're on. Broth helps a bit for me. 1/2 can of Progresso Light soup (certain versions) are only 60 calories, and that definitely makes me feel as though I'm having something tastier than, say, celery. I also tend to spread out my food during the day so that I'm never more than about 1 to 1.5 hours away from a snack. One wedge of Laughing Cow cheese spread over 4 or 5 slices of cucumber is only a 35-calorie snack.

I know it sounds funny, but make that 'hungry' feeling your friend. Know that to get to your goal, that 'friend' is going to be your companion.

I know that others have fool-proof tips that work for them...unfortunately, I just haven't found anything that really works for me and I've resigned myself to it.....

Comment #14

I starve a lot because of my hypoglycemia, but I find that there is a small "cheat" that is still good for you. I use nutrigrain bars to help keep my blood sugar up when I can't find fruit in the house. They have the almost cake-like outer edge which makes you feel fuller than you really are..


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I drink lots of water. I also save some of the more filling entrees such as the vegetable fajita and the sloppy joe for the days when I'm feeling especially hungry...

Comment #16

Just try to notice what you actually ate on those hungry days, maybe you need more filling proteins, eg greek yogurts - thats a life savior for me, if I dont have it, I would be hungry all day,,,,or tuna works for me,,,,,also remember about 3 of 20 cal each free foods allowed,,,,,i like ron & franks capucchinos, and hot chocolates,,,or sugar free jelo with dollop of reddi wip (5cal in 2 tablespoons),,,,,sugar-free candies are 7-9 calories a piece,,,,and finally my new addiction - miracle noodle aka shirataki noodles - I ordered miracle noodle brand, zero cals, zero fat, zero carbs - taste exactly like pasta,,,i now eat it with red sauce or white sauce, +/- tuna/turkey/chiken 'ala italian' -omg, it's sooooooo good!..

Comment #17

Forgot to say - shirataki noodles are really filling, having a hard time finishing my foods now, so filling it is. and my whole family loves it, especially when I add garlic, wf alfredo sauce, and some parmesan. I even found a site that has $5 flat shipping / free with $100 order:

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Keep track of what sets you off. I know a cup of air popped pop corn is a free food but if I have that it sets me off on a carb hunt and I want to eat all day.

Make some soup with your veggies, it fills you up. Also hot herbal tea. Something about a warm liquid is more filling that a cold one.

Hang in there. The hungries will get better soon. Your body is adjusting...

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I sure used to have hungry days. This is the only way I stay on the plan. I bring all 4 Nutrisystem items to work, plus one apple, one orange, a baggie of carrot sticks, grapes or melon. I munch and eat all day long at work. Then when I get home I have a big stir fry, or a big salad. Tofu in the stir fry, or chicken in the salad, for the proteins..

The other thing that really helped me was to have white meat chicken, and a hard boiled egg (white part only), in the mornings. Yogurt as protein is simply not filling...

Comment #20

When I'm having those hungry, "nothings going to satisfy me" days I try to eat the most protein I can have and stay on plan. Carbs can just set me off on a binge. Also going to the gym helps take the edge off those feelings...

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