What do you add to Eggs during Medifast?

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So, I had eggs once... and I'm waiting until I find some recipe ideas... can you post some on here or give me some threads to see? Thanks, Theo.

10 pounds in the first week, but I gotta get some more good ideas.....

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I posted a new thread about a chocolate custard I created using the Medifast eggs just yesterday. It was one of the creamiest, most delicious concoctions I've ever come up with.

Click the link to get the recipe:.

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I like to ad 1/2 cup green peppers & mushrooms from my L/G meal..

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I like the eggs cook on the stove top with PAM. I will usually add one or more of: LF cheese, salsa (I like Herdez brand), mushrooms, spinach, &/or scallions...

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Are you talking about Medifast eggs or eggs in your lean?.

If your talking about eggs in your lean then here....I usually do 1 cup of egg beaters, 3.5 oz extra lean (99%) ground turkey or you can do the lovely 2 cups of eggbeaters=Lean + scallions (green onions), tomatoes, spinach, mushrooms (measurements will vary what's on stock)+ black olives (healthy fat).. If you like spicy.. I recommend 1 tsp of Franks hot sauce..

MF eggs... I like franks hot sauce....

Be careful with Franks because of sodium...

Comment #4

Frank's Red Hot? I put that in my chili, delicious...

Comment #5

Thanks Dipstick... I should have said Medifast eggs... and I'm heading to Kona in a couple of months... I should pin my swimsuit on the wall huh? Did you try that?.

Anymore ideas out there? I appreciate these already... !.

Ely - what does LF Cheese count for OP?.

Ivy that's a great idea to just take some veggies from the LG meal...

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Tonia - thanks for the Frank's red hot... like tabasco? I'll have to look in the store for that... I guess you were typing when I was writing my post.....

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LF Cheese is counted as a leaner meatless option. One full serving= 6 oz, so whatever I use with my eggs I deduct from my lean for the day..

The full meatless options guide can be found at the link below..


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I'm still gathering ideas for us on what to put with Medifast eggs to make them even better....

I like breakfast.....

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A teaspoon or so of fresh salsa really perks them up. Add it either before or after you cook them, as you like. I prefer to mix it before cooking. I also add a few dashes of scotch bonnet hot sauce and cracked black pepper...

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I make mine in an omlet pan and put 2 T salsa on it.... only way I can eat it. If I have left over veggies, I put 1/2 c on them sometimes too...

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Do a search for muffins and breads, lots of recipes. I use the eggs in recipes..

Brownie muffins (my favorite).

1 Medifast egg.

1 Brownie.

1 choc shake, pudding OR cocoa.

1 tsp baking powder.

1 tbs choc SF da vinci syrup.

1/2 cup water.

6 muffins.

Bake at 350 10 min.


Bagel bread.

1 Medifast egg.

1 cream soup.

1/2 tsp baking powder.

1 Tbs flax.

5 tbs water.


Use a silicone baking sheet OR line a cookie sheet with parchment and spray with Pam.

Divide mixture into 2 piles and this out with a spatula, making 2 big thin circles.

Bake at 350 I bake for 10 min and they turn out great, need to watch them.

When cool cut down the middle and toast, I like mine with Low fat cream cheese and Walden farm sf jam (condiments).

Great breakfast, makes 2 meals. I store mine in the refrigerator..

Cinnamon pancakes.

1 Medifast egg.

1 chai.

1 oatmeal.

1/4 tsp baking powder.

2 Tbs da vinci sf syrup of choice (I like caramel).

1/2 cup water.

Mix cook as pancakes.

Makes 3 meals.

Do a search, there are more recipes out there!.

Hope that helps..

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I generally make mine on an electric griddle (using a light spray of Pam). The first time I tried them I made them in the microwave as directed and I couldn't eat them...

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I made an eggbeater omelet the other night that was very yummy. Sauteed fresh spinach, mushrooms, basil, little grape tomatoes cut in half. Set aside after sautee-ing and then add to the omelet. Save some of the veggies to put on top of the omelet too...

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I put in a teaspoon of salsa, like raven and kirsten. I only started this a couple of months ago because I needed something with a bit of a kick, but I'm truly hooked on it. I stir it in after I've mixed up the eggs, and I microwave them...

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I saute in Pam a sliced mushroom or two, 5-6 thin slices of zucchini and garlic powder, and then cook them on a nonstick pan,,, microwave is not the way to go,,,, but the veggies are such a small amt, they have not hindered my weight loss a bit, it's my favorite Sunday breakfast..

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So - I put mixed it and put it in the fridge last night like you said and then added some veggies with a bit a ketchup on the side and wow... did it in a pan just like regular eggs.. and mystery solved! Thanks gang.... you rock!..

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I've done "scrambled eggs" with eggbeaters and my 3 veggies - mushrooms, sprouts, and tomato was a little juicy; sprouts, spinach, zucchini was delicious..

I've also done the 3 whole eggs Italian style deviled. The only thing I add to the yoke is a little less than an 1/8 of a cup light Italian dressing. Very satisfying, but if you're watching your cholesterol like I am, you shouldn't do that very often at all.....

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I put salsa and 6 green olives. It tastes Great!..

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Wow!!! Green Olives and salsa... that is totally so cool, I never thought of green olives with breakfast. I love it! yummm!..

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I'm not gonna sugar coat it... the eggs are NASTY!!!! The only way I can eat them is to make them on the stovetop with some veggies and then sprinkle with Frank's RedHot. I don't really buy them anymore. I figure if I am going to do egss on the stove, I may as well just do an egg white omelet and count it as part of my lean protein for the day...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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