What do u think about dating websites like

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My first question is: What do you think about dating websites like

My next question is: I have been dating (online dating with this guy for few months now and have recently started introducing him to my friends...My issues is that pretty much all the girls are saying stuff like "he is yummy"..."if you don't want him, I'll take him etc." Some might be saying this jokingly, but it just confirms my fear...because he is good looking and I hate to feel this way. I have never said stuff like this to my friends when their guys have been attractive...Tell me I'm wrong in feelings this way...and please tell me how to deal with this...thanks in advance.....

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Your question was: What do you think about dating websites like

Turn it around and be happy he is with you.  Does he show you that he only has eyes for you?  If he does then you have absolutely nothing to worry about.  As far as your friends go I'd say, "I know he is and he is all mine Biotches!"  Hahaha. ..

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I think you need to find new friends. Friends dont say things like that to each other..only barracudas who are letting you know (in a catty kind of way) that they'll pounce on him behind your back.  Your radar is up for good reason...

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Well, I might tell you as a compliment that your boyfriend is very good-looking. But I would never say "hey, if things don't work out, tell him to give me a call!" Hopefully, your friends are just joking. Is this the first time you've introduced a boyfriend to them? Have any of them tried flirting with him?.

 Your true friends will be happy for you and will not try to interfere with your relationship (thru in any way..

Those comments might not mean anything, but there could be an element of truth is what Sugarbaby-gal says - that they will pounce on him behind your back given the chance. I have an ex friend who tried that with an ex-boyfriend, but her efforts were thwarted as I already knew her history and was too smart for that. The ex friend kept saying how cute and adorable he was, and she wanted us to come to her town and have dinner at her place... my ex bf had already told me she gave him some strong signals, and I knew that to be true since I knew her M.O. from us being so close in college. I was polite in declining her invitation since my ex did not wish to go see her.


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I think it's a joke. My friends said similar things about my guy in the beginning, and while I knew they really thought he was good looking (especially compared to my old boyfriends), they did not have any intention of stealing him. To automatically assume these girls are seriously "barracudas" is pretty ridiculous. A woman who really wants to steal someone's boyfriend doesn't say OUT LOUD to his girlfriend "if you don't want him I'll take him!"PS: The real test is how they react when you tell them sincerely that it makes you uncomfortable when they say things like that..

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