What are your goal weights with Medifast?

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Most of us list our goal weights, and it often shows our starting weights, but rarely is our height listed. I'm just really curious what people selected for "goal.".

I'm 5'5" and my goal is 130 (it was originally 145, then 135, then 130). I finally settled on this number because it was right in the "middle" of the healthy weight zone. However, at 145 I'm still considered in a healthy weight..

I've seen pics of folks at all different "goal" weights who look great, and I'd LOVE if we could share our goals along with our heights!.



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Chelle - this is something I'm always curious about as well..

I'm 5'6" and have a large frame. My goal weight was 140..

My current weight is 133.9 which is the low end of my range. (133-137).

This weight feels right to me, definately on the "skinny" side of normal but I like how I look.

At this weight, I wear a size 4, 6 or eight, depending on whether it's US vanity sizing or European designer...

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I used the BMI (body mass index). At 160 lbs, my BMI was in the healthy range. At 161, I was overweight. There are others than BMI, which I think are better because they take gender and body frame size into account, but BMI served it's purpose. I like how I look at 155-160 lbs...

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Hi Chelle..

I am not at goal yet but I am 5'6" and picked 160 as my goal weight. My only reasoning was it was a little less then half the size I started at (exactly half is 164.50) and I wanted a little wiggle room. I figure once I get there, I will reevaluate if that is where I want to be. I honestly really only want to be healthy and in a "normal" size (i.e 10 or 12)...

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I'm 4'10" and my current goal weight is 100 pounds. I am thinking about lowering it to 95, but I will reevaluate that once I am a little closer to goal. I read somewhere that the healthy range for me is 81-99 pounds. 81 just seems OUTRAGEOUS!!! Hello Lara Flynn Boyle!.

I remember in high school I was told that if you're 5'0", your ideal weight is about 100 pounds. For every inch over that, you should add 5 pounds. My thinking is then that you should subtract 5 pounds for every inch below that, which would put me at around 90pounds. I personally think that might be too low for me, but like I said...I will see once I get closer to goal...

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I'm 5'4". My goal is 150. That is not even a healthy BMI for me. Any less than that and I am just not comfortable. I figure once I get to that weight I too will re-evaluate and see what my plan is for additional loss or maintenance...

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I am 4'11". I have always been chubby/fat. At my thinnest I weighed 115. Prior to having kids (my 'baby' is 17 years old) I used to hover between 118 and 122 - not thin but certainly not so fat. My goal is 120 but I have a long way to go. I can't wait until I weigh 148! My BMI won't be obese anymore - it will be overweight...

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I struggle with this number. I know for a healthy BMI at five foot one I can only go to a high of 132 pounds. I know I feel terrific in the 130's. But I have been fat for so long that I first have to wrap my brain around the idea that being fat needs to be put in the past and that I do not have to live fat. When I was 130 in 1986 it never was good enough. I remember a friend commenting that I should go for 115.

So today I tell myself "get to 150 and then eventually work that last 20 down to 130 and be satisfied and most of all DO NOT GAIN IT BACK". I always gain it back. So as I babble here, before I get a firm number in my mind, I need to continue working in my mind that I do not have to be fat anymore, nor should I be. I have been flying under the radar in regards to obese related illness. I have been lucky so far. I need to release this extra poundage before my luck runs out.

I need to work on my mind. Anyone out there find living at a normal weight actually a scary thought? For me scary that I will never actually get there and then stay there..

Happy Melting..


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I'm 5'8" and right now my goal weight in 175lbs. I'm not really sure if that is going to be the correct weight for me, I just really know my gaol is to fit a size 12, I know for my height that is a nice size. I, in no way want to be skinny, I still want to keep my curves, just smaller. So since I have never in my life been a size 12, I really don't know what my weight will be at that size. I just picked 175lbs because it sounded about right..

My virtual model in my profile pic, is what I would look like at 5'8" and 175lbs..

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I struggle with this number too. At one time when I was depressed and not eating I was about 135 and wearing a size 4 which I thought was too thin for my frame as I am about 5'6. I have 140 as my goal now but it is hard imagining even being at that weight because I don't give myself enough credit. So like the other posts it is going to be what you are comfortable with, your frame, and maybe your healthy BMI...

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Interesting thread! I've been lurking on the boards for about a week and thought I'd comment. Like Chelle, I'm 5'5". I originally thought 135 should be my goal (I weighed that in 2008 and looked good), but lowered it to 130 - basically for the same reasons as Chelle (to be in the middle of a healthy weight zone). Like shortee, I also remember hearing that the proper weight was 100lbs at 5", and then 5 lbs for every inch over that. According to that calculation, I should be 125. The last time I weighed that was in my late 20's-early 30's. I'm 48 yrs old in a few days so I think that 125 would be too thin (I'm medium framed)...

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Interesting thread. I am 5'2", and medium frame, per my Dr. When I checked with him about MF, he said 140, I went with 139,,lol,,but have maintained between 135-138,,after almost 3 yrs in maintenance, I decided I want 10 more. I know now that I can maintain where I am, and if I find 128 too difficult to stay there, then I will feel ok if I go back to the 135-138 range. I am also 59, so going too low would not be an option for me. I weighed 140 when I was in 8th grade,,which was agesssss ago, and was only as low as 118 ,for about 3 months,when about 15,after almost living on water and salads!, I held 125 through the rest of HS,during community college and cosmetology school.

I really feel fine where I am,,,but,,,,a few more would be nice..I plan to start on this the 1st of Feb..

At the wieght I am now, I wear a few 4's,,(very few!!) ,some 6's and mostly 8's,,I don't have anything larger than an 8...

Comment #11

I am 5 ft 4 and have picked 150 as my goal. 236.8 was my high water mark and anything lower just felt too far away. for my age , 145 is supposed to be the top of the healthy weight range. I may decide that 135 to 140 is better for me, but having not been that weight since college I have no idea how it will feel...

Comment #12

Thanks for sharing! It is really interesting to see...

Comment #13

Love this thread. I'm 5'8" and also had a hard time picking my goal weight. I feel like I've been up and down most of my adult life. Gained a lot (a lot!) with my pregnancies and then lost it (most of it) and now my kids are 5&7 and I was at my highest weight ever (not pg). I was around 145-150 for my wedding. That is my skinny weight.

So I'm thinking 160 is a comfortable weight I hope to maintain. Will see when I get there... Good luck to all...

Comment #14

I went with 125 b/c that's what medifast recommended since I'm 5'4" ... but honestly, I thought I looked great when I was 140..

But I thought, whatever. If medifast thinks I should be at 125 b/c that's the "normal" weight for someone who is 5'4", great. Let's see if I can get there...

Comment #15

I too am having a tough time picking a goal weight. I keep changing it. I'm 5' 1.5" and should be around 100-132 according to BMI. My lowest adult weight was 110, but that was so long ago I honestly don't remember what it felt like. I started my weight loss journey at 168 and thought I'd just be happy to get to 125 as 115 or 110 just seemed liked too much. It's kind of frustrating to me not to have a set goal in mind, if only because I like to know what I'm shooting for..

I guess my plan is to just stay on 5&1 until I feel like I'm done...

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I set my goal weight in conjunction with my doctor. I am 5'6" tall, and my goal is 150. That is just inside the "healthy" bmi range. I initially wanted to focus on a lower weight, but I will have lost over 210 pounds when I get to 150, and my doctor thinks that may be a good place to stop. I am not fretting too much about that number right now ... concentrating on the bmi range, instead..


Comment #17

Obviously, this is not an easy or concrete question. At 5'10, I have set my goal for 175. now, that has me on the low end of overweight BMI which I am not too happy about, but to be in the normal range I have to hit 170 which just might be skeletal for me. I honestly cannot even EVER remember 170. I have seen 175, and I do recall it, but to maintain that is the goal. We'll see what happens in the weeks and months to pass...

Comment #18

I am 5' 8" and 50 years old. I wanted to get to 138, but Medifast suggested 140 and I accepted that. My doctor says that is too low. I still have 138 in my head, so we shall see!..

Comment #19

Well I am 5'7" and I set my goal at 145. Picking my goal seems so random to me because I can't ever remember being at 145 but it was kind of in the middle of the healthy weight range for my height, which depending on what chart you look at is around 128-160, so I thought I would make it my target. I think I'm like most and probably the closer I get to my goal I will re-evaluate that target and see if it is realistic. I was around 160 when I graduated high school and again when I got married 5 years later and I felt heavy. Now I would love to even be back at 160...

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I'm 5'6 and my goal weight is 140..

I think this is a good goal that I will be able to maintain. I would love to be 130 but realisitically, 140 is better..

I'm not a petite fragile little thing...I'm a sturdy girl with German thighs and an Irish appetite for beer LOL..

Comment #21

But my REAL goals are to lower my cholesterol, lower my body fat percentage and never ever develop diabetes if I dont have to o Lord, amen..

Comment #22

This thread made me wonder what my ideal weight is supppose to be so I started looking around the internet..

It seems that with an elbow measurement I apparently have a large frame which puts me at the top end of the weight for my height (5'3")..

Hmm, who knew, you learn something every day..

I guess I'm on track then...

Comment #23

I am 5'3.5" with a small frame. I set my goal at 135. A weight of 125 would probably be better but it has been such a long journey and I just want to get to a point were I don't have to think "when I lose the weight..."..

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Hi all. Like Seachellemy main goal is optimal health. Since joining Medifast in mid-September, I feel absolutely great. No more IBS, headaches, stomach problems, joint painall gone, gone, gone! And energy to spare. Woo hoo!.

I am tall- yet very small framed on the top and well, I have some backside....

Always been 1 to 2 sizes different from blouses to pants..

I am 5'8.5" and my goal weight is 140. I chose this weight with my doctor as it was a weight I was able to maintain for most of my adult life- until 8 years or so back......

Currently, at 164 pounds, I'm in a size 14 jean (loose, but not quite at size 12 yet) and a 10/12 top. Goal? Size 10 jeans, size 6 top..

Been doing water aerobics regularly and finding I am feeling more athletic and getting a bit of NSV. Clothes fit better..

I'm eager to get my numbers tested (blood cholesterol, blood sugar, etc.) to see if they have lowered!.

Good success all! Happy OP day tomorrow...

Comment #25

Hey all.. I've been thinking about this a lot recently as I'm getting close and I really need to choose a goal weight.

My problem is that I've always been confused about my height.. I always thought I was 5'9" through high school, until I went to the doctors once and they said I was 5'7"... I was like what? really? and hes like yep... This was like 5 years ago and I hadn't been measured since. I never believed the 5'7" thing so I always said I was 5'7" and a half - I'm taller than all my family and friends. Well after seeing this thread tonight I had my mom help me measure myself against the wall - and we came up with 5'8.5"...

But now I'm rethinking goal. The healthy weight when I thought I was short (lol) was 118-162.. I picked 135 as goal first because I was that weight all through high school, and I was so comfortable that I never even thought about how much I weighed (only my lovehandles - hated em!). Then I changed it to 130, then 125 - I'm at 142 right now and I can grab ARMFULS of fat from my stomach - like I can not only pinch it but grab two fistfuls and theres more left lol :/ I recently made the commitment to start a serious workout routine (P90 and then P90X) after being inspired by this article I posted in my blog> Something about it really hit home and changed the way I've been thinking about pounds and sizes. So now I'm not sure what to do - should I raise my goal to the original 135 and then begin transition + up my workout intensity (go from P90 to P90X)? If you don't know what P90 is it's basically a full body workout that you do 6 days a week, alternating weights and cardio - then P90X is a more difficult version with yoga, plyometrics, weights, etc..

Comment #26

I am 5'5", and 53. Medifast suggested 130 as my goal wieght, but I have no recollection of ever weighing that! I got down to 140-145 range and managed to stay there for about a year, so I am aiming at 145 as my goal. Like many others who have posted, I will reassess my goal when I get to 145, and see if a lower weight feels right, and is something I can maintain. I just want my doctor to stop suggesting bariatric surgery and talking bad about my cholesterol!..

Comment #27

I think getting back to my high school weight is unrealistic, given I'm now 53, metabolism changes as you age, I'm not as active as I was younger, etc. I do know I wasn't comfortable at my current weight and my BMI was "obese".

I set my goal weight at 175 because I know I feel good at that weight. My BMI at that weight would be on the lower end on the "Unhealthy" range but not quite into the "healthy" zone. I'll reevaluate when I hit that and see if I want to lose more..

Bottomline, I want to feel better and be at a realistic weight that I will be able to successfully manage once I am no longer on MF...

Comment #28

When I asked my dr, she said since I'm 5'2" & small boned I should be around 100-105 no more - this seems very anorexic to me. I've set my goal for 125 & will re-evaluate when I get to that. I'd like to be in size 6 comfortably. I'm in 10's now...

Comment #29

Ive changed my goal weight several times. Im 5 4 small/ medium boned (depending on who you ask ). My first goal was 150, which is still overweight for my height. Then it was 145 (normal weight just a sneeze under overweight) so I thought that would give me a 5 pound cushion as long as I didnt get over 150 again. Then I made it 135, since a friend of mine is 5 5 135 and she looks great! But Medifast suggested 125. So that got me thinking again.

But right now I think my goal is to be a loose/comfortable size 8 which ever weight that ends up being...

Comment #30

I just joined so I set mine the other day. I'm 5'4" and I'm heading toward a goal of 130. If I get there and think I could be less I will but I'd be THRILLED to be 130 again. I will be...

Comment #31

Hi All,.

I am 5'11" and my goal is 150. I don't know when the last time I was at that weight but I really want to get close. That will put me in a size 6/8. Wish me luck!..

Comment #32

Hi everyone!.

I am also very confused as to what my goal weight should be. When I Googled "what should I weigh?" my first 4 answers were -.


111 - 146.

116 - 130.


I'm 5' 4" and small-boned. So, I took my doctor's advice and went with 150 for now. I will change it closer to goal. I'm thinking maybe 130...

Comment #33

1 pound less than today and then one pound after that. Haha...

Comment #34

I'm 5'7" and am shooting for 136, but I'm expecting to wind up about 140. That's on the low end of the range for my height, but I have a small/medium frame. I also expect that I will gain some as I get older..

While looking this morning, I found these sites which were interesting. The BMI link says I'm now marginally overweight. What an improvement!.



Comment #35

My goal weight is 150 (for now). My doctor told me a while back that I probably would have a hard time getting below that for various reasons. I am 5'2" and medium boned and have a job that has (throughout the years) made me develop lots of muscle especially in the legs so even though it is NOTan ideal weight for a person my height it will be my first goal. I will probably hang there for a while and then take it in 10 lb increments from there...

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I'm 5'3", and my goal weight is 140. I picked 140 because it fell on the higher end of the medical calculation spectrum (107 - 141 lbs), but I might change that to 130, maybe 125...

Comment #37

I've decided not to have a goal weight, but a goal body fat percentage. I'm a distance runner, so as a female endurance athlete, I want to get my body fat percentage down to 18%. As it stands right now, with my lean body mass at 98.3 lbs, that'll put me at 120 lbs. But that number could change since I'm strength training and am probably increasing my lean body mass...

Comment #38

I am restarting Medifast this weekend. I'm 5'8" and my goal weight for now is 150. I used to be 130 in high school, but I was really skinny then. I felt good and had nice curves at 150 in my twenties. Now that I'm 40, I don't want to be super skinny, 150 will suit me just fine...

Comment #39

I am 5'81/2". My goal weight is 146 pounds. I'm not sure if it will stay that. I know I will be just fine with 150 pounds...

Comment #40

I'm 5'4" and my goal is 140 because that's just under what "the charts" say is the high end of my range. I may have to adjust that, because I've been overweight and obese my entire adult life. I am pretty solid, with a fair amount of muscle mass and a small-medium frame and people tell me all the time they don't believe I weigh as much as I do. When I weighed 185-190, I was in a size 14 so I'm thinking at 140 I'll be around a size 8-10. I'll have to re-evaluate as I lose...

Comment #41

I started Medifast 2/3/10 at 346lbs. I am 6' 4''. I have set my goal at 180 for now.... once I'm there I'll decide if I want to go further......

Comment #42

Hi, Im 5'4" and my goal weight is 125. That may be a little hard for me to maintain, but I plan to get there and see. I have felt very good at 135 before, so we will see...

Comment #43

Hi, I am 5'1" and my goal weight is 120. I don't know if that is reasonable. But I don't care if I stop around 130. I want just want to wear a size 6 or 8..

My lowest weight was 96lbs. I was way too thin, I had bad teeth and was a very busy mom. So, I ate very poorly and only ate things that were not hard to chew. I was comfortable when I was an 8..

I guess my goal weight will change as I get closer. I will just keep on the plan until I am comfortable...

Comment #44

My goal is to be able to walk without my thighs chaffing. I wear mostly skirts and dresses, but not stockings. In the winter leggings do the trick, but in the summer, I've had to resort to 'old lady underwear' : ( I hadn't realized how much weight I'd gained until I went on a hike on a hot day in a sundress, and came home with miserably chaffed inner thighs. It was a real wake-up call. I think I'll weigh about 150 when I lose the extra around the thighs. I was 130 - 135 for a long time, and that would be nice. We'll see when I get closer in another twenty pounds or so...

Comment #45

I am 5' 2" and 43 yrs old. I have been undecided for awhile on my goal weight. I know I'm too old to weigh what I did in high school (102 lbs. soaking wet), and when I was 32 I weighed 108 for awhile and it was really way too skinny for that age ( I was mainly wearing girls 12-14 jeans and juniors 0 jeans), which makes it hard to find "grown up" clothes that fit. I originally set my goal at 122 lbs, figuring that would be comfortable and my doc would be happy (he says don't go under 120 for my age). This morning I actually weighed 122, but I'm not feeling ready to transition..I think I'll get to 120 and then transition.

I'm in a misses size 4 or 2 depending on how the clothes are made..I really don't like vanity sizing and prefer to go with the junior sizes so I don't feel like I'm lying to I don't think I want to get smaller than a size 3 for my age. It's very complicated working all this out, I know, especially if you have to factor in age as well as height...

Comment #46

I'm 5'6" and my goal is 150#. I may change my mind when I get there, but I think that will be a good weight. I was there 10 years ago so it's be a long time...

Comment #47

I'm 5'6", and my goal is 160. All the medical charts say I should be between 134-150ish but frankly, with my busty build I think that's too skinny. I don't think those charts take many relevant factors into account. I felt like a rock star at 175 about 5 years ago, so my original goal was 175, but then I lost 7.8 lbs in the first 4 days so I adjusted it. I may stop at 175 anyway. We'll see...

Comment #48

I am 5'7", 45 and my goal is 135. I might up it to 145....we'll see how I look then...

Comment #49

I am 5'9" and I started at 255. I have reached my goal of 190 but have adjusted that to see if I can get to 170. I am 58 years old and do not want to look too thin that I look too washed out. I am in a size 12 jeans, not sure I want to get much smaller. I have decided to stay OP until at least Aprill 22nd, that will be 8 months since I started. My heart dr says 160 to 165 is optimum but I know I do not want to get to 160...

Comment #50

I'm going to be 35 5'4" in a few months. I started at 147 and I would like to get to 125. I getting nothing but older and would like to have a few more bikini summers before things get too saggy...

Comment #51

I'm 5'0" and 39 years old. My goal weight was 120. This ended up putting me in a size 2. I achieved and have held it for about a year and a half now. As a runner, though, I'm thinking about losing another 10-15 pounds as this could improve my speed. I'm going to be very cautious about lowering my weight, though.

Note that for my height, 120 is at the high end of the healthy BMI range. So losing 10-15 pounds would put me about mid-range on the healthy BMI chart...

Comment #52


5'9" Goal weight is 135#. I like myself a bit more defined. Almost there!..

Comment #53

My friend and I are doing Medifast together. We have promised each other that if one of us starts looking gaunt, the other one will tell her. The 2nd part of that promise is that the person who is looking gaunt will actually listen : ) We don't want to get too carried away! I am 5'7 and I picked 142 as my goal weight, it is somewhere in the recommended range for my height and it was what I weighed in high school...

Comment #54

I'm 5'2. I went with what Medifast advised which is 118, but then I measured what my frame size is, and that would make my "healthy" weight closer to 110. I guess I'll see when I get closer but to be honest, I'm down to 140 now and I can't even picture myself below 135. I haven't been below 135 since Elementary school, and I most certainly haven't been 110 since about 3rd grade. BLOWS MY MIND!!!!!!..

Comment #55

I am 50 and began at 247 where I looked, well, round. I'm 5'8" tall. I'm headed to 140. I accepted MF's suggestion of 142, so I'll see how I look and feel when I get there. My doctor suggested 160, but I rejected her suggestion. Quite frankly, she's a bit plump...

Comment #56

Goal weights..... Started at 267. Now 230. Every lb gone a reward in itself. First "goal" is 213, because if I am going for my Medifast suggested target weight of 114, I will have less than 100 lbs left to lose... still a lot, but very meaningful to someone who had well over 100 lbs to lose. Then, getting out of the 200's will be something to look forward to!..

Comment #57

I agree. I want to be healthy not skinny. I will be 40 this May and 175 is my goal becuase I will feel comfortable at that weight and be healthy. I love my curves and so does my DH. I'm doing this to be healthy and and prolong my life instead of going the other way and keep eating out of control...

Comment #58

I am 5'10 and my goal weight is 157..

Comment #59

I'm 5'9 and my goal weight is like 155...something like that. Like the others...I'm focusing on my BMi. In 4 weeks it's decrease from over 31 to 29.5. Only like 4 more points to be my ideal body weight (according to BMI. )..

Comment #60

I am 5'11'' and Started at 382. My goal is 170, but like most people, I will reevaluate that when I get closer. I could probably get down to 155. Its a long journey, but in 5 weeks and four days I am down 28 lbs! So I am looking very very hopeful!..

Comment #61

I am 5'5" and my goal which might need to be changed is 140lbs. I used to be a 4 at 119lbs to 123lbs way back when. Then I fell in love with weight lifting and did it for a few years. Stopped all exercises and ate like greedy careless food hog and reached obesity. I then tried 3 or 4 times to lose weight and once before suceeded to get back in a size 4, but this time around to my surprise I was 137lbs for that size. That's why I chose 140lbs.

I'll take a 6 or 8. We'll see how I feel when I get there...

Comment #62

I am 5"6 and 160 pounds looks good on me...I was 155 about 10 years ago but it was difficult for me to maintain that size...Size 8-10 looks good on me anything less is too skinny on my frame...

Comment #63

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.