What are your favorite Medifast snacks??

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My plan for the day has me coming in at 751 calories and 68.5 carbs. So, I've got some room to play with to bump things up a bit. I'll probably have some extra veggies to balance it out more, but it got me wondering what everyone enjoys when they find they've got the extra room in their plan..

So, other than the Medifast snacks of crackers, fast soups and soy crisps, what else do you munch on?.

For me:.

Celery, sometimes with the WF bleu cheese dressing as a dip or their bacon dip. Sometimes sprinkled with some garlic powder or onion poweder and sometimes just with some salt. Gives a salty, crunchy snack to satisfy the munchies..

Kosher dill pickles. I love 'em. I could eat a whole jar of them, easily..

Couple of slices of low fat cheese..

An ounce of almonds..

I avoid the tablespoon of peanutbutter because I fear it would lead to a whole JAR of peanutbutter...

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Great post. I too have munched on the celery sticks and have used the waldens fat free, carb free, calorie free dressing (Italian, Thousand Island) for dipping. I'm going to definitely try the onion powder and garlic powder - that totally speaks to me.

Believe it or not - I am in love with the medifast multi-grain crackers. It ends up being the highlight of my day. (hmmm maybe my life is not that exciting LOL).

I'm also afraid of peanut butter - I'm way too compulsive to just have it alone as a treat. If I have it in a shake that's a different story as it's mixed in there...

Comment #1

I used to have the peanut butter but I got scared too. So now, I use the 1-2 TBSP of low carb baking mix as my snack a few times a week. Or the pickles, the Medifast crackers in the chili and soups, I guess I am not so creative about it. Would like to remind myself about the celery too. Great post. I need new ideas..

Comment #2

I usually use flaxseed as my snack. It's good for you but does have calories and fat. I also use boullion in my soups when I actually eat them as soup. Jello is another good one. No matter how full I am from my L&G I usually want something sweet so a few spoons of jello helps that craving...

Comment #3

I love the ranch flavored Medifast chips, they are the bomb!..

Comment #4

My favorite snacks are the Medifast Cheddar or Apple Cinnamon Soy Crisps or if I need a little more protein for the day I have a little 1/2 c LF cottage cheese cup or one of those mini Light BabyBel cheeses (in that red "shell" that you peel off). Boy, I really love thesecool looking, fun to open (like a little cheese present) and tasty too!.

And if I've pretty much hit my calories for the day, there's always SF Jello!..

Comment #5

I always go for the cheese!!! It doesn't help with my constipation problems but I love cheese. It doesn't matter what kind or how you slice it, cheese is my favorite.

I have had an extra mini salad before too. I also take a lettuce leaf and put a piece of ham and a slice of cheese on it and roll it up and have that. I don't like celery so that is out of the question. I know you said you don't like to indulge in the peanut butter but sometimes I put a spoonful of peanut butter on a lettuce leaf and roll it up. Don't knock it until you try it, lettuce and peanut butter is delish!!! The crispy, juicy lettuce is just the thing to eat with salty, stick-to-the-roof-of-your-mouth peanut butter. I have to make this and clean up the mess and leave the kitchen area before eating and then not going back into the kitchen for at least an hour. That is my key to not eating the whole jar...

Comment #6

I will use peanut butter (in a shake), jello, or the pickles!! I could eat a whole jar of em too! And used to, then drink down the juice in the

I havent tried the Medifast snacks yet. Next order I intend to get the soy crisps and one of the crackers. What are the fast soups like?..

Comment #7

The lettuce and PB reminds me of the celery and peanut butter we ate when we were kids.

But I have to stay away from the stuff too...

I had an ounce of peanuts today because I was on the road, but at 200 cals. I won't be doing that very often!.

I'm looking for better ideas, too...

Comment #8

The only one I've tried it the Robusto Tomato and I liked that "as is" (meaning with no additions). But, tomatos are probably my favorite veggie in any form..

I like the pickles too, usually the Klausen. The crunch and tartness make a good change from the bland..


Comment #9

Believe it or not - I am in love with the medifast multi-grain crackers. It ends up being the highlight of my day. (hmmm maybe my life is not that exciting LOL).

I too like the multi-grain crackers, they are great with the cream of tomato soup that I put a drop of stevia in...

Comment #10

Another one here staying away from the PB. As I've said many times before, I tend to be very cautious and don't typically add snacks. When I do, it's typically a sugar-free popsicle (15 cals) or when I'm feeling very decadent and I overdid it on the exercise that day, I have sugar-free fudgsicle (45 cals). I know, I'm boring...

Comment #11

Funny how we ALL love peanut butter!!!!! Sometimes I get 1 teaspoon - shut the jar , & eat it with my hot drink at night.

Snacks - a quick snack in a rush - - just a few almonds - like 6 or 7 with water and eat slowly.

Slice of Low fat cheese...

Comment #12

I LOVE Clausen pickles.

I also don't forget to eat my 5 free olives. LOL. my dh bought the kind with the pit and no pimento. So I get to chew around the pit. Which takes longer =p..

Comment #13

My personal favorite is low-fat string cheese. Just grab and go!.

I also like the Medifast ranch soy crisps..

Sugar-free jello works in a pinch, but isn't my favorite..

I haven't done pickles yet because I'm afraid I'd eat too many..

Same for peanut butter!..

Comment #14

I love the Medifast garden vegetable crackers. I'll eat a package of them with some laughing cow light...

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