What are you doing to keep on track during Nutrisystem?

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"If it's worth doing, It's worth doing right". You know, this old addage holds true for many things but especially for our Nutrisystem program. What are you going to do this week to keep yourself on track, and following the program? Avoiding temptation is hard, and getting motivated after a hard day at work or home to get your workout in can be challenging sometimes. But doing this program RIGHT is SO WORTH DOING!!! So this week I'd like you to keep the thought "If it's worth doing, it's worth doing RIGHT, (and I am so worth a 100% day)" in the back of your mind. I'd also like to throw out a little challenge this week to help keep us ( and I mean especially me ) accountable. Please post if you're 100% for the day on food.

This is in addition to any challenge Vicki/other members hand us for the week ( I feel lunges are coming up ) Here's to a marvelous week all!!..

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Your question was: What are you doing to keep on track during Nutrisystem?.

First of all thank you that means alot. I got really nervous about it.

WTG on your run!! That is an amazing time and you should be so proud!!! WOOHOO on the kiddo's accomplishments too! I'm choked up reading about you talking to DS1 about his autism. And he sounds like one amazing kid not only just in general, but also for wanting to do a report on the event in front of the classes. {{{Hugs}}} back woman, you are one amazing person!!..

Comment #1

I'm so proud of him, Ginger. He started off wanting to do the report just because he thinks his name might be in the paper, but it's evolved into something much bigger than that..

I remember posting my first thread. I'm pretty sure I lost a Gutter challenge and that was my penance. You really did a great job. Very inspirational and motivational. I'm proud of ya!..

Comment #2

Rick - Thanks for being my virtual running buddy! How was the b-day dinner?..

Comment #3

Great time Gorgeous. You keep shaving that number down!!! Outstanding..

Glad DS1 had a great time today. You are doing such a fantastic job with both your boys. (Probably all 3 of them ). Grace and I were walking this morning and talking about your race and the walk for the boys. She is so amazed by the strength and courage. I know I am..

Anyway as I said we walked this morning as a salute to your race!!! Great Job!!!!..

Comment #4

Gin Gin,.

I am SO PROUD of you!!!!.


Comment #5


It sounds like an awesome very moving day..

Congrats on your race time and even more so on your talk with your son. Sounds like he is becoming very smart and insightful. You should be very proud...

Comment #6

Thanks gang. What I should have said was "If you're going to do it, do it the right way" but that sounded so harsh. Pet peeve of mine is when stuff is done half a$$ed or schloddy. But then really if you think about it...alot of times, I've been doing a pretty schloddy job of doing the program and short changing myself. WHY?? I'm only hurting myself and I could have probably reached my goal by now.

Heading out for some family time washing the vehicles (yay lol), maybe get some pool time in, then grilling dinner for the family. Will check back in later...

Comment #7


"if" I turn up missing I said it here..

As usual on a Saturday, I was lookin' for a cold beer. I was DESPARATE enough to drink a 2008 Champs Iron City beer ( that was rough to get down but it was cold).

I want to sneak this can into the recycle bin..

Thus you see why I could turn up missing if the hub figures this out!!!.

He already collects too much pointless junk!! He don't need a 2008 beer can!.

Nice knowin' y'all!!!..

Comment #8

Vicki congrats!!! I am so proud of you!!!.

That must have been one heck of a conversation! {{hugs}}..

Comment #9

DITTO!!! WTG Ginger!!! Way better than anything I could have come you with for sure !!..

Comment #10

Do you realize how long it has been since I have had an Iron City Beer???..

Comment #11

Ok, so if I have this right (and I could be wrong so please correct me if I am). post if 100%, 4 days of 30 mins of workouts and I know we were talking lunges this weeks so...if that is the case how many and blah blah blah??.

I need some opinions please...a friend asked if I was interested in doing a Mud Run with her, here is the link it will be late September..what do y'all think??..

Comment #12

I've heard those mud runs are a blast! That one you have there sounds tough but fun as heck!..

Comment #13

OK grilling was a bust, Propane Tank was empty (what the heck is a guage for?) then couldn't find the steaks on sale that I wanted. SO ordering the gang pizza instead and will have my Nutrisystem pizza with a salad. Guilt free dining and don't have to worry if my steak is the size of a deck of cards lol...

Comment #14

Lucky for you!!.

They still taste like iron in a can!!! No wonder I never had anemia growin' up on that stuff!!!..

Comment #15

Ginger great job on the thread me thinks you are a pro.

Vicki congrats to you and the family on the run always the inspiration..

Happy Saturday all.

I have had a busy one so far, was out of town for the first half of the day and while I was out I bought some new shoes.. the skechers shape-up running shoes.... I freaking love them, they claim to work your calves, thighs, buttocks and abdominal muscles.. all that I know is after walking around for an hour in them, I could feel the muscles growing at me. They feel so much better on my feet so I am hoping I finally found my shoe...

Comment #16


I have me a pair of them too.

And I have flip flops that also claim to tone calves..

I will buy anything to get an edge to makin' walkin' more productive!..

Comment #17

Hey Annie,.

Do you like yours?.

There are all different types mine are the metabolism type. Very comfortable for me and so far they haven't annoyed my toes...

Comment #18

No complaints. They were a little odd to get used too but I like them. John has a male version of the shoes by AVIA..

He's always had long very s*xy legs!! I love every inch of them!!..

Comment #19

Yes, I did notice getting out of the car on a hill when they rock backwards almost sent me flying. lol.

Get him to shave his legs and wear a skirt and then post the picture please.. it would be a good way for me to give an unbiased opinion on whether I agree with you on his legs..

Ok, truthfully, I would just be entertained. I believe you..

Brian also has great legs thank goodness.. I remember my Dad's he had chicken legs that had lived a rough life..

A man with good legs is a good thing. Some men should not wear shorts...

Comment #20

I had the propane thing happen to me about a month ago, annoying!!!.

Good for you on your food!!!..

Comment #21

Hey Kells!! I have always been curious about those shoes, keep me informed, please. DH's legs aren't long but they are sexy as all get out..

Comment #22

I didn't buy them to lose weight or tone anything up, that is a perk if it happens but they are very comfortable for me. So far, my toes are not blistered underneath which is a huge plus. As soon as I put them on it felt like I was walking on pillows.

We went to Costco after and those cement floors are usually a killer on my back. (I was hit by a car before so it doesn't take a lot to make my back angry) It didn't bother me at all walking around in there..

Today I would rate them a 10/10 for my own comfort.. my butt feels a little sore so it is clearly working that muscle a little more....

If my toes don't end up blistering I will be a happy camper..

I don't think this show you could run in but I could do fast walks and long ones too!..

Comment #23

Smooches and hugs Beth....

We filled up two propane tanks so we wouldn't run out.. but Brian already forgot to turn off the grill when he was cleaning it.. left it on high for 4 hours with nothing in it. lol..

Comment #24

I've missed ya woman!!! Smooches back to you!!.

Lol on keeping the grill on.

Good to know on the shoes and something to keep in mind, thanks sweetums!..

Comment #25

They did cost me $162 but I have spent that and more on other sneakers that ended up bothering my feet..

If this doesn't work, orthopedics...

Comment #26

All worth it if they are kind to your tootsies!!!!..

Comment #27

Thanks toots!! I'm due for a new pair of shoes, do those things really work???.

My hubby has great legs too. Makes me jealous lol..

Comment #28

Yeah...I suggested we have a back up...he said we didn't need it.....

Comment #29

LOL! Hey Ginger sweetness! I just emailed my friend and told her I am in on the mud run.....

Comment #30

Hiya sweetie How ya been?? Been missing you girlie!! WTG on signing up for the mud run!! Sounds tough but I bet it's going to be a blast!!!!..

Comment #31

They are working for me, but I am not sure if they will make a noticeable change and I don't think they are meant to be an all purpose shoe..

You definitely walk differently, you have no choice with the design of the sole, very rounded up at the heel so your foot rolls back which changes your posture making you work your lower half in turn making you use your abs.. so cool that way. They claim an average weight loss of 3.5 pounds in 6 weeks but hmmmm, I am not looking to lose. We will see, they are comfortable for me, but most shoes are not..

I also tried the reebok easy tones but didn't care for them at all..

This shoe has a 1.5 inch sole.. so yay, I am taller. lol.


Comment #32


Lunges: 30 (minimum!) 3 times this week. Hand weights optional...

Comment #33

4.2 miles but lots of obstacles, mud pits, rope walls etc...should be exhausting and dirty and fun!!!..

Comment #34

LOL it should be a blast...maybe I can talk Annie into it ..there is BEER at the end..

Comment #35

Sounds good and it's ok to break them up into smaller sets if necessary...

Comment #36

There are other ways of burning calories in the mud..

Take one hot biker dude. Wind him up... run into a mud pit........

Oh I am not even going to bother typing what I am thinking...

You can figure it out now... I need ice...

Comment #37

LMAO this will be a great physical/mental challenge for me and 3 of them loves to run, 2 of us hate it and the 3rd is TBD gotta figure out how to train for it tho, good news is I have lots of time!!..

Comment #38

I am already mental and I would prefer to get physical with three men.

Lol You do things your way and I have a different plan for me...

Comment #39

GROAN!!!!!! I mean YAAAAAY!!!!.

Sounds like grueling exhausting FUN!!.

OMG 30 PER LEG...Better start I can hopefully recupe and walk when I go to work on Tuesday Can you say Noodle ??? I knew you could....


Comment #40

I'm glad you found comfy shoes. Thought about you when I was having that chat with DS1 earlier...

Comment #41

Smooches... why were you thinking of me... cause I remind you so much of him?..

Comment #42

He kinda looks like you...something you wanna tell me?..

Comment #43

I haven't lunged in forever. We can hobble around together...

Comment #44

We're gonna have a hard time explaining that to DH...

Comment #45

Hello Beautiful You are lookin hotter than a pistol tonight...

Comment #46

OK...I'm trying to figure out how to make cinnamon sticks out of Nutrisystem pancake mix after smelling the Cinna stix things the family got with their pizza. Any ideas/suggetions?? Or just wing it?? mix as is roll it into a roll....and sprinkle with cinnamon and splenda??..

Comment #47

LMAO!!! I figure I have oly so many years left in me to do something like this so why not???..

Comment #48

LOL ok..I'll be thinking of you fondly in the morning tomorrow LOL..

Comment #49

Hello Gingerlicious. You are lookin My T Licious tonight..

Comment #50

Make the pancakes then sprinkle the heck out of them with ICBINB, splenda, and cinnamon. Sounds tasty...

Comment #51

I am talkin about all the AVI's and how great you all look...

Comment #52

Is anyone else having a problem with others post showing up later, when they weren't there before?? Something funky is going on here. I got like 4 posts before mine, that sure as HECK weren't there before. but then again 4 of them were exactly @ 927..

Comment #53

Lol menopausal.


I only have so many years left as well so I plan on them being evil... I have lived such a pure life.. time for a change...

Comment #54

Smoochies!!! TY!.

OK...usually don't eat stuff outta order but something cinnamony is calling my name and I wanna behave..

Comment #55

How was everyone's day???.

We had an awesome day!!!. Great morning. Worked around here. Relaxed a lil in afternoon. BBQed. Relaxed after dinner.

Great Saturday!!!!!!!..

Comment #56

TY, ma'am. Running again on June 6 and hope to knock off a few more seconds. I was 4th in my age group and DS1 was quite disappointed that they only gave awards to the top 3...

Comment #57

The pancakes would be interchangeable with dessert. Sounds pretty darn tasty too!..

Comment #58

LOVE relaxing weekend days like that.

Not too bad, spent it chilling out, not much went as planned and DH is annoyed with me so pretty much the status quo LOL.

Awww that is so cute!!! You can do it woman. Seems like your times get better with each one!..

Comment #59

I used to love cinnamon toast dipped in hot chocolate...

I do use a lot of cinnamon because it is good for you...

You can slice up an apple.. mix a little splenda and cinnamon and it is a nice snack...

Comment #60

Damn. You're in my top 3. I'll get ya a trophy...

Comment #61

I'm heading out. DH is jet lagged and want to turn in early. Catch ya tomorrow...

Comment #62

Sounds like a GREAT day Rick! I was at a horse show (dd2), car wash (dd1), and now dh has a stinky cold..

Comment #63

Brian is home, so I had a great day with him, he has to go tomorrow though...

Comment #64

You rocked that 5k!!!!...ds should make you a ribbon!!!..

Comment #65

Night Vicki... try not to do anything your gutter buds wouldn't do...

Comment #66

We will be going to the farm first his Brother will be in town. He is home from Ottawa for a week and wanted to see his favorite brother.. so visit day and then a six hour drive.. ewwwww..

Comment #67

Eww on the 6 hour drive.

Tomorrow is lots of cleaning inside and out (mowing, weed wacking, pool vacuuming) here and prep for ds2 having a pool party here Monday afternoon/evening so some shopping to do for that too...I am thinking I am gonna have him get his butt over here to help out!..

Comment #68

I am going to try and be a great wife for all husbands...

I am a brat tonight.. must be happy because my guy is home...

Comment #69

I am gonna head out. GN all. Stay safe. Have fun!!!!!!..

Comment #70

Night sweetness, sweet dreams..

Hmmmmm that sounds like a day full of chores. I can't help you, I am sorry but I am washing my hair at that time...

Comment #71

Good night handsome...I am right behind you ...heading up for a nice tub soak and book...full day tomorrow.....

Enjoy Brian Kell {{SMOOCHES}}..

Comment #72

Smooches kids... I have to get ready to go for an evening walk with my sweetie.. test out these shoes some more..

Sweet dreams!!!..

Comment #73

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