What are the pros and cons to Ultimate Thermo Pump from VitaminShoppe?

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My first question is: What are the pros and cons to Ultimate Thermo Pump from VitaminShoppe?.

My next question is: Hey all I'm another newbie here,.

Im aftr some info please,.

Im in day 30 of my cycle, I'm taking 250mg sust 200mg deca on a monday then again on a friday thats a total of 500mg sust week 400mg deca week. Im still yet to have any weight gain or strentgh increase, Im pretty sure my gear real, I'm so damn horny, my testes have shrunk like they supposed too. Not having deca private yet lol. I have a few spots I mean just a few not enough to say it's acne on my back.

Now my diet I eat every 3/4 hours depends how busy I am. Main diet consists of chicken,fish,veggies,steak. I have 2 protein shakes morning/night. I also have an extra 2 on training days pre/post WO..

I have 6 meals a day. I drink easy 3 pints water ed too.

Hopefully ive said enough to give you an idea. Oh also I train 3 days a week. Any suggestions welcome...

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Your question was: What are the pros and cons to Ultimate Thermo Pump from VitaminShoppe?.

With the counterfeit steroid industry outweighting the genuine steroid industry by the size of Jupiter,its imperative that you trust your source 100%.Some fakes are so good these days that you will feel horny,suffer testicular atrophy(shrinking man grapes) acne and even feel a 'kick in' hours after your shot but thats where it all ends!Like Fat Man says,30 days in you should be feeling it.Aggressively strong and up for it and there should be some extra poundage to your overall weight...

Comment #1

No it's always too damn hot. I also hot sust flu after 2 weeks of first shot..

I weighed 184lbs 30 days ago, today I weigh 185lbs. Just all these symtoms and thought they were real. You trhink keep on it for another week or so?????..

Comment #2

Sounds like you've got some great oil to cook your Bacon in there buddy..

Comment #3

So what do you guys think despite all the positive symtoms just ditch them or should I wait a lil longer??? Cos it really just over 4 weeks and I know it meant to kick in week 3/4. I dont know bout if my metabolism is fast or not. I used to be skinny but I put on 3 stone in the 4 years I been training. So I'm pretty stocky now quite broad.

Just the guy I got it off is a trustworthy guy as hes my uncle nd he wouldnt gimme any duff gear...

Comment #4

Does your uncle cycle himself?And I dont mean on a chopper!He may not intensionaly give you fake gear after all he's reliant on his source and so on and so forth.I think the best thing is to post some pics up,if thats allowed and let the vets take a look at your prods.I would'nt advise to continue until you've had comformation...

Comment #5

Yep..should do as has been said above...

And on a separate note..i reckon you should be drinking more water..minimum 2-3 litres..but thats just me...

Comment #6

Ok will do, ill try and increase calories more too, I'm eating none stop at the mo. Not just junk food though. Ill try get pix on for 2morow cheers bud...

Comment #7

So what you guys think???.

Oh and my uncle does take it nd it's working for him..

Im still trying to upload piccys...

Comment #8

Are you injecting properly. deep enough??? are you eating enough??? and is your training up to scratch. whats your routine???..

Comment #9

Make a list of everything you've eaten over the last 3 days and put it up, along with what your usual training routine is...

Comment #10

Sorry Mate I was taking th p1ss - I meant that if your house was cold it might have caused your nuts to shrink..

Comment #11

Ok well if he's using the same compounds and is happy with the results then it's on his head.If you can't trust family who can you trust?Having not put on any weight is feesable if your diet is lacking but the fact you don't feel any physical surge in strength is a head scratcher!If you still don't feel anything come weeks 6 and 7 then something defo ain't right...

Comment #12

Just post up some good pictures of what your taking m8 and sombody will be able to tell you if it's fake or not..

Comment #13

Ill post piccys soon. I eat around 3800 calories a day..

I use 21g needles which are 1 and a half inches long I inject the full lenght leaving a few mil out. I also been having a few mood swings...

Comment #14

Lol Tell me about it.Are these swings of mood out of caracter for you.Are you reacting to stress like a Lioness on a period?Thats what I'm called at the mo so could be a good indication and my test is very real...

Comment #15

Yeah I'm snapping at littlest of things. Like I say I got all the signs od real gear but no gains. GGRRRRR!!.

Im posting piccys now...

Comment #16

Im gonna sound like a broken record coz ive used this line many times but we never notice our own weight gains.I was 9stone when I started at 16 I'm now 13stone 8 at 31 and dont feel any bigger in 15 years so to feel anything of significance in 4 weeks is going to be a whole truck full of miracles let alone just one.Are you keeping a record of your set weights?Taking before and after pix gives you the proof of your pudding so if you've decided that your prods are good then it'll be a case of wait and see...

Comment #17

]Im weighing everyday, I keeping logs with daily weight food etc.

Like I say my first cycle so I'm keeping records of everything..

<a href="ABCD0010.jpg - Image - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>.

<a href="ABCD0009.jpg - Image - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>..

Comment #18

Sorry pix not that good,.

The deca is deca pronabol 200 I only read good things bout them the same with sustanon which is by organon...

Comment #19

If you are after more weight gain surely you should be using enanthate or cypionate, for example Testoviron by Schering along with the Deca Durabolin..

If you persevere though, the gains you do achieve will be better in the long run assuming you don't have anything fake. But Sustanon is by Organon so that at least should be ok and if it is not then it is counterfeit not fake..


Comment #20

Counterfeit is fake! they are the same thing. and yes organon is faked very regularly. I cant see very well from those pix, but put it this way...even if you werent eating much and your training waas average you would of gained weight by now and pumped up on that cycle. your gear is shit..

Also, why would using enanthat or cyp be better. sustanon is a good bulker aswel...

Comment #21

Thanx for the info from all you guys, it realled p*ssed me off knowinng sticking meself with 2 pins a week for f*ck all. Ill give it another week if still nothing than thats it ill stop and get my resources elsewhere. thanx again...

Comment #22

So despite getting a few spots, mood swings, teste shrinkage, feeling alot hornier, hhad flew for a week despite all these they could still be fake!!!.

Can anyone look at the links I know thety aernt the clearest..

The organon sust is the short glass vial not the long ones which are meant to be fake. I being searcjing all over the net and these look very real compared to other organon which ive seen. The same with the deca-pronabol..

Saint I only went with sust cos it was what my uncle uses and had experiacne with. Me being a first timer and the only experiacne I had was research, but it sometimes better take advice from someone whos done it before do you know what I mean...

Comment #23

Oh and I forgot to mention if my bodyfat percentage was 20% could these be real and my body is getting rid ov da fat first????.

Just cos I actually lost 2lbs now and not really noticeble but my abs look abit better..

This morning I had the bigeest breaky ever and I feel so sick lol..

200g porridge+ 1pnt milk, 2 scoops protein powder added too..

2 Slice of toast and 3 raw eggs with milk for a drink...

Comment #24

No m8 it wouldnt be burning fat first it's a shame that this has turned out to be a bad experience for you m8 because in theory your first cycle should be the best one.

How old are you by the way ?

Comment #25

I think I may have an idea what is going on here. Your Uncle says he has got good gains from the product, yes?.

What I think he has done is used the real sustanon amps then replaced them with alternative amps. Not a nice thought but unfortunately even family can be cu*ts..

So you have all the correct packaging but not the correct product. Probably something like 50mg/ml testosterone propionate so you are only getting 100mg testosterone a week if this theory is correct. So you have some increased testosterone type symptoms and reduced body fat but no significant weight gain..

To prove it of course you would need to get the product tested, not easy, or get hold of Sustanon by Organon from a pharmaceutical chain to see if has the same effect..

Not easy either, I am also trying to get hold of pharma products with no joy at the moment..

You could also try dropping the deca dosage so the testosterone is more dominant, but of course if the products are dodgy you don't really want to be taking them at all..

Maybe also dropping the two extra protein drinks in case they are interferring with your digestive system..


Comment #26

Im, currently trying to get some organon amps elswhere just to compare, I cant name the site I'm getting it off but I think they the biggest+most popular site with only good words said bout them although they are pricey!!! So do you think they could be underdosed???.

Ill double the dosage 2night and for next week just incase but I think they fake now.

Ill reduce the deca,protein shakes. Thanx for help. Really appreciate it...

Comment #27

Im so confused now guys,.

I had my delivery today of organon suss which is identicle to what I have, no spelling mistakes, the date etc all in correct format!!!.

I also had delivery from another supplier just because it was cheap,.

Which is organon identicle xcept the propianote is spelt wrong. So I think what I have is real, Everyone I show them also say they real and are too puzzled by me having no gains. So thats 2 deliverys today one from a good reputable site which is identicle to what I have 2nd delivery today was just a cheap order just to compare and what a suprise they look the same except theres a spelling mistake...

Comment #28

Ill have to do it 2moz as I cant find my lead for digi cam..

Ill have to use my phone but the pix didnt turn out that good, so ill try 2moz when it light. Two amps are identacle the lettering spelling etc exactly the same apart from different date but same format!!.

Onw which I recieved from a random supplier has the same size amps + lettering the only difference is the propionate is mispelled as proplonate..

I also read up a guy used 20 amps of sust alone and never gained anything so he started injecting 1000mg every 8 days and said he was getting good gains as the blood levels was stable does soung it could be true???.

I know most people recommend using twice a week. Im really confused on what to believe now. Theres so much evidence pointing tobe real gear except no gains..

LIke you said even if I wasnt training properley or earing properley I should have gaind something!!!! Even down the local gym people saying it real gear I know it not coll flashing amps bout but I need to know...

Comment #29

Propionate is mispelt on the amps???? Sustanon is not propionate..

It all looks very suspicious and these came direct from one of the "most respected websites"?.

These websites are trash - you were lucky to get anything at all. What you have got is a low dose of testosterone and in the case of the mispelt amp - who f*cking knows what's in it..

Correct packaging fake inserts. The bodybuilders or operators of the sites or "preferred customers" use the genuine stuff and then they use the packaging to flog underdosed gear..

No wonder the guy you mentioned has had to jab 1000mg becuse it is probably 200mg actual giving a modest gain..

Up to you but my advice would be to stop using this stuff and track down a legitimate pharma supplier. As I said I am looking as well because I no longer have a contact and it is difficult to trust a new one..

Good luck - and if you are sick see a doctor..

Regards, St..

Comment #30

Thats correct the propionate is 30mg but it is mispelt..

I have since asked my uncle bout the legitacy of this gear, He and another guy said this happens more frequent than I think and that the gear is 100% legit and he thinks the reason I may not be gaining iss that my own test production has stopped, he said if I take a shot of hcg 1 shot each week over the next 3 weeks while staying on my cycle ill soon start piling the beef on. Im in too minds bout trusting him now. Have you heard this would help???..

Comment #31


Most people are shut down on a cycle.

When you take test your body dosnt need to produce it ..

You should have more than enough test from sust in your system to make gains.

< if it's legit> maybe your uncle should do a bit of research..

Comment #32

No thats not correct.Your own test production has stopped because you've replaced it with Sus!Even if it was a low dosed fake with say only 50mg of prop instead of a legitmate 250mg of 4 test esters then that would obviously still be alot more than the natural 5-7mg a day your testes would produce and still shut you down.HCG will get your testes producing natural test again,but thats bearing in mind that the HCG is real.The more I think about your symptoms the more I'm inclined to believe that your prods are indeed low dosed fakes,hence the testicular atrophy,mood swings coupled with zero strength and weight gain.Sustanon is a mass builder and would pile on plenty of 'beef' on it's own..

Does your Sus look like this?..

Comment #33

Exactly like that short stumpy amps with a white ring around the neck. The batch no then expiry date are very small neatly printed I think.packaging exactly the same too, I checkd pr no. thats on the side of the amp which also matches my boxes...

Comment #34

So do you suggest increase dosage and inject every 4 days still or should I only inject once a week???.

Oh and another thing whats the most I should inject at any 1time???.

I mean that as in mls??? Thanx again..

Comment #35

Usually when Sustanon is faked it's either nothing but peanut oil or at best 20-50mg of test prop but inless you send your prods to a lab for testing you have no idea of the volume of compound ml for ml that you are injecting or what it is full stop.Trying to assume it's prop and increase the dosage to counter that is a dangerous and foolish affair.Im sorry but I think you should stop using and find something thats not playing Russian roulette with your life!.

Its not recommended to inject any more that 3ml of liquid at any one time...

Comment #36

After 4 weeks with no strength or weight gains it's not looking likely that your gear is legit, those 2 compounds would have put some water on by now if nothing else. I know it hurts mate but I reckon you should stop, it's not wise injecting something when you doubt the quality..

I got ripped off for 20 dodgy vials of norma deca by one of the trusted sources on here a few years ago, he assured me there was deca in the vials but I wasn't willing to take the chance and exchanged them I suggest you do the same..

Good luck whatever you decide..

Comment #37

OK if I stop using as fron now ill take nolva approx 21 days after las shot and the same with clomid. Any other info???..

Comment #38

Am also on the same as you but at a lesser dose I have 1ml of deca100 on a thurs and 1ml of sust250 on a sunday with 30mg d-bol on training days the d-bol ive been takin for 3 weeks and I'm only on my second week with the deca and sust and ive put 8 pounds on am 6ft4 and now 12st8 was 12st before I started them I eat six times a day same as your self but I dont have any protine shakes and train 5 days a week and ive managed to put on 8lb you seem to have a better diet than me and more protine intake you should of gained atleast what ive gained in the amount of time youve been on them..

Comment #39

Decca takes at least 4-5 weeks to kick in and even then there's no "kick" involved. The ball shrinkage certainly suggests that your testosterone production has been halted, which is a good sign. You're eating a clean diet which along with increased intensity that goes along with the psychological motivation from being on a course, should burn fat fast. My theory is that you are replacing fat with muscle. Fat loss of 2lbs per week for 4 wks is easily obtainable and equates to over half a stone of muscle. The Decca will gently kick in now and the gains will continue..

Keep at it and let us know what happens...

Comment #40

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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