What are the best Medifast foods?

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I'm pretty please with my variety pack, but I'm going to order things individually next month. The Chicken and Wild Rice and Chicken Noodle soups are okay, but not my favorites. I like broccoli and tomato soups. Are the Medifast versions good? I love the chocolate pudding. How are the other flavors? I'm also thinking about getting the pretzels and cheese puffs. What does everyone like/hate? Your opinions are appreciated!..

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Kalyn, there have been discussions about this in the past and you will quickly learn that what one person loves another person hates and vice versa. Personally, the only things I disliked so much that I refused to ever purchase again was the Strawberry shake (rather disappointing as strawberry things are my FAVORITE!!!) and the Peach Iced Tea. A lot of people can't stand the oatmeal, but I can't start my day without it!..

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The cheese puffs and pretzels are pretty good. It's not like eating the real thing, but pretty close...

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I agree with shortee that everyone has favorites... If you are not certain and are likely to NOT eat something you've bought if you don't like it... Medifast does have a "sample" for sale....

Might help..

That said - I am not a purist and tended to "doctor" lots of MF. the Chix/rice soup was better for me if I added cubed chix and canned asparagus (careful about the sodium tho). Brocc and Tom soups I could ONLY do as pitas or chips but then - LOVED! Didn't ever get Banana pudding or Blueberry oatmeal again - those were yucky for me. Don't really care for Van pudding either but if you like to make recipes - there are some great ones with Van pud. HM pretzles and Chili Cheese puffs are some of my faves - still buy them in T&M. Still also buy Smores bars and Capp..

Best of luck in your journey - Medifast ROCKS!..

Comment #3

My favorites:.

Chocolate mint crunch bar: tastes similar to a girl scout thin mint cookie..

Cinnamon pretzels: I eat 2 bags per day.

Oatmeal: I make an oatmeal pancake at least one time per day.

Chocolate pudding: love it very cold.

Cinnamon roll crunch bar: warmed up 8 sec in microwave (take it out of wrapper or you'll short out the microwave) (my mom had to buy a new one after doing this).

Nacho puffs: lots of puffs in a bag, great for muchies for movie's..

Chocolate shakes: for choc cupcakes.


Lemon crunch bars.

Strawberry shake.

Chicken noodle soup (I only tried it once and didnt let it soak or add bullion , so might be good, just not a soup person.)..

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Like others said do a search on the right upper side and type in favorites and you'll get lots of threads. I have done this a bunch but doesn't hurt to start a new one as well since always someone different and also as you will find your tastes will change. I have only been on for a week but already have liked some things I didn't to start with but also that is because I know how to make them now (like the cappuccino, make it hot two different ways and it was yucky both ways, then tried soaking and cold with ice, yummy).

Other things I like: chicken noodle and wild rice soups-but be sure to soak them.

Most of the bars are pretty ok but haven't tried the smores one which everyone raves about.

Like dutch chocolate shakes-best if mixed ahead and let sit for 15-30 minutes, then blend with ice.

Puddings are pretty good, esp chocolate.

Hot chocolate is my favorite, tastes just like regular hot choco. have it every morning as need to eat nonsoy meals in AM due to hypothyroid.

Only thing really don't like is the oatmeal. I have tried the muffins and pancakes but the smell is still too yucky for me. am sending back for somethign else.

I like you ordered the variety pack first, now will order individual stuff the second time, kind of nice to be able to do that, but don't forget you can exchange any box that only has one thing removed. plan to take advantage of that and get rid of the oatmeal...

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You can exchange a box of Medifast food that you have tried something out of and didn't like? How do you do that?..

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I make the chicken noodle soup and pour it over chicken breasts that I have for dinner (I add a little salt to the soup). It's GRAVY!!! Chocolate mint bar is probably my favorite along with scrambled eggs. Luv the puffs also. I haven't tried the pretzels but I am going to add them to my next order. I really HATE the everyone's tastes are different. ALSO the only way I can eat the Lemon bar is to freeze it.

Who would have thought that???..

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I love the peanut butter, chocolate mint, chocolate, and oatmeal raisin bars. I like all the bars but have never tried the lemon or strawberry ones. I like them because they taste good and they are portable. I keep a couple in my purse in case I'm somewhere I can't "make" anything. I just ordered the puffs and pretzels, I'm looking forward to trying those..

I hate the strawberry shakes, oatmeal and chai tea..

I always doctor up the soup stews and chili. Everything tastes better with herbs de provence..

Comment #8

Your best bet is to try everything. There is no consistency when it comes to likes and dislikes. I LOVE the it everyday! Others HATE it...go figure. Myself I don't like the puddings, Maryland Crab Soup and Broccoli Soup. Don't expect them to taste like "regular" soups...they won't. BUT I've also noticed I am getting accustomed to the tastes.

Then I made it with salt, pepper and boiling water and ate it with dill pickles and LOVED it yourself. You might miss something you'd really like 'cause someone else didn't...

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I like to stick to things I can eat as is without spending too much time (and extra ingredients) doctoring and making recipes. I don't use soups or shakes at all anymore. I stick to oatmeal (all 4 flavors), puffs (prefer the Chili Nacho to the Parmesan), pretzels, crunch bars (all 10 flavors but some are better than others), and chocolate pudding...

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Love the oatmeal it's like eating normal food for me! the eggs are ok if you cook em right, cinnamon crunch bar is my other favie, after reading the other posts i'll be ordering some other stuff too!!..

Comment #11

Returning easy - just call customer service number on receipt. Can't have eaten more than 1 pkg in the box. I did that many times at first. Funny - I'm now ordering regularly the things I returned. Your tastes do change and you'll be surprised..

Favorites -.

Diabetic shakes (all flavors) - I am not diabetic, but find they taste good and are less sweet and mix well in shakes and all recipes..

COT Soup, but only in bread form. Makes a great tomato bread (only needs pinch baking powder and a few TBS of water).

Pretzels - both.

RTD shake on ice - satisfying afternoon snack.

I've actually drifted away from bars, but like carmel, F/N, Peanut butter.

Puddings are great too - frozen.

Absolutely love the chicken noodle soup with a few shakes of hot sauce - lunch almost every day...

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I'm going to reiterate what everyone else said - what one person loves, another might hate.

For example, most people don't like the cream of tomato soup and the oatmeal. I bought a variety pack off ebay and wouldn't you know, it was full of cream of tomato and oatmeal. I was super nervous about it but, after reading reviews, I decided to make cream of tomato bread and oatmeal muffins out of them and now, they're my absolute favorite.

My point is that even if you think you might not like it in it's Medifast form, there are tons of tips and tricks to make the food more user friendly so for me, other than the strawberry shakes, I've yet to come across a food that couldn't be made into something more palatable by adding spices or changing it's intended purpose (soup to bread, oatmeal to muffins etc....)..

Comment #13

I could LIVE off the Hot Cocoa, puffs, and pretzels. Seriously..

But I also really like the bars. The soups are all good. Puddings are okay..

I do not care for any shakes. And I do not like the brownies or oatmeals...

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