What are the best Medifast Diet bars????

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I'm going for bars in my next order, but have heard some of them aren't so good. What's what with the bars y'all??.



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Most of the people who don't like certain bars, don't like them because they have changed a lot in the past year. New formulas. Since you haven't had any before, that shouldn't be a problem. I like all of the chocolate ones. Lemon and oatmeal OK, and didn't like the fruit and nut. Wasn't filling enough to be a meal or sweet enough for a dessert. I figured it has to be one or the other for me...

Comment #1

I love, love , love the oatmeal rasin bar. 2nd fav is the fruit and granola bar. Not that fond of the PB bar, it's edible but that is about it. Have also tried chocolate, chocolate mint and chocolate carmel and they are good too...

Comment #2

My fave is the caramel nut bar yum!! Second is the chocolate mint and third is the chocolate. Not that crazy about the smores but if you like the quaker chewy granola smores bars, you'll probably like it. I don't like the others. And for the ones I like the BEST way to have them is to nuke them for 15 to 20 seconds and eat with a fork yummy!!..

Comment #3

Honey and oat, caramel nut....

Hate chocolate onetoo hard to bite into!..

Comment #4

I love the oatmeal raisin bar!!! It takes like the cooke dough before baking.

I'm not that crazy about any of the chocolate bars, because to me that just isn't chocolate. But I'm sure that over time the idea of "chocolate" will fade and I will fall in love with them all over again.

The fruit and nut bar isn't really sweet like I had hoped, but is a good one to keep in your purse or glove box without fear of meltage!!..

Comment #5

My fav is the carmel nut, oh so chewy and gooey.. I bought 2 boxes my last order. My next fav is the chocolate bar, followed by the choc mint. I bought a box of the smores but am very dissapointed... Where's the grahm taste? It tastes like cardboard with tiny chocochips and tiny marshmellows on top... I'm going to try and heat it up next time and see if that makes a difference...

Comment #6

So far oatmeal raisin and carmel nut. I've tried the chocolate and it isn't bad but hard to bite in to. I think the carmel nut tastes like a real candy bar...

Comment #7

My absoulte fav is the oatmeal raisin bar!! I also like the fruit and nut. I tried the peanut butter choc one and the carmel one, but I really didnt like either of them, I never even finished the box of either. My son in law actually ate them!! (no, not on Medifast at all...) I think it is really different specific to your taste, since a non-dieter ate up my refect bars, lol!!..

Comment #8

Oatmeal Raisin and Caramel Nut.... mmmmmm. Oh man, if I could eat these all day, I would. Haha...

Comment #9

The chocolate one would be good if I could bite into it...

Comment #10

I thought the Carmel Nut was going to be the grossest and the Chocolate Mint the best. Boy was I wrong! Carmel Nut is like heaven and I got rid of all the Mint. My 2nd Favorite is Oatmeal Raisin followed by fruit and nut. Fruit and nut reminds me of Quaker Chewy Granola bars...

Comment #11

My favorites are the Oatmeal Raisin and the Chocolate Mint..

I really thought I would like the Peanut Butter but I have a hard time choking them down. That's the only one that I so far do not like...

Comment #12

I love the oatmeal raisin. It tastes like oatmeal raisin cookies...

Comment #13

The only one decent right now (IMO) is the oatmeal raisin, but I see they've changed the formula on that one too, so who knows. I've switched to South Beach cereal bars. Taste better, same protein, same fat, lower carbs (7 lower!) and lower cals...

Comment #14

I personally like the chocolate and chocolate mint..they feel more substantial to me (and I have strong jaws).

The caramel and peanut butter...something just seems really off about the caramel..a weird aftertaste or something. Probably from all the soy protein powder...

Comment #15

I think my favorite onesare the Chocolate and Chocomint I just had the Lemon and wasn't to thrilled ..

I LOVE to nuke the the bar for 10 seconds...unfortunately my Microwave just died yesterday...

Comment #16

I would eat the Caramel Nut even if I wasn't on a diet-yummy! The peanut butter crunch diabetic bar is tasty, too...

Comment #17

This is my first week my weigh in is tommorow, so I am hoping for the best, but the first bar I tried was the chocolate, man it was so hard so I stuck it back in the green wrapper (didnt want to waste) and set it on the counter, Today 6 days later....sorry if this sounds gross, but I decided to try it again and man it was so GOOD, I guess the air calmed down most of that hard exterior, it was as soft as those tasty oatmeal raisin, kinda tasted like a "less sweet" whatchamacallit..


Comment #18

You can also put it in the micro for 10 sec... that makes it softer and oh so yummy..

Comment #19

I haven't met a MFR bar that I didn't like yet! So far, they are all good! I've had oatmeal raisin, chocolate mint, chocolate and today I'll try the caramel nut...

Comment #20

Oh man...dont get me started on the bars! SOOOO good....

I've only had the oatmeal raisin and the caramel nut....

But here's my tip.

Warm the bar up on a plate for about 10-12 seconds and eat with a fork. SOOOOO good...

The caramel nut tastes like a brownie or a snickers, and the oatmeal raisin tastes like, well, oatmeal raisin with an icing on top!..

Comment #21

Caramel Nut and Chocolate are my favorite. I was thinking about trying the Chocolate mint...

Comment #22

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