What are some vouchers?

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My question is: What are some vouchers?.

My 2nd question is: OK.

I met this man 2 months ago, he is 65, 5 children, 2 of which still lives with him.  I am 54, have 1 child still living with me.  We don't have much privacy.  We started dating, and right away, he starts asking me to stay over night at his house, which I did.  I felt very uncomfortable as his kids where there.  He very rarely takes me out, and when he does, we usually go dutch.  If he treats me, it is very unusual and awkward..

I took him to a work conference with me.  It was a very nice hotel, good food, nice room.  I had to work, he got to go swimming and site see.  It cost me an extra $120.  Well, needless to say, he hasn't forwarded any money towards the bill..

Now, this weekend, he asks if we can get together.  He asks if we can go and do something Sunday.  I say sure.  I then offered for him to come over to dinner Sat. evening.  He asked if I could come and stay over his house Sat, otherwise, there is no sense in seeing me Sat evening if he has to go back home and then turn around and come back Sunday..

Well.... I repeated this to him"let me get this straight, that he didn't want to come to dinner sat night only to go home and then come back Sunday"  He basically said yes, he would rather I stay with him Sat night otherwise, why come all the way here for dinner just to go home..

Now, am I being too old fashioned or wrong for feeling a bit used or what???  After hearing this, I really don't care to see him again, but maybe I am too old fashioned?  If anyone has some good advice, I would be very grateful, as I have been out of this dating (online dating with scene for a while and maybe I am  not in touch..

Many thanks,.


Comments (4)

I don't think I would waste anymore time on him...

Comment #1

I wouldn't waste any more time on him, either. I guess I don't know why you would expect him to pay you back when your experience with him so far has shown you that he is pretty stingy. That's $120 wasted, sure, but I think you could have predicted this outcome. He sounds like a loser and a user with very little to offer you...

Comment #2

Trust your instincts. Kick him to the curb and good riddance. You can do better and frankly are better off spending your nights alone than to waste another minute with this guy. He is a thoughtless inconsiderate cheapskate and it is highly unlikely to get any better...

Comment #3

How is he using you?  Is it because of the extra mony for the hotel on your trip?  Did you tell him beforehand that you expected him to pay the extra money?..

Comment #4

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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