What are some success stories?

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My question is: What are some success stories?.

My 2nd question is: I started dating (online dating with a guy about a month ago. He was really forward about how he felt about me when we began dating. We seemed to get along great and the chemistry between us was off the charts! He got out of a relationship (thru about 6 months ago and I did about a year and a half ago. Both of us have been burned in the past, but have made it clear to each other that we have moved on. It seems we both kind of have our guard up. Anyways, we got into a argument about 2 weeks after we started dating (online dating with over a text message that he sent me.

Before I knew it he was really mad at me for being upset and making a rude comment to him. I later got over it and apologized to him. He was more hurt over it then I was and ever since then he has withdrawn from me. I asked him a couple times what happened and why all of the sudden does he not come around as much anymore or talk to me as much anymore. He said that he thought we were getting serious too fast and that we needed to slow it down.

This is the second weekend we haven't seen each other. I'm beginning to think that he is still not ready to get into a relationship (thru or he's punishing me for our argument. I really liked this guy and really want to get to know him better and spend time with him, but I don't feel that I can get to know him when he's holding back like this. Do I just ignore it and wait or do I move on? I'm wondering if he is too immature?..

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I guess the reason why I'm having a problem is because we started off really great and having fun...we knew we were really attracted to one another...we talked about sex, but both agreed that we definitely needed to wait and there was no need to rush in...yeah...well he kept getting more and more aggressive about it and I would tell him we had to wait...2 weeks into it and I gave in one day and was immediately mad at myself for doing so...after that things started to change a little...and then changed even more after our argument...I have confronted him on this and he admits that the argument made him stop and think about things....I am at the point now where I'm done playing this game and torturing myself because he obviously isn't nor feels the same way I do when I thought he did. I'm moving on.....

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If he cant understand that he contributed to the misunderstanding with his text message then he could just be a big baby. ..

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Since you did not say what his original text was it's hard to say, but I think things progressed way to fast to soon.  He obviously is having second thoughts.  Dont waste your time move on..



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My next door neighbor.

Wants to ban all guns.


Out of respect for their opinion I will not protect.

Them with my guns..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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