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My question is: What are some special offers?.

My 2nd question is: I'm 19 years old and just had my first break-up with a girl. We're in college and have been together for about about a year. We've been drifting apart for the past few months but we do have a special bond and I thought we should try to remain friends. We had the discussion at a coffee shop and I tried to be as gentle and as diplomatic as possible but it did not go well. She became very upset and emotional. I tried to calm her down, but was unsuccessful.

Does it sound like I did something terribly wrong or is this a fairly normal female reaction?..

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Its normal yes for most women to get this was in public not a good idea. Should have been more private. But serious kudos 2 you for doing face to face. As hard as it might have been to make this choice most would be chickens and text..

Comment #1

All seemed to be going fine till she slapped you! I guess thats immaturity.your gf must have been very hurt but I hope it didnt hurt you much ( sorry !)..

Comment #2

I know you said you tried to be "gentle" and "diplomatic", but while it may have seemed that way to you, it may not to her or others.  We'd really have to get an idea of exactly what it was you said to judge..

Also, even tho you said you were drifting apart, again, maybe that was from your perception.  Maybe she didn't see it that way at all, and she may have felt blindsided.  Nobody likes to feel that way.  If she wasn't expecting a breakup, then she/anyone would be quite upset. .

Imagine having no idea that your gf felt a certain way and then out-of-nowhere, she brokeup with you.  It would be devastating. .

Also, great emotion often also means great care.  While you should feel a little bad that you incited such a reaction (hopefully you weren't a jerk!!), it also means that she cared a great deal abotu you and your relationship (thru and that is flattering. .

Be careful with people's hearts! ..

Comment #3

Just an amusing little followup to this.  I shared the story with my father and it was somewhat comforting to learn he had a similar experience.   During college, he was on the receiving end of a breakup with his girlfriend.  She was very thoughtful in explaining why they should go their separate ways.  His reaction on the other hand, was one of pleasure and relief, almost thanking her for breaking up with him.  Insulted by his lack of disappointment, she gave him a stinging slap on the cheek.  Like father like son, in a reverse scenario!  LOL..

Comment #4

"Be careful with people's hearts!"This is pretty impossible to do when you need to break up with someone. You can't prioritize their feelings over what you need to do...

Comment #5

LOL !In future if you have a son,let him know before hand so that he is well prepared and understands what he is getting in inheritance,lol!sorry for your break up thoug...

Comment #6

"In future if you have a son,let him know before hand so that he is well prepared and understands what he is getting in inheritance,lol!".

LOL  I'll be disappointed if he does not carry on such a proud tradition.  "All Mitchell men must get slapped by a woman by age 19, lol."  I wonder how common it really is.  I always thought it was something you only see in movies, but maybe it does happen a fair amount in real life. .


Comment #7

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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