What are some Lean & Green fast food meals?

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Hi everyone! I just started Medifast this past Saturday and so far so good (in general, lol).

My question for the vets is, what are you favorite "lean and green" meals while eating out at fast food restaurants? So far I've been at home, but both my sons are starting back into fall sports soon and we will soon be doing dinners on the run here and there. I realize I can always bring along a bar or a soup packet, or try to find a salad w/chicken or something like that, but I was curious whether anyone had any "go to" items at different restaurants that fall within the program. For me, the less I have to think about what I eat, the better!..

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Either McDonalds or Jack in the Box's Asian Chicken salad... I pick out the "illegal" parts and use my own Galeo's or WF dressing from my purse. You can order extra chicken to make it 6 oz..

If I don't have my own dressing I use half of theirs...

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Do you have the Jimmy Johns chain in your area? My favorite fast food is their Unwich - they replace the bread with lettuce leaves. Yum!.

Otherwise, chicken cesear salads are very common "go to" items at fast food places... Good luck! Becki..

Comment #2

I LOVE Hardees Low Carb Burger.

Make sure to ask for NO CHEESE MAYO or KETCHUP.

Then sometimes they will give you extra lettuce tomatoe or pickles.

Or you can get a nice side salad with.

It feels so decadent but it's just the right about of lean meat.


Comment #3

I usually opt for a Caesar salad with no croutons and half the dressing. I've only done this a couple of times, but it has never altered my weight loss...

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I'm not a veteran, but you can have any subway sandwich made into a salad. Then you only pick the legal vegetables. I'm not big on iceberg lettuce, so I ask them to go easy on that and make up for it in spinach..

Also, Burger King will do bunless regular or even veggie burgers at some locations...

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My favorite thing right now is the McDonald's Grilled Chicken Ceasar Salad - just pick out the carrots (they use big shaved chunks so it's easy to remove). I've been eating them steadily for the last couple of weeks...

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Carne asada burrito and eat the insides. arby's raoast beef (4 for $5) and eat the meat. Order a side salad for veggies. Also I get sashimi or ahi ruby rare at my favorite fish restaurants with a side salad...

Comment #7

Mc Donald's salad with grilled chicken.

Burger King grilled chicken salad.

Burger King lo carb whopper junior (salad w a burger).

DQ grilled chicken salad.

Wendy's grilled chicken salad..

Comment #8

Boston Market chicken breast(remove the skin) or roasted turkey(yum, yum) for my sides I do a double order of green beans and no cornbread..

Hardee's low carb burger with a little mustard and no cheese. Ask for addtl lettuce because it can get a little messy..

Arby's grilled chicken sandwich(chunk the bread) with a side salad..

I try to avoid Mcdonald's because I have a sickness for the fries.



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Tough one.... For me, it's been pretty much a salad w/ grilled chicken wherever. As gatita says, use half their dressing. I'll do chinese food (lots of vegs w/ meat) w/o the rice, ask for very little oil. But that's not kid-friendly..

Once I ate something at Taco Bell, then later checked their nutrition info on the web. AAACK!!! Not at all worth it, and NEVER again.

It amazes me how many calories and fat are being served at fast food places. This am on the news, they talked aobut some new breakfast burrito (Hardy's?) that had the fat/calories of 3 Big Macs!!! 1200 cals in one meal. I'm sure some adolescent/teen boys who need 4000 cals/day could handle that!.

There's a few websites that have info:.



Look and plan ahead, before you are in the vulnerable situation, standing, hungry, at the counter!!! You'll feel so GREAT knowing you took charge of what you ate!..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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