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My question is: What are prices per month?.

My 2nd question is: I have been seeing someone for over one month now.  The relationship (thru is quite intense and we agree to meet once a week for almost an entire day during the weekend.  We spend our time in each other's arms, exchanging I love you's, being intimate, etc.  Last week  when we spoke, he seemed angry at me for not spending enough time with him and not accompanying him to a club.  He told me I had time for all of these people and events but not for him.  He also told me I had made too many plans in my week and he did not like for my schedule to cut into our time together.  When we finally met up, in his company, my phone was ringing off the hook and I didn't answer it, but he sarcastically told me I must be the president.  That same night we spent together I had to go off to a party and he wanted to know who would be there and why I couldn't spend more time with him.  I had invited him, but he didn't know if he wanted to come since he knew noone there.  I told him I had to be there by a certain time and he wound up driving me 4 hours late.  The first couple of weeks he texted me everyday and I would usually answer, but this week I noticed he isn't calling or texting me much.  I had been so used to hearing from him everyday, I sent him a text to see what was up and he told me he was sick with a cold, so I called him asap.  He seemed a little distant, but said he was  feeling better and would call me the next day.  Of course he didn't.  Why this sudden change?  I feel like he is trying to stop looking so eager and is now playing mind games.  What do you guys think?    .

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Thanks for your wonderful advice!  I have been thinking the same.  I don't want to send him the message I am not interested anymore because I feel we will both be unnecessarily hurt.  Do you have any suggestions on what I should do to keep this from fizzing out?  See him less than once a week?  I have very strong feelings for this person.  I feel like there are not too many men out there like this...

Comment #1

I think once a week is fine, but if you're spending your time cuddling and speaking romantically to one another, your focus is not on getting to know one another. Go out and do more, plan dates, talk about things other than your new relationship, get to know who he is as an individual. Let him get to know you as well. At the same time, and I'm not saying you aren't doing this but it's important to note, you should be nurturing your life outside of him and being fulfilled enough to be happy when you're on your own or with friends/family...

Comment #2

WOW red flag galore...1 month and the I love yous are goin on???  And now hes not callin as much...well you arent giving him what he wants...all of you and he sounds seriously insecure and possablly at some point he will slowly chip away at you and you will soon become emotionally dependant on him because he will contriol you with guilt. It is my guess he isnt clalling as much do to the fat he is either trying to manipulate you into feeling bad or he is realizing this is to fast.

Walk away fast!!!..

Comment #3

Thanks for your great insight.  When you say he has stopped calling because he realizes it may be going too fast, do you think he is trying to put an emotional distance between us so he won't get hurt, or do you think he may not be interested in getting so serious? We spend around 6-12 hours together, also talking about our lives and laughing besides sex/love you's. I did notice last week he may be a little jealous and nosy when he wanted to see the contents of my purse, my passport, my Facebook account.  It may be relevant to mention he is from a more conservative culture and may be having an arranged marriage one day, while I am in a relationship (thru and he does know it.  ..

Comment #4

Research the firsts signs of domestic violence and you will see a pic of your BF I am sure. He is possesive and wants to controlling. He wants to see whats in your purse so he can see who you are talikng with. He wants you facebook account so he can see who you are talking to. Who cares why he isnt calling. You are on your way to a DV relationship (thru with out the physical....for now...

Comment #5

Yes I agree.  I will start trying to get to know him better by doing things together outside of his home.  Thanks again! ..

Comment #6

Yes, it does feel like he could get to be controlling but he does treat me so wonderfully, it's hard to see it could get to be one of those bad/abusive relationships.  When he asked to see my fb, passport, purse, he did it in a most fun loving way while laughing-as if he were just dying to see these things.  He didn't demand it, but he kept asking.  Thanks again for your great insight; helped to keep things in perspective.     ..

Comment #7

<<It may be relevant to mention he is from a more conservative culture and may be having an arranged marriage one day, while I am in a relationship (thru and he does know it.  >>.

Am I reading this correctly? You are in a relationship (thru in addition to dating (online dating with this guy? If I did, it SORT OF explains some of his behaviors. It EXPLAINS them, but does not EXCUSE them. His wanting to see your purse, passport and facebook account is him being extremely insecure. He has already played upon your guilt feelings by cutting down on his contact to you, and you are playing right into it by compensating for that lack of contact. I have to agree that these are red flags that shouldn't be ignored...

Comment #8

I agree. Things that start so quickly aren't real and can burn out just as quickly. You need to detach, take care of yourself and not put all this focus onto him.


Comment #9

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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