What are prices in the UK?

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My question is: What are prices in the UK?.

My 2nd question is:                                                               Ok so to make a verrry long story short; Me and boyfriend have been together for a long time. weve always had our up's and down's but What relationship (thru doesnt?but anwayz me and him broke up last summer ( I broke up with him becouse he was talking to his ex gf and lieing about everything) I stuck around becouse he kept saying he still wanted to be with me he just wanted to see what would happend with her but  he was dating (online dating with the ex gf that was the reason we broke up and he was having sex with me So i said screw this mess and stopped talking to him for 2 months.  We started talking again and having sex again he was still dating (online dating with that girl but he was breaking up with her soon. ( she lives in washington we live in alabama) She got him a plane ticket and flew him up there too see her;he broke up with her while he was there but they had sex and everything I felt horrible..

 Sooo me being the emotional, Needy person I am went and hung out with this guy( really just so I could feel like someone thought I was pretty I guess).. we ended up having sex that night. well the next day when the ex bf called me ( while he was with her in washington) I told him I hung out with the guy and all he did was put his arm around me .. My justification of lieing was the fact that he probly has Not told me everything about what has happend with this girl ,hes put me through crap ( I know I let him but I love him) so I keep telling myself Its none of his bussiness what I did that night I was single then...he came back a day later and we started dating (online dating with again. Oh and iv gotten tested for std's so I didnt get anything from having sex with that guy..

I just need opinions or personal exsperiences.

Ok so the questions are...

Should I tell him what happend that Night or should I just forget it ever happend?.

Is it any of his bussiness?.

Am I doing something wrong by not telling him?..

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I know that me personally iv forgiven him and I trust him, he says that he trust me more than he used to, ever since the begining of our relationship weve had trust not sure what two people can do to help a relationship (thru except talk or go to a therpist.Me and him have been trying to be more open about how we feel or if were not happy. What else can we do ? .


Comment #1

I think those are all good things (and if you're really serious about one another then seeing a couples' counselor isn't a bad idea). But you should also realize that trust is not something that can instantly be gained. You can't do something to immediately trust someone, or immediately gain their trust. It's something that can only happen after a long enough period of being trustworthy. I cannot tell you how long that will take, I know you do trust him now but there's going to be a period where things just feel shaky and you will need to talk about your feelings with one another in order to overcome it. If all goes well and you are both worthy of one another's trust, then there will come a day when you're secure again with one another. It takes time...

Comment #2

Thank you for your help; I will probably try the therepy and see if that helps us get stronger...

Comment #3

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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