What are price plans?

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My question is: What are price plans?.

My 2nd question is: I have posted on another board but am still looking for yet more adviceI met a guy online and we talked a couple weeks before we met. I traveled 100 miles to meet him after convincing him to meet with me in the first place and now hes iffy about a second meeting. we had sex our first meeting which I KNOW was a big mistake. he seems interested but his interest level is low, I'm the one pushing for the meetings but I really like him and am developing feelings for him. he says he doesn't want to get hurt or to hurt me. he has other interests and works odd hours but I just wonder if hes trying to do the " slow fade" and let me down easily ?

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Why did you travel that far for a guy?  The guy should be coming to you..

Plus you're the one pushing for all the meetings?.

"His interest level is low"?.

I mean, I have to basically quote your entire post.  Have you read what you wrote back over to yourself?  Do you really seriously need opinions about this?  Because the answer seems ridiculously obvious..


Comment #1

No, he's not that into you, I'm sorry..

You should never have to CONVINCE a man to see you!!! .

Besides, after just one meet, you barely KNOW the man, so "really like him" just isn't're projecting what you THINK you know about him.   That's an important dating (online dating with lesson to learn so I hope you'll take this opportunity to do so..



Comment #2

Men always lose interest after sex.  So, unless you had his full attention before hand, it usually ends bad..

You two had sex and he probably thinks that the chemistry and/or sex is not enough for him to bother with the hassle of a long distance relationship.  Him saying that he doesn't want anyone to get hurt could be a copout.  But, more likely it's the truth.  If the long distance continues (with lack of sparks) someone's going to end up getting hurt..

My advice is to sit back and think about if this relationship (thru was that great in the first place to continue going.  I rather you not ask him to "just be friends" because it usually ends up with you two not talking anymore.  So, you two should break up, maybe have a cry about it and chalk it all up to experience..

It's not your fault that this happened.  You just happened to make a hasty decision that turned out bad.  It happens more in our lives than you think.  I say value the experience for what it is and I hope your next encounter with online dating (online dating with will make you wiser.  That way you won't make mistakes when you find someone who truly matters...

Comment #3

He is not interested in you, it has nothing to do with having had sex too early. He wasn't that interested to begin with, and sex clearly didn't ignite any latent feelings. I wish I knew a nicer way of saying this, but if you don't learn how to take a hint you're in for a lot more wasted gas money.A man you've never met before should always, always, always come to meet YOU at a public place. If he's interested he will not need to be convinced that you should waste your time meeting him. I would never drive 100 miles to meet a man for the first time, that's totally backwards.Hopefully next time you will see the very obvious signs when a man doesn't really like you. An interested guy will fall over himself to meet you...

Comment #4

I am sorry, but he is not into it. It's not your don't think that. I had a 5 yr relationship (thru with someone after sex the 2nd time we saw each other. Also, long distance is hard enough. See/read 'he's just not that into you'. You are fantastic and deserve better...and also to not worry. Time to say "Next!"..

Comment #5

Well you traveled so far to make the first meeting happen. This guy doesn't feel he has to put much effort into things. I would let it go and let him make the next if any move.


Comment #6

Let me be honest with you and tell you one thing I have learnt from going through almost the same thing: He is not that interested in you..

If a guy really wants to see a girl and spend time with her, he will do so regardless of his odd hours or other interests that he says he has.

I know how hard it is to feel that someone whom we like is not feeling the same but I think the sooner you realize this fact the quicker you will move on and find someone who is wiling to spend time with you.

Take it easy sister and do not push him into meeting you, if he wants to  meet you, he will call you and ask you to meet.....

Comment #7

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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