What abt this man I've known for 2 yrs. We met on

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My first question is: What abt this man I've known for 2 yrs. We met on

My next question is: I'm seeing a guy I been with about 15 years ago..we met up again..and started our relationship (thru again..we talk and see each other almost every weekend..but this weekend he text me sayin we maybe would see each other..and we didn't..he told me 2call him so I did and he didn't answer.uhh it's been 2 days I haven't heard from I being 2 needy?! hope not!!please help..thnx...

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Your question was: What abt this man I've known for 2 yrs. We met on

Yes you are.... it's only been two days, jeez lighten up.  Are you in a exclusive relationship (thru (talked about it an agreed) or just dating?..

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Hon, you are only dating (online dating with him, he has other things going on in his life, probably dating (online dating with other people, you are not his #1 priority yet, it has only been 2 days since you heard from him, he might be busy with work, family, other commitments, you don't have a committed exclusive relationship (thru so he is free to do what he wants when he wants and doesn't have to answer to anyone.   He said you might do something, for you to call him, you did that and he didn't answer, I would take that as a hint..

 Just because you dated each other 15 years ago doesn't mean much, neither one of you are the same people you were back then, it takes time to get to know someone and you are only seeing each other on the weekends and that is not every weekend, continue on with your life just like before he came back into it, take things slow and see where it goes.  Don't put all your eggs in his basket at this time. .

 But worrying about why he hasn't called in 2 days when you are only dating (online dating with him IMO sounds desperate...

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Yes, you are being too needy.  You don't say how long you've been going out this time around, but it's only been two days since you've heard from him.  He is not obligated to spend every weekend with you even if he says "maybe we will see each other" - the key word there was "maybe".  That doesn't mean you definitely will.  It doesn't sound like it, but I hope you haven't been blowing up his phone.  As long as you haven't, you could call ONCE and check in to see how he's doing and let him call you back.  But if you have been blowing up his phone, then stop..




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Thanks..hasnt been that long..about 2 weeks..nope NOT blowing up his phone@ all.just call that 1 time he told me2....

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If it's been 2 weeks, then you seriously need to chill.  There is no "usual" or "regular" or anything at this point.  You've been going out TWO WEEKS. .

IT's good you haven't been blowing up the phone, but now, just take a deep breath.  At two weeks, he's not obligated to call you every day or any of that.  If you expect that, you're asking too much.  And besides, if you're expecting him to call you every day, does HE know that he's expected to call you every day and if he doesn't or if he says "MAYBE we can hang out this weekend" that to you that means "we WILL hang out this weekend" and that you'll worry if he doesn't call you?  I think you need to first get your expectations in check and if there is anything that you haven't told HIM about your expectations, then you should tell him..




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