Do your feet get smaller when losing weight?

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After reading the thread about the breasts and butts, I was curious if your feet get smaller after losing weight?..

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Yep. That was one of the first places I lost weight (and 1/2 a shoe size)..

Comment #1

I've lost a whole shoe size myself. And my feet are not what I would call skinny, so who knows where they'll end up...

Comment #2

I've lost 1 to 1.5 shoe sizes (depending on width), and 2 width sizes. I've gone from 10-10.5 2x Wide in women's (8 or 8.5 wide in men's) to 9 Regular in women's...

Comment #3

Yes! I had to retire a couple of pairs of very nice shoes...

I miss them like a friend who moved away!.

I am down a size (certainly the width is slimmer..)..

Comment #4

Yes. I almost killed myself one day when I wore an old pair of loafers that had turned into flip flops. I kept walking out of them...

Comment #5

1/2 size for me... That meant some old shoes were too big and I HAD to go buy new ones! You know... HAD TO!!!..

Comment #6

I used to wear 8/12 / 9's now I wear an 8 and I can see the bones in my feet. Havent seen those in a while. I love buying smaller shoes except 8 is a common size and most of the cute shoes get taken..

Comment #7

Yep me too! Went from a 10 to a 9. Go figure...

Comment #8

Me too!.

Unfortunately, I had just bought this really cool - and expensive - pair of Jessica Simpson flats from Macy's. I wore 'em one Sunday as I was preaching and dang near killed myself!.

I'm not to upset - I'll take the weight loss and get more new shows...

Comment #9

I have lost a shoe size and no longer have to get wide widths. What is funny is I recently noticed is that when I look at my toes, I have a friggen space in between them! LOL! Before my toes were so fat that they like stuck together, now they are skinny. How in the heck can toes get fat? I dunno but it made me laugh! HA!..

Comment #10

I went from an 8 1/2 to an 8. When it took me the first 20 pounds to go down a size in clothing, I used to say, "Where did I lose all this weight, my friggin' TOES?" Clearly, that was the case...

Comment #11

I thought I was imaging things when I went to the 7 1/2 section and everything was too big! I can fit into 7 and some 6 1/2's now...

Comment #12

I went from a 9 to an 8 so far! Plus I can wear heels and other sandals and I don't get blisters from the rubbing! And it doesn't hurt my feet to walk in them all day even! Thank god the swelling and bloating has gone down!!!! Yayayay..

Comment #13

I went from a size 10 to an 8 1/2..

Comment #14

Down one size to a size and a half. My feet still look the same to me...

Comment #15

I am so....impressed. You really took charge and made a difference. Congratulations and I bet you feel incredile as well as look it. Take care..

Comment #16

How exciting you guys!! Your results are so inspiring. I hope that you keep us posted on your continued progress. How fun!!.


Certified Health Coach..

Comment #17

YOU BETCHA and I love it.

Hated my fat feet..

Comment #18

Both my sister and mom are a size 7 1/2, I have always been jealous that they could share shoes. I am currently at a size 9 and 8 1/2 and I would be giddy happy if I could get down in my feet size too!! Although my mom and sister may think they can dip into my closet!..

Comment #19

They don't get smaller per se... what happens when you gain weight is they get flatter and wider to hold all the weight up. And some of us get swelling in the feet as well..

So when you lose weight, your feet go back to the natural way they are supposed to be, without everything being spread out, they go down a size in shoe size..

I went from an 8 to a 9 when I gained, now I'm down to an 8.5......

Comment #20

From a 10 to a 9. Loss lots of nice shoes, but I have replaced them with even better ones...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.