Is cellulite the cause of being overweight or genetics?

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Just wondering if anyone that has already lost weight would have this experience. I have been told that cellulite is not really all contributed to being overweight. I have been told it is genetics. Anyone know if it will clear up once you lose a bit of weight? I don't have alot but would like to see if it disappears...

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I haven't lost a lot of weight yet(just startedthe program 4 days ago) but I have lost weight in the past and I do think like most things it is part genetics and part diet and exercise. Generally, when I weighted more the cellulite looked worse and was more visible and when I lost weight it was less noticeable but still there. I think those creams to firm your skin work pretty good combined with exercise. But I think some people are just luckily and never have to deal with.(Too bad I am not one of those people)Good Luck!!..

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My sister is stick thin but has tons of cellulite in her legs and arms..

I have heard some people say it is genetics, I have others say it is bad emotions and mental health on the inside that cause the cellulite on the outside..

I don't know. I do believe that the "perfect" man and the "perfect" cellulite removing cream are 2 of the biggest lies women have ever been told. Neither exist! And we spent a lot of our time, money and energy looking for both. ~Kim..

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Cellulite is caused by the connective tissue in the skin becoming less pliable and "bunched up" and it is genetic and hormone-related. I do Endermologie at the salon where I'm an esthetician, and it's one of the only effective (although somewhat temporary) methods for reducing the appearance of cellulite. It's a type of massage that creates "Tissular Lifting" by using suction and rollers to knead and smooth the skin. It's usually done in a series of 20 treatments, twice a week, and thereafter a maintenance treatment once a month. Most clients see an average of 50% improvement, but some people do way better, and every now and then someone has barely any improvement. Cellulite happens in the skin, so although it tends to look worse when we are heavy, weight reduction doesn't "fix" it.

Some creams and lotions can work, but must be applied once or twice a day in order to maintain a smoother appearance. They mostly work my flushing fluid out of the surface cells and/or irritating and plumping the skin..

Exercise is great, since firm muscles create a smoother support for the skin over them, but some people who exercise like maniacs have cellulite, and some couch potatoes have none!! Not fair, huh??.

Treatments like body wraps work by temporarily compressing the tissue, making it firmer and making the contours of the body slimmer. 24-36 hours is about all you can get out of them..

Happy Smoothing!!..

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I have cellulite on the back of my thighs, and it appeared over night when I started on the pill. I was slim, 125-130 lbs at the time..

It has become less noticeable/ less severe as I have gotten slimmer, but it is still there. My mom is more than 60 yrs old and has GREAT legs, no sign of cellulite there... Same with my older sister. My DAD on the other hand, does have some. Odd..

It's not gonna stop me from wearing bathing suits and shorts any longer, though!..

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I've had cellulite all of my life. It is genetics since I was not always fat. My mother and her four sisters all had cellulite and only 1 is obese. I wore a bathing suit for the first time in years just last week IN PUBLIC. There was never a need for me to go out in public for a swim since we had a pool for a long time in our backyard. However, we got rid of it and for the past five years, I have dreamed of swimming, literally.

It is liberating to be able to go out and not worry about the flab hanging over the side. My cellulite is only in the leg area (my family and I do not have model legs unfortunately). My daughter is 5'5" and weighs about 110 soaking wet. She has a model figure but she does have some cellulite already and she is only 24 years old. I guess we have to play the cards we are dealt..

I am too lazy to apply products 1-2 times a day...

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You can be bone thin and still have cellulite. Thats ok,no biggie, I ve always had and will prob have it when I'm thinner too, and I dont care just as long I'm healthy..

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I think cellulite is worse when you are retining water. My newly acquired cellulite has almost disappeared with the first 10 lbs of weight that I've lost. Drink plenty of water and I think it will minimize the cellulite that unfortunately some of us are destined to have...

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I've lost about 50 and mine is still visible. O well. You only have to wear a bathing suit in the summer...

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