Weighed the same with Medifast!

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Enter your email address below and we'll send you the latest coupon codes to save on Medifast every month. We'll even give a lucky person a month supply of free food. I decided to finally weigh myself again after not seeing a scale for 2 weeks and you know what? I weigh the same as I did two weeks ago! I do think I see NSV but am I just fooling myself? Lets hope week 5 goes better. Any suggestions for me?..

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Check out my ticker- look at last month- it just happens. double check your meals, get your water in and be patient. during that "down" time, I actually went down a whole size. keep measuring!! it will happen..

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Thanks Natalie! I feel much better seeing your ticker. This is always the point I give up. I really want to reach goal by my birthday (Aug 2nd) and am wondering if I should push it out a little...

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One word.....MEASURE!.

I was not a huge "measurer" but when I finally whipped out the tape measure I discovered that I have lost 27 3/4 inches total. (My first measurements were taken after being on Medifast one month.) I would sure love to know what I measured at the beginning of MF...

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The only thing I can suggest is keep on keeping on. Stay OP and keep up your exercise and drink lots of water! Maybe even try and get another 8-24 oz in. I had a few weeks of being on a plateau and then literally over the weekend lost 8 lbs. So just stay motivated and don't give up. Put the scale away and use a pair of pants or measurements..

You will get through this!!..

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Although I am new to Medifast I know that people hit plateaus, the Medifast plan tells you that you will on this diet as well. If youre exercising you may replace fat with muscle, which weighs more. Your may loose clothing size instead of pounds. We have become so accustomed to measuring success on a scale when we should be taking in account our health numbers, our size and shape as well.

So keep the faith and youll reach the LOOK you want to achieve...

Comment #5

Keep on plan!.

There's no way you can't lose in the long run!..

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I didn't set a goal by date- I have a weightloss goal and I'm shooting for it but we'll see- I may get to 150 and be done. although.... my drivers license says 140 so I might keep going!! You'll get there- I was hoping to be in transition in August and who knows, maybe but it will happen, but I guess it will happen when it happens (make sense?) also, think about joining a team. My team is pretty outspoken about our philosophy regarding Medifast and you're welcome to join if you feel it's for you. Just having a group of people to be accountable helps too..

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Hang in there!!!! You are worth the wait!.

You might want to change some of your routine such as eat higher or lower end of the daily calorie allowance. Or vary your calories widely each day. Try to aim for lower carb choices. If you are exercising, change your routine some. Extra water can't hurt either!..

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Welcome to MF!! It's true what you said about gaining muscle, and it does weigh more than fat. The times you may not lose are the times you probably lose inches or gain some other health benefit..

Good luck to you on your Medifast journey!..

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Be patient, stay 100% OP and it will start falling off again! We all have down times and boy do we get down about it! Get out into the sunshine and pat yourself on the back for taking the steps to be a healthier/better you! Good luck on the rest of your journey!..

Comment #10

Woo Hoo!!!! I decided to weigh and to my great surprise lost 1 lb!!!! I am so happy. I thought I was going to be stuck in the lost plateau forever! Thank you to everyone who kept my spirits up!!!..

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