Ways to use Cheese puffs during Medifast

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I'm new so I hope this has not been posted before..

My husband pointed out that the Cheese puffs tast like croutons and I thought.

What a great idea! Salad Croutons!.

So this got me thinking about what I use croutons for and I often stick them in a mini blender to make seasoned bread crumbs which I mix with parm. cheese and sprinkle over Talapia for a crispy topping when I bake it.

I haven't tried it with the puffs, but it's on the meal plan for Sunday night so I'll let you know how it tastes! If you beat me to it, let me know how yours turns out!..

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Sounds tasty! I've been meaning to try something like this but haven't yet. Be sure to tell us how it turns out...

Comment #1

I used them in ground beef in place of breadcrumbs to make meatballs! I added some egg beaters and a tad of diced onion with red peppers. they were good...

Comment #2

I need to order some puffs! Some meatballs and speghetti squash would really hit the spot!..

Comment #3

They make great breadcrumbs.

I shredd zucchini, salt and then drain. Place in a meatloaf pan and top with crushed parm puffs and LC herb garlic light cheese - bake until the cheese is melted and the zucchini is done. Yummy!..

Comment #4

I love to crush a packet of Medifast crackers and parm puffs and mix them together to sprinkle on top of halibut. So good!!!!!..

Comment #5

I tried the crushed cheese puffs on haddock for lunch today and it was really very good!..

Comment #6

I know I've seen several recipes that suggest how to use the Medifast meals as part of your L&G, but here's my question: if you use a Medifast meal as part of your L&G, how are you getting in your eating every 2 - 3 hours?.

Do you just split your L&G into two meals when you incorporate a Medifast meal into it?.


Comment #7

Thats my question! I would love to know the answer to this!!!!..

Comment #8

The only times I would use a Medifast meal with my L&G are 1.- if I needed to add more calories to meet my daily allowance, or 2.- sometimes on the weekends I actually get to sleep in and do not have time in the day to get the last meal in, then I combine the last meal with my L&G so I get all my calories/nutrients for the day. 3- using a Medifast meal to enhance a meal because an altrnative ingrediant is too high in carbs/calories or is not on plan. The Medifast ingrediant might be pricier than the alternative, but we are worth it! ;-).

Thanks to all those that responded about the cheese puffs as bread crumbs! I was going to try it toight, but I am torn between that and the cauli pizza which we made Friday and it was out of this world! I felt like I was cheating!..

Comment #9

Either the parm or chili puffs crushed and mixed with garlic powder and cayenne make a great item to crust chicken or turkey breast strips with. cook in a non stick pan, top with a little hot sauce and you have "buffalo" wings...

Comment #10

I usually only use 1/2 of a bag of the puffs for a "breading" for fish so I still have the other half for snack!..

Comment #11

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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