Ways to make Nutrisystem spaghetti better?

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This is the end of my third day on Nutrisystem and so far I have liked the food very much. But tonight I had the spaghetti with meat sauce and it tasted like there was half a cup of sugar in it! The picture on the package made it look so inviting and I was prepared for one of my favorite dishes tonight. Does anyone know something to do with it to make it taste better? I tried putting some on top of my broccoli but it just made my broccoli sweet. I only have one more of it, thank goodness, but if anyone has an idea I'd appreciate it. (I really am not a picky eater or hard to please - but I wish I hadn't ordered this.)..

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Your question was: Ways to make Nutrisystem spaghetti better?.

I don't eat the meat entrees, but I add 2 Tbsp of tomato paste to the sloppy joes because I think they're too sweet...

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I add garlic to all my "italian" entrees. I personally like the spaghetti, but adding garlic and other spices really make it taste better.......

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I dont like the spagheti with meat sauce either because it's so sweet....but I love the rotini with meatballs it's not sweet at all and I always have them because it's definitely a dish that if I dont have time to doctor up Nutrisystem this one is good without adding anything to it if your in a rush!..

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The spaghetti was my first meal when I started on Friday. To me it was perfect, guess I like sweet things! Sorry it didn't taste good to you, hopefully you can find something to add to it to make it better...

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Personally, the spaghetti with meat sauce is one of my favorite dinners. There are plenty of suggestions on the forums for things you can add to meals. Squash, mushrooms, garlic, and peppers are some of the popular suggestions for the pasta dishes. Also, if you REALLY dislike the spaghetti, you can call Nutrisystem and they'll exchange it for something you think you will like, but you'll need to pay the shipping cost, so I would probably only really consider doing that if you have a few other things you don't want too...

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I mix canned diced or crushed tomatoes, some mushrooms and a little diced onion into the spaghetti. It really cuts the sweetness and makes a bigger, more filling meal...

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Ditto. I add a couple of tablespoons of fire-roasted canned tomatoes. I think the acid helps cut the sugar...

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I still have a few spaghettis left and also find them too sweet. I am going to try adding mushrooms and salsa and hope it also cuts down on the sweet taste a bit...soon as I run out of all the other Nutrisystem stuff I have i.e. have fewer options.

The too-sweet spaghetti and the no more taco dinners are the only disappointments I actually have with NS. The plan is working for me, so I guess these are small things in the big picture, yes?..

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I add some salsa to the spaghetti and meatballs, I find it to be very filling, quite a bit of food there actually...

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I like the spaghetti. I add garlic powder, a squirt of hot sauce and some grated Parmesan cheese...

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I just had the spaghetti two days ago I had a salad to go with it for my vegetables. I picked out some onions and tomato pieces to take away from the sweetness. Next time I have it I will probably add onions peppers and mushrooms. I really love the raviolis and lasagna but thought the sauce was sweet for spaghetti...

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The sweetness is probably due to the low sodium. It is the lowest sodium dinner on NS, by far. You could try adding salt-free Italian seasonings, garlic powder, or low-fat grated cheese...

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I also think nearly all the tomato sauces over the foods are way too sweet. I can hardly eat the spaghetti one because of it too. I will try adding spices and garlic too...

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Adding some red pepper flakes (like the kind you shake on pizza) to the red sauced entrees is a trick I read here when I first joined. I've enjoyed them ever since!.

Good luck!..

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Just to echo what everyone else is saying, I add things to the spaghetti. It's actually my favorite pasta dish thus far, but I always make up my own sauce and add it. I mix up some tomato paste with water to thin it out, and add fresh basil, garlic powder, red pepper flakes, parsley, oregano and Mrs. Dash. I also save a protein and add some lean meat. Throw in some more veggies, and that might help cut the sweetness for you. Experiment with different spices, and hopefully it can work for you...

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You might try adding some ff cottage cheese or ricotta cheese to it. I like to add cottage cheese to the pasta and beef lunch. It would cut the sweetness that you dislike in the spaghetti and make it more lasagna-ish...

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The tomato sauce is too sweet for my taste as well, but I've found that adding garlic helps, and eating it over a big plate of sauteed mushrooms dilutes it and fills me up nicely. I probably wouldn't eat this dish on it's own, but with the garlic and mushrooms, it's one of my favorites!..

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