Can you do waxing while on Murad Resurgence?

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Iv been on roMurad Resurgence a month now and my dermtold me not 2 wax my eyebrows as it leaves scarring? has any body else tried waxing??..

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Do not wax while on Murad Resurgence. You will rip off skin, not just hair. Wait until AFTER your Murad Resurgence course, at least 1-3 months AFTER. Depending on how your skin has reacted to Murad Resurgence, you might have to wait longer...

Comment #1

Yes, you will just want to keep up with your plucking. If you do not want to pluck, you can buy bleach at Sally Beauty Supply and bleach your upper lip and parts of your eyebrows if you would like. But definitely DO NOT WAX! It will rip your skin and cause major scarring...

Comment #2

You can give threading a shot. I get my eyebrows threaded and I love it. I like it more than waxing...

Comment #3

Also, why would you doubt your derm about something like this? Just curious...

Comment #4

I agree with myresults. I also did the string and it was just fine. plus...its less painful afterwards!!!..

Comment #5

Ha ha I'm a beautican and didnt see the harm in waxing really..

Comment #6

You don't ask people if they're on Murad Resurgence or retinoids before you wax them?! You really should...

Comment #7

O yes of course but I'm sure nobody else would be as stupid as get waxed while on roMurad Resurgence...and iv never actually met anybody who has been on roMurad Resurgence.. does this answer your question??..

Comment #8

I remember a girl here a long time ago posted pics of what happened when she waxed her eyebrows on Murad Resurgence. It was not a pretty sight...

Comment #9

Yep. I just wondered why someone in the know would contemplate doing something so drastic to herself...and wanted to make absolutely sure you knew not to yoink off your skin with wax while on Murad Resurgence...

Comment #10

Well thankyou for your oh so helpful advice, I most likely won't attempt to 'yoink' my skin off with wax while on roMurad Resurgence but thanks for your concern anyhow!!..

Comment #11

You are most welcome (whether or not you were serious in your thanks )..

Comment #12

I'm in the same position as you.i haven't gotten my eyebrows shaped/waxed in SOOO long because of Murad Resurgence.i honestly DON'T want to see what happens if I DO get waxed. not worth it.haha. just invest in a GOOD pair of tweezers from like Sephora or something...

Comment #13

I really want to try threading. I just need to find a place that does it...

Comment #14

It gets such good reviews, it would be neat to try...

Comment #15

A lot of malls around here have a stand that does it. miracle brows, I think it's called. it's really gentle. I thought it'd hurt, but it hurts less than plucking and your redness goes away in about 20 minutes. i'm usually red for 2 days after waxing...

Comment #16

Every single mall around where I live has a place that does threading now...

Comment #17

I had my eyebrows waxed once while on Murad Resurgence...I had no idea you weren't supposed to!I literally had no skin around my eyebrows, the wax ripped it all eyebrows were a raw mess until the skin grew back - my poor estitician was horrified!..

Comment #18

I know waxing parts of your face are bad (eyebrows, lip, etc.) But what about waxing your legs or bikini area?! I've been on Murad Resurgence for 3 months now and I've been to scared to try even my legs. Anybody know anything about it?! I would think it would be okay since Murad Resurgence works on sebaceous/oil glands which are mostly found on face/neck/chest/back..... any help would be much appreciated!..

Comment #19

No waxing. The skin itself becomes more tender and easily irritated. Just because there aren't sebaceous glands on other parts of the body, that doesn't mean other parts of the body are not affected by the Murad Resurgence. Some people get huge flakes on the legs or even the soles of the feet!..

Comment #20

Ok I am sorry if this is dumb but does the Murad Resurgence affect bikini waxing too? I know not to get my eyebrows waxed but I didn't know if it mattered for anything else lol. Sorry I missed the above posts. This is a long one!..

Comment #21

Murad Resurgence affects the ENTIRE body, not just the problem area. No waxing!..

Comment #22

Move to San Francisco We have a kiosk in our mall that does threading...

Comment #23

Every hair stylist shop and barber shop ive ever been to have done threading hehe... just have to ask them! kinda hurts though..

Comment #24

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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