Water weight loss first week of Nutrisystem?

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Hi, this is my second week and I am so disappointed as I only lost 1/2 pound. I followed the program and even was more active than usual as I spent a day in NYC and walked my butt off! My rational mind knows that there are all kinds of reasons why I only lost a half pound and since I know I followed the program I am okay.....but my emotional side is very disappointed. Just needed to say this (write this) out loud. I am working from home today but not looking forward to seeing people at work tomorrow and them asking me how I did last week. They are very supportive, I am just disappointed...

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Your question was: Water weight loss first week of Nutrisystem?.

So, 12.5 pounds lost in 2 weeks?!?!?! I think most people would be thrilled with this. I have had many weeks where I followed everything to a T and still just maintained. Don't get discouraged so soon!!!.


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Howo much should you expect to lose each week on ns,,,,,,,just finished my first week and was wondering?,,,,,also can anyone tell me how to update my ticker,,,,,,,,,am having a bit of troublel..

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I lost 10 pounds week one and only 2 week 2. I was back up to 4 week 3..

Hang in there, slow and steady wins the race...

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Heck, I only lost 11 pounds in 2 months! You should be thrilled! Heck, I'm happy for you! Congrats!!..

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Thanks....I have a ton of weight to just expected the beginning to be faster. I figured the first week was a lot of water loss.....but is that a myth? I am feeling better after I thanks for listening!..

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The first week is always the most lost due to a lot of water weight, etc. give it time, you'll lose more...

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The water weight issue is not a myth, and the big drops that some people experience when starting a diet is probably a combination of both fat and water weight loss. A pound of weight is 3500 calories. So, losing just one pound a week requires creating a calorie deficit of an average of 500 calories a day through diet, exercise, or a combination of both. In other words, you have to use more calories than you take in..

Depending on how much you weigh, following the Nutrisystem plan (an average range of 1100-1300 calories/day for women, for example) alone could create a significant daily deficit of several hundred calories, maybe even more if you weight a lot. (There are various online calculators for figuring out a rough estimate of how many calories your body needs a day depending on your weight.) Each person's pace of weight loss is very individual and is affected by age, gender, amount of muscle mass, and so forth. Still, a 10-lb. fat loss would be 35,000 calories, and losing that in a week would suggest a 5,000 calorie deficit per day. I think that would be awfully hard to do unless you were doing triathlons everyday. ;-).

Meanwhile, when most people start NS, they are transition from a carb-heavy diet to a low-glycemic "good carb" diet. When people eat carbs, your body holds on to some water with the carbs. So, as you "detox" from the carbs, your body sheds the water, and the scale goes down. Conversely, let's say you've been eating Nutrisystem for a while, and for whatever reason, eat off-plan, say, eating pasta and bread at an Italian restaurant. You get on the scale the next morning, and you're shocked at the jump in the scale, which seems far higher than the weight of the food you ate. Assuming you controlled your portions and didn't eat thousands of extra calories, that weight gain is the effect of the sodium in the food and the carbs causing your body to hold on to water.

In any case, 12 lbs. is 2 weeks is amazing. The small drop during the second week may also be your body "resting" from the big drop the first week. For whatever reason, it sometimes takes the scale to catch up with your efforts. So, the best thing to do is to keep the Nutrisystem faith, stay on plan, and drink your water. Hang in there!..

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I've been losing 2 lbs a week. You may think it is not much but it is the healthy way. I'm really happy with the results even though I am half way through!!!!..

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