Walden Farms Products on Nutrisystem?

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Can anyone here recommend which Walden Farms products are the best to buy? I was thinking about the marshmallow dip, although I am not too sure what I could do with it, sounds good though. And maybe some BBQ sauce or something? Thanks for any advice!..

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Your question was: Walden Farms Products on Nutrisystem?.

You'll get varying opinions on almost any WF product for most, they are an acquired taste and generally if you expect them to NOT REALLY taste like the thing the label would imply, you'll be ok.

Try one or two and be ready to like some and dislike others.

I've found that they generally work best for me when mixed with other "real" stuff since there is a "phoney" taste to much of the stuff but as fillers & stretchers of things that have calories, the WF products work generally quite well.

One thing to avoid until you've tried enough of the WF products to decide if you like them in general is their Peanut Spread it's no calories and to be honest, no peanuts and tastes simply awful (it IS however not bad when mixed with something like pb2 where it's icky flavor is masked and it serves to increase the amount of pb2 you can have for the same calories)....


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I like the salad dressings myself. I have tried the Ranch, Ceasar, Honey Dijon, and the Raspberry. I like the taste of all of these, and of course they are all no carb, no sugar, no calorie.....

Comment #2

I usually have regular ranch dressing on my evening salad and boost the quantity with the Bacon Ranch no cal from walden farms. It is okay alone, but not as tasty..

I just ordered PB2 and am anxious to try this...

Comment #3

My favorite is the chocolate syrup. It does NOT taste like regular chocolate syrup but I love it on some strawberries and an Nutrisystem brownie...

Comment #4

I like all of the salad dressings.




Marinara sauce..

Onion dip.

Not real fond of the mayo. I do mix it with FF and save some calories, Dislike the peanut butter...

Comment #5

I love the thousand Island dressing. To me it tastes very similar to the regular kind...

Comment #6

My advice, is try not to take your first taste "straight". In other words, if you're trying a salad dressing, dip a carrot stick or something in it. By itself, everything has a (for lack of a better word) "chemical" taste. I love the caramel dip to have w/ my apples; but hate it by itself. I have started using the marshmallow dip w/ the golden pound cake (sort of twinkie style). The seafood cocktail sauce is quite thin but it's good when used w/ boiled shrimp (protein add in).

So few, that I don't even count them as a free food. Unfortunatley, there's just as many people who hate WF as there are who like it...

Comment #7

I took the Marshmellow dip ... I put some on a banana and it's good. I also split a brownie and put it on that ...that was really good.

The caramel dip ... some people dont like because it kinda taste like butterscotch...but I like it... I put caramel dip on microwaved "warmed" pears or apples..

I wondered if the marshmellow dip would taste like a rice krispy treat if you mixed it with one of the cereals..

I really dont care to much for the dressings...

The chocolate syrup ... I drizzle over pancakes or cakes and use in milk.

The chocolate dip I use in the microwave cake and pudding. i've used with strawberrys too.

I read the BBQ sauce ... take your chicken breast patty and shred it up...pour the bbq sauce over and you'd have like a bbq sandwich...

Comment #8

I have an order that should be arriving tomorrow that contains: pancake syrup, chocolate syrup, chocolate dip, bleu cheese dip, and bacon dip. This will be my first time trying the products out so I am anxious for my order to arrive...

Comment #9

I like the BBQ sauce. I mix it with the grilled chicken and make a BBQ wrap...

Comment #10

Has anyone tried the Chipotle Ranch Salad Dressing? I love Chipotle, and thought this might be good...

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