Medifast recipe for Walden Farms Marinera?

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Hi everyone!!.

I should be getting my package via UPS today with some WF Marinera in it and some shiritake noodles. (I am going to take my chance with the smell, maybe even open them outside and rinse them outside too.).

My concern is, I am trying to log my meals into the computer and I can not find WF Marinera in the listing for "Other Foods". How did you guys log it, did you just find another WF with the same calories/carbs and just call it that?.

Thanks in advance..


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I don't log my foods, so I can't help you, but I just want to warn you... Not trying to be negative, but make sure you try a spoonful of the marinara before you add it to your noodles. I HATED it. I actually took a napkin and wiped my mouth out after a bite of it. I know people like it and say it's an acquired taste, but I just never got there. FWIW.....

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If the marinera doesnt work on those noodles (which ive heard they taste nasty) then try OrangeBlood's recipe for pizza.....i am eagerly awaiting my order so I can make the pizzas!!!!..

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Thanks guys!!! I must be a total weirdo, but I didn't mind the noodles or the sauce. I guess I was missing pasta so much that I blocked it out of my mind. hehe But, really, I didn't think they smelled all that bad, I opened them outside just in case, but I took a wiff and didn't get totally grossed out. The sauce wasn't anything compared to my mom's homeade stuff, but it was do able. The suggested serving size was actually too much for me to eat, I didn't even finish it all last night..

I am interested in finding some way to make it like chinese food though. I bet some stir fry vegi's with those noodles would be an awesome Chow Mein type dish. I will have to order more, I didn't want to get too many because I was worried I wouldn't like them, but now I am going to order 2 more pkgs. :-).

Oh, I just logged it as dressing, they all had the same amount of calories/etc...

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I had orangeblood's pad thai recipe with shirataki noodles. oh my gods, amazing.

Fyi, if you don't like the shirataki noodles with sauce, try them again in an asian style dish. they aren't pasta but they are noodles. just have to find the right way to eat them. of course, I will eat them with

Also, i've been eating the tofu noodles because it's what I can find locally. has anyone tried the yam flour only ones? how do they compare?.

Also, for how to log your sauce, add it as a private food...

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Ahhh, I have never ventured into the Private Food area yet, so, ok I will add it. Thanks!!!..

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