VitaminShoppe's NO2 and CE2. Has anyone had a good or bad experience with these products?

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My first question is: VitaminShoppe's NO2 and CE2. Has anyone had a good or bad experience with these products?.

My next question is: Delete this if it's inapropriate, but ive been going to the NHS drop in centre. Problem is, they dont supply a needle as long as I would like. 1.25", I want a 1.5". Just wondering if any1 buys online..

Im in the UK.


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Your question was: VitaminShoppe's NO2 and CE2. Has anyone had a good or bad experience with these products?.

Lol, ive just found that site as I checked this thread for replies.

Cheers leeb..

Comment #1

You want a 1.5 inch needle, what are you a horse ?

Comment #2

Has he ever seen a 1.5 (pink) needle? like a dart and more chance of causing injury to yourself mate...

I think most people now use blues for larger muscle groups, I'm assuming an older guy may of said use 1.5 as it gets into the muscle more (i think thats how they did things years ago), cos I was told to and been on here I found that most used blue needles a lot smaller and less painfull...

Comment #3

Blue 1.25" has always been good enough for me in past!..

Comment #4

Lee it's you who got me on them and I cant thank you enough, lol...

Comment #5

Lol... some mates use greens I have a few kicking about in my box of tricks I just look at them when I see the size of the fkin spear and laugh!! ouch!!..

Comment #6

Lol I wish.

Anyways, ive been using the 1.25" but I read on this forum that a glute injection requires a 1.5". Im guessing it's so you dont push the needle all the way in, just in case it's breaks off?.

Heres where I read about the pin sizes.


Comment #7

I run a steroid drop in at my needle exchange..

I never advise using a green needle as these are very large and can cause more pain..

You can get almost anything through a blue, I advise on a long blue for glutes and long orange for delts and legs..

Takes a little longer to get the product through but that means less muscle trauma...

Comment #8

No problems with greens for glutes and blues for thigh. Greens are also my prefered choice to draw with as oils seem to flow better in them..

Comment #9

How are they shipped? I live with my parents and didnt want to order anything that may have a big needle printed on the outside...

Comment #10

Do you have a needle exchange locally? That might be your best bet..

Most places will ship in discrete packaging - but you'll be better with a US site than a UK site...

Comment #11

Not sure about the needle exchange here, I will look into it. I will also look into a US site, it's just seemed to be easier to find info on here dealing with uk sites. Plus US forums are childish and not informative at all, which is why I appriciate this wonderful UK site. Thanks Tall!..

Comment #12

Medisave ship in a plain carboard box, but it may say medisave on the outside, you could try a vetinary supplies web site?..

Comment #13

I get mine from a UK private supplier..

I'll get him to post here so you can contact him...

Comment #14

A while back there was talk of all needle exchanges catering for AAs use? what ever happerned to this any idea?..

Comment #15

Not to sure. There are no needle exchanges here...

Comment #16

Copied and pasted the link as clicking on it didn't work.

Site looks good and prices o.k. needles/syringes are under Blood collection..

I personally use an orange 1" Terumo in quads, so far no problems. Used to use a blue BD 1 1/4" in quads but find the orange far less noticeable. Sometimes literally cannot feel it go in just takes a while get 2 1/2 ml in.

I did read that Terumo pins have thin walls so you can use a thinner pin than you would think and still get good flow of gear..

Last year I bought the last 6 boxes of 1" orange Terumo's just as GPZ was stopping sending outside the USA................

Comment #17

NE only serve AAS users if funds permit,since the pieds user need a variety of different pins and barrels there are cost implecations to consider,if there is no demand or it effects there primary care clients they will not offer the service...

Comment #18

Thank you Tom,.

I provide a complete 100% discretion guaranteed service,supplying needle and syringe cycle packs to clients through the post, all items sent out are concealed in bubble wrap with brown parcel tape surrounding it, then placed inside tear-resistant, plastic tamper proof envelopes.with no links to any sites,only my personal name and address.I also have no minimumum order policy,now offer sealed sterile empty vials and bacteriostatic water, if this is a service you think would be helpfull to the forum I would be glad to help...

Comment #19

Perfect! What is your contact information so we can get this show on the road?..

Comment #20

Where I live you can pop into your local pharmacy and ask for a needle pack, theres a specific name for it for the steroid needles. So the boys in the gym tell me...

Comment #21

Hi big waiting for the ok then all details will be posted up...

Comment #22

Lol,they might be winding you up mate,theres no specific name that I know of but you can obtain them for free if the service exists...

Comment #23

NHS can be strict sometimes with the niddles. My friends always get them from the local pharmacists or NHS and is always free!..

Comment #24

Uno a trick alot of my mates use, check on internet for your local needle exchange, hand in used ones.. and they give you new ones free..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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