VitaminShoppe ULTR NOURISH hair vitamins biotin hair strength and growing longer?

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My first question is: VitaminShoppe ULTR NOURISH hair vitamins biotin hair strength and growing longer?.

My next question is: Hey guys.

Been thinking out taking roids, I stuck at my current weight and size, ive put an intro about myself in the intro section aswell as a few pics. Ive been researching steroids for a bit, definatly long enough to start taking them yet..

But I want to get some questions answered and discuss them before I even think about doing them..

My diet is good, I could try and eat a little more, but I'm hitting 3500-4000 cals a day. aswell as 200g of protein. I eat clean, lots of veg and fruit. drink lots of water and workout 5x a week.

I've found websites that will send roids from thai (im not going to mention them, but I'm sure ppl know which ones I'm talking about).

I've been thinking about Dbol, alot of people have praised it, it seems.

I don't have anyone that would be willing to inject me in my ass and I'm not willing to do it myself (at the moment) so it looks like oral aas are the only option..

I want to just bulk up a little more. I think if I hit 180 i'd be happy to maintain that for a few years at least. The thing is, I only want to try juice, I wanna bulk up and keep it. does that mean I must continue with them once I hit my goal?.

And I'm sure this gets asked all the time, and ive seen many answers all over the place..

If I take steroids (safely) will my balls shrink, will my hair fall out, will I get achne... blah blah blah etc etc etc?.



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In my opinion dbol is pretty harsh when it comes to sides. go for something that will still give good gains without the sides like turnibol or anavar...

Comment #1

Just because your nuts don't have atrophy does not mean that you are not suppressed.....

Seeing as you have detailed you take in 3500 - 4000cals a day you must know exactly how much of each meal you eat plus I don't see how you can put a figure on your diet seeing as you eat Dinner made by your mum.....

I don't want to shatter your dreams of being big and muscly but you are definitely not ready for steroids you can easily put on muscle with some alterations and discipline to your diet.....

Comment #2

That's cool, I know at the moment I'm not ready for roids. and yeah my mum is making my dinners for me at the moment, but I always cook up 2 chicken breasts or have a can of tuna with her dinner.

I'll keep working out and eating and see if I can get me some gains..

Thanks guys, i'll keep researching!!..

Comment #3

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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