VitaminShoppe supplements making me lose sleep?

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My first question is: VitaminShoppe supplements making me lose sleep?.

My next question is: Hi people,.

Firstly this I am new here so sorry if this post is in the incorrect.


I have trained for around six years on and off and at the moment.

Really have my head tuned in to serious training..

I have had a number of small course previously and have just.

Started a big course on Monday (10 weeks).

I have a preaty good training regine and do cardio 4 or 5 mornings.

A week.

I had my 1st shot of trenbolen testen Monday night (in my arse).

Went to gym to run Tuesday morning and was in real pain.

I had to stop running after 30mins as my joints were aching like mad..

As the day went on it got worse, elbows, hips and espeacialy knee/shin/ankel area..

Its now friday and although it has let up some it's still there..

Can any1 tell me if this is normal, have I done sum thing wrong,.

Is there anything I can do 2 counter this?.

All help appreciated..



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You were on crutches* because of injection pain Ali M????? Did you have an abscess or what?..

Comment #1

No abscess mate, the pain was intense like ive never experianced in my life, jabbed the but wow could hardly put my ass down for a week, so then jabbed the leg shit on cruches for a week then did calfs one calf ok the other, get the cruches out again so did delts mmm could not sleep on that side for the week. like I said ive since used same stuff dif make and I was fine, never ever had probs b4 or since. nightmare..

Comment #2

Rofl took you 3 shots before you learnt you had dodgy gear..

Comment #3

Hi Lads.

The alcohol in some of these underground batches is crippling, all in the name of sterility but when you cant train whats the point, Ive had problems in the past nothing major tho,.


Comment #4

Yes mate..

CLP seems to be very bad for this! As me & yourself discussed in a few PM's before! The stuff even smells of alcohol/disinfectant type stuff.....

Comment #5

Hi people,.

Just to keep you updated I am 100% ache free..

Took about a wk from my 1st shop to stop hurting..

I spoke with the guy who I got it off.

(Who's very knowlageble on the subject).

He ask me my what was wrong and put it down to.

'Gear Flue' he explained that it was my body kinda rejecting.

The gear. Now he mentions it was kinda like the ache you get.

With flue.

Anyways all cleared up now getin gud strengh and body gains.

Over the moon with the gear..

I'l post sum before and after pics when done..

Comment #6

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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