VitaminShoppe supplements im using...not necessary?

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My first question is: VitaminShoppe supplements I'm using...not necessary?.

My next question is: Hi there. hope all is well and everyone is good. After training for a bout 2 years on and off and now training since march full on I decided that I am gonna take some gear. originally I was reccomended to take the follwoing course -.

- sustanon250 - 500mg a week for the first 8 weeks.

250mg for the last two weeks.

- Arimadex - 1 tableta day.

- week 13 - take HCG, Clomids and Nolvadex.

The problem I have with this course is the sustanon250 I was told and have read that it can incuur hair loss and without me sounding vain I dont really wana loose my hair. so my question is can someone recommend me another course that doesnt have that side affect..

I was recommended another course wich I was told want to taxing on the hair department wich is the following.

- deca - 12 weeks - I was also told that this causes water retention..

- clenbutrol/winstrol -.

If someone can offer me their experience and wisdom that would be very much appreciated........

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Hi there ali m. thanks for replying. well if you can point me in the right direction that would be a great help. I'm looking for something that has a low aromatization properties. basically I dont wana go massive in a freaky way. may ain to pack on leans msucle and to decrease my body fact percentage.....

So if you can reccomend me a course....take into consideration the following.

- first time user.

- something that wont have an effect on hair loss......

- want to put on muscle but not get freaky big.

- I'm 6ft6, weighing in at roughly between 15st10 through to 16st 1.

Any help would be appreciated........

Comment #1

At 6ft 6 and circa 16st I would hedge a bet you haven't reached your full potential by a long shot, so correct training and nutrition is always an option..

I say this as I am an expert in being 6ft 6in.

Mate I'm closer to 18st and not even close to reaching my natural potential.....

Comment #2

Well I reckon I have. obviously I cant say for you because everyones bodies are different. it's like mike mentzer used to say that nobody knows your body like yourself.......i reckon I have reached that stage where I require that extra push and the gear will do that for me. why dont you reccomend me a good looking for something that has a low dht properties and low aromatization properties.........offer me some that 6ft 18 stones wisdom you have behinf

Comment #3

Can't do it... Won't...

Read all the first cycle and PCT type posts in this section and I'm sure you'll be able to find the pointers you need for a good cycle if you want to do one. Theres also an interesting sticky you may want to read..

You'll prob fare better if you say whether you want to run an oral cycle or a pinning one and the age of classic of posting up your diet and routine..

There are some real experts on here with many years of experience who will be able to help you once you've undertaken the initial research.....

Comment #4

Lol, very funny... You need one the steroid guru's mate as I'm not that good at low and high shit, id just say Bdol and test enthwith nolva throughout and then pct, checkout threads on here for pct..

However I could be wrong thats just what I would use for my first cycle...

Comment #5

Okay. what were your gains and how long was your course........

How much water retention did you get and did you manage to get rid of it.....

Any other side affects did you incur..

Comment #6

To many questions mate like I said read a book.....

Comment #7

Go with test for sust for 8 weeks with finasteride - 1 tab per day - this will stop the threat of the hairloss. or go with another test compound like enanthate oe cypionate for 10 weeks ( longer esters and therefore take longer to kick in). or alternatively, if you dont want to inject and dont wna blow up too much then you could go with a simple oral coarse like 6-8weeks of turnibol, or anavar. They are easy on the hairline because they are low androgens. Stay well clear of dinabol or anadrol though if your worried about your hair. and for PCT - go witha month of nolvadex.

Tbh though - youl need to do another month research before you decide to take the plunge. good luck..

Comment #8

Thanks dude for the advice at least someone on here is helpful. ali m was just being a fool not even gving me nasic advice except' read a book' what do you think I'm doing on this forum I'm researching getting the views and opinions of people who have used em for gods sake. ali m you are so off putting you should be booted of this forum, your an idiot......cheers for the advice mate yeah well I was gonna start my course around 6-7 weeks I reckon I have plenty of time to do research cheers for the info much respect, unlike some (ali m)..

Comment #9

Mate I dont mind helping you but you ask too maqny questions, I mean no one has yet answered them have they? no..

Best bet is to go through the forum first and read as much as possible. and dont dis people on here, you have 11 posts and your dissing people, well I will not help you again...

Comment #10

Hi Ali m. thats fine I never said I wouldnt read or that I cant be bothered to read. but the point of using this forum is for help...all I'm saying is that I found some of you advice not appropriate and helpfull thats all maybe we just got off on the wrong about we atart again I dont want to turn this into a full blow argument. is that okay with you.....clean slate..

Comment #11

Ali 541. ignore ppl who are being unfriendly on the forum - dont rise to it. theres plenty of people on here who are willing to answer your questions. The general consensus from the posts iv seen however is that youv got a fair bit to learn about steroids, diet and training before you start cycling. Heres a bit of info to help with your research -.

1st off (DIET)- if you want to gain weight and are a hardgainer - you need to eat a ridiculous amount of food. especially when taking steroids. (whats the point of putting potent hormones in your body and taking the risks associated with gear if your not going to maximise your gains). When I say eat a lot I'm talking 6-8 meals a day of high protein and carbs. Once youv done this for a while - ul be sick of the sight of food - trust me!!!.

2ndly (TRAINING)- you need to get your training right. Heavy lifting, low to medium reps - 3-8 for example. Youl need to work out more that twice a week!!!!!!!!! In my opinion - 4 works best for me. Mon - shoulders, Wed - Back and Bis, Friday - chest and tris, Sunday - legs and abs. Or if you cant manage 4times a week - do 3times a week and incorporate legs and shoulders together and just do some abs at home another day.

3rdly (GEAR)- For a 1st cycle - the key is to keep it simple. One compound is all you need. The best steroid for maximum muscle gains is Test. Enanthate or cypionate is a good bet for a 1st cycle. 500mg per week split over two jabs a week for 10weeks. Eating 6-8 meals a day, training 3-4 times a week will pack 2stone onto your frame.

To minimise side effects from testosterone - I would take 1 tab of nolvadex( anti estrogen) each day of the cycle - this will stop the chances of bitch tits and maybe a bit of water bloat. Also during the cycle you should take 1 finasteride tablet. This will stop Male pattern Baldness which is normally associated with testosterone. The last 4 weeks of the cycle I would also take 500iu of HCG every 4 days (Pregnyl) to kick your nuts back into producing some of their own test again ( by this time you will be totally shutdown).

Then you need to consider PCT(post cycle therapy) this is to get your nuts working again and stop the rebound effect of estrogen( PCT helps you keep hold of the weight uv gained). 2 weeks after your last jab you should start a 4-5 weeks program of nolvadex - starting from 60 mg a day tapering down to 10mg per day for the last week of the pct.

Ok thats enough from me. I did a load of research before my cycle and this is basically the stuff I picked up and the views I formed from my research. Having said this id still look around and research for at least a few months before you take the plunge.

**** I must be bored - this is the longest post iv ever written. Gym time!..

Comment #12

Fantastic post sitries. The amount of flaming ali541 has had only gives the forum a bad name - at least with a reply like yours he can make a better informed decision..

Comment #13

Hi guys. thanks to everyone who is teering me the right way wich I what expected when I came on to this forum..cheers stiries I will defo take your advice.....

Comment #14

Great post by sitries. The problem is mate that no one person on here can give you all the info you need. If you incur an issue or problem during or after your cycle you need to understand what is happening and how to deal with it. You need to do at least 2 months full on research before doing a cycle. The science is quite difficult to grasp to do it safely.

Now I'm not saying you need to know everything but envisage a problem on your cycle.

Nosebleeds headaches and high BP.


A syst.

Lack of gains.

Or afterwards.

Lack of sex drive.


Or various others..

You need to know what to do and how to do it. No one person here has the time or I imagine would take the effort to do that..

Thats why steroids books are usually well over 300 pages. You need to resaerch. Its not a pop just a fact. All your questions have been answered before many are stickies on the board..

If you do gear now it's extremely likely that one of two things will happen..

1. You do yourself some damage. (which is unlikely).

2. You make mediocre gains given your potential at this stage and lose them all in the proceeding few months..

Read the stickies on here and on other sites that are open to the public. wikipedia even has some good info. Google anabolic and you will find tons. I hope that helps.

Also just for reference. You haven't reached anywhere near you potentail if you can't deadlift 2x your bodyweight can bench 1x bodyweight for 10 reps and can do ten chins just as a starter..

Good luck we all do want you to succeed thats what the bodybuilding community is about we just want you to do it safely smartly and after having earnt it..

Comment #15

Hi young gun. cheers for the excellent feedback and comments. yeah I am doing my research and lookingheavily into it. I have a freind who is a qualified instructor and has beeing bodybuilding for aounf 7 years who ben an excellent help..

Like I said on this post I have 7 weeks before I start taking them so this gives me enought time to read, get to kno wich steorids are for what purpose, their side affects,dangers, etc etc..

I wil take your advice about checking out other websites as well...

Comment #16

Ah ok I must have missed that in the backposts, 7 weeks is fine IMO others would say you need longer but as long as you have half a brain and a domestic source you should be able to research and get what you want in that time.

Basically first off post up your exact diet (calories included if you can) and training what days and exercises (and weights if your comfortable with sharing that)You may want to post pics for advice on proportions and if you need to do any body recomp or bring up any lagging bodyparts.

When thats sorted decide what you want to achieve from your first course. Most likely it will be lean mass or just mass in general. Different compounds will obviously achieve different things and from reading you want to avoid and DHT derivatives for hair issues..

Anyway post up the info and I'm sure you'll get some good assistance..

Comment #17

Hi young gun, or shall I say young serious young gun your giving me a lot of food or thought which I really love and motivation. I am gonna go away and devise my training plan with my freind who is the qualified instructor nd has been bodybilding for around 7 years....

When I get that sorted including the diet then I will post it up here for all to see and then all the people will tell me what they think of it..

Im looking to put on lean mas as I already hav a very bif body frame and the mass in already it will be lean mass with a view to etting more leaner later on after.

Is it advisable to take something like clen/winn/equibol alongside my course wich will most likely be decca or do I wait untill I have finished my course completely or am I jumping the gun and do I wait until the next xyle that I do.....

Cheers all..

Comment #18

Get your diet and training nailed and stick to one compound, test e will do very nicely..

Comment #19


Otherwise you have no idea how and what your body is reacting to. Plus it's just more simple and thus easier..

Comment #20

Yeah kool just stick with the one ya...just spoke to my freind before checking the post and he said the same thing. keep it simple and stick with one..

Comment #21

I am witing on my first order of gear to I will be taking d bol and deca so can anyone tell me will I need clomid to kick start my test levels again..

Comment #22

Does anyone have an opinion on short cycles eg 4-5 weeks of dbol deca or should I stick to twelve weeks..

Comment #23


You shouldn't touch either of those based on the questions above, unless I am reading into your statements too much..

Comment #24

I agree with young gun there - a 4-5 week cycle of deca would be pretty pointless as it's a long ester and wont kick in til week 4. Also m8 - ul definately be needing a decent PCT with such a supressive steroid like deca. you dont wana be left with the dreaded deca ****. just out of interest - why are you going with deca and not test??..

Comment #25

Tbh I think you lot are making a mountain out of a molehill-.

The dudes been training 2 years and wants to try a cycle-.

Imo he`s waited longer than most and defo longer than some who`ve posted in this thread..

Test enanthate with a dbol kickstart is standard stuff...

Comment #26

I'm not arsed about how long he's waited a basic understanding of esters and for god's sake a basic understanding of PCT is essential for someone thats trained for 50 minutes or 50 years that wants to try gear. Not being disrespectful just a fact..

Do I need clomid - when doing a deca cycle or should I use deca for 5 weeks are not questions from someone researched enough to be safe...

Comment #27

Just to dive in here and clarify....

Cal - the OP (Ali541) has trained for two years, not Dazzy. Dazzy hasn't mentioned how long he has trained...

Comment #28

Yah but the molehill was more around the fact he (ali) was posting left right and centre coming up with crazy complicated cycles (Sust250, Tren Ace, Deca, DBol, Test, Anavar with chips and mayonaise for PCT...)..

Comment #29

My post was directed toward dazzy not ali whom I've also posted toward in this thread..

Comment #30

Yes mate, it's said to be the safest way, if done correctly...

Comment #31

Does it have any disadvantages over orals? what are the advantages?..

Comment #32

From my limited knowledge the big problem with orals is that they can wreak havoc on the liver. Injectables bypass the liver..

Comment #33

Another question I would be asking if I was looking into gear is how much of the gains your body is going to keep. Don't believe for a second your going to put on 20-30 pounds and keep every bit of it...

Comment #34

Its a question that nobody on here can answer..

Comment #35

Not all injectables bypass the liver it is niave to think so....yes Orals can damage the liver more than most injectables but you can use preventative measures like Liv52/Milk Thistle/Cranberry extract.....

You are correct in not keeping all of the gains you get on your cycle however the more research you do on everything to do with steroids the more you will keep..

As I mentioned there is more to keeping gains than just the cycle you do these are....

Diet (on and off cycle).

Training (on and off cycle).


When on cycle the diet you use has a huge effect on the amount of water you hold many believe this is all down to the steroid you use this is wrong, for every 1g of carbs eaten the body absorbs 2.9g of water so all you guys who use the "All you can eat" diets and then cannot understand why you have a face like a balloon..

Comment #36

Interesting point ps carb about the water bloat. what kind of diet do you go for on cycle. if you get the time I would be interested in hearing what a typical days eating is like for you A,on a bulking cycle and B,on a cutter. cheers. si..

Comment #37

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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