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My first question is: VitaminShoppe Sport pills?.

My next question is: Hi yall.

Mate of mine who I train with (for about 9 months now 2 noobies) started a cycle of 20mg of dianabol and 20mg of nolva per day 4 weeks ago and put 18lb on,been really tempted to give it a try myself,or is it still to early,think I will end up taking steroids eventually,was just wanting pros and cons of taking them at this stage in my training thanks ,..

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Cheers ali.

Think I will be waiting to see wot he keeps,is d-bol a good first cycle anyway or is it to harsh,when I eventually do take would this be a good cycle,just to change the subject was at a new dentist the other day and I had to fill out a medical sheet and it asked if I had ever done steroids anyone know why they asked this..

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Dbol is good frist cycle mate, however some will say no, but the well known guy's on here will say yes, good first cycle. not to harsh on the liver just drink plenty of water. ref to dentist they all ask the same shit, I was having my tattoo lasered off and they asked me same question "like whats that got to do with a laser" suppose it safe guards them incase anything goes wrong. I always say no as it people are all to quick to judge...

Comment #2

Steroids increase protein synthesis. increased proteins in the blood has a negative effect on the bodys absorbsortion of calcium, so I believe, so an unusually high amount of proteins will increase calcium excretion. low calcium in the body equals degenerating teeth. i've read all this by the way, i'm not a dentist myself. years ago, it was a commonly held belief among some bodybuilders that your dentist would indicate how healthy you were. problems in the mouth may be an indication of problems elsewhere..

Personally, I hate dentists.......

Comment #3

Why would you consider drug use when you have not yet reached your natural potential? Once you start on the gear it is more likely that any future gains will also be gained during a cycle and when you're off you will just spend your time trying to maintain any gains that you made during your cycle..

I do understand how you feel though, I hear of lots of people starting to train and immediately jumping on the "gear wagon" despite not having any idea how to train or eat. You are doing really well with your lifting and still have a long way to go naturally, as do I, so why not realise that potential first and then see what you can do with some assistance..

Just my two penneth.....

Comment #4

Jesus hope that isnt the deal my teeth are fooked :S have no back teeth can see the logic tho..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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