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My first question is: VitaminShoppe products?.

My next question is: Ive just got a new source (good source) an some new sus, from what I can tell all is g2g but just wondering if you guys can say what you think on it, it's organon 250, sorry about picture quality, all viles are at exact same levels, shorter fatter tops to them, they look bang on to me, just wanna check what you guys think please!..

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Your question was: VitaminShoppe products?.

Ive only got a shit picture phone mate an my digi cam is broke, ill see if I can somehow take a better pic..

Comment #1

Good way to tell with them is try scratching the writting off on the amps, they shouldnt come off atall...

Comment #2

Well after you said that I tried with my nail an they didnt an then I tried with a knife to quite some force an not a single bit has, so from all the signs am happy!..

Comment #3

Cheers pal, just to ask ya av you ever used organon stuff an if so what you think to it?..

Comment #4

Nope fraid I havent, have seen alot of it... but it's one of the most faked labs.... if it's legit it's ment to be good stuff, I stick with the gear I get and know where it's coming from...

Comment #5

Hi mate there the same as the ones I always get these are the only test ive used so fare and I have made some good gains from them mixed with deca so good stuff should make some good gains good luck..

Comment #6

Cheers pal, since ive started back training an cut out the fags an alcohol etc totally an got back on a good diet for 3 week an av been on 50mg oxy's at 1 a day for 2 week now ive gone from 10st 3lb to 11stone 6 an it's not all water either so now av started this stuff am hoping to start gainin a lot better..

Comment #7

Mate am sorry to say but theres no way in the world you can gain that much in weight in two weeks on steroids 17lb in two weeks you most defo are getting water retention in my opinion I no it's not what you want to hear but thats life you will gain alot of water from oxys everyone does and you will lose most if not all when discontinued I wouldent use them on there own I use them as a kick start for the beggining of a cycle you wont get gains from the test like that maybe a steady 2-3 pounds a week anymore and it will be fat gains my advice stop the oxys and use them with the sust you have to kick start for 4 weeks..

Comment #8

Ill think you will find it's more down to the fact of me diet than the roids what so ever, I stopped training an became a bit of a "wreckhead head" eating absolutely f*ck all (probs 2 meals a day) an what I were eating was shit so I'm putting weight on from them food more than anything..

Comment #9

An if id put on that much water my "definiton" wouldnt be like it is, check the pic <<<<..

Comment #10

B.kennington I think you took what I said offensive if so I dident mean it to sound that way is this the first time you have used steroids oxys come to that if you think you have gained17lb in 2/3 weeks of your diet then I dont think you need to take steroids as you wouldent get this from roids even if you ate like a hourse and had double your protine in take everyday your pic looks in good shape the only way you will no if it is water is when you come off then you will see the change I get water myself and I wouldent say it was very noticeble until I look back at the pics I took before and after which is what I do before I cycle and after dont take offence just the way I put things and say sometimes..

Comment #11

You will gain this amount of weight if your eating enough and just started using steroids especially a steroid like Oxy yes the majority of this weight will be water but remember muscle is 70% water so I don't see this as a bad thing at the start of a the cycle goes on and you drop the Oxy's and it is just the test you will drop some water and hopefully build up the muscle size....what you lose off cycle is down to diet and PCT.....what is your planned PCT?..

Comment #12

I was planning on following some of the pct from advise from you sticky and also to a plan that my source, who is an ex competer is going to take me through as he is supplying me with everything for pct also, yes now is the first time I am on inject but have done many orals for several years an got good gains off them in the past but lost lots of weight when I got bang on the drink etc an stopped training but have cut all drink, fags, caffeine etc out an started trainign again then I started with the oxy's an now on my first lot of sus along with the oxy's, maybe also running onto some winstrol..

Comment #13

Also there is another good post by an admin all about pct on another board which I shall be taking advice from aswell, now I know your probably going to swear at me for this but ive not actually got my hcg etc "in my hand" yet but my source like I say is a good friend, own a gym, an has it all there ready for me an he is also a good friend and has said he will deffo make sure all I need is ready an waiting for me once I'm ready for it..

Comment #14

Sounds like your in good hands then good luck mate best of luck with your cycle let us no how you get on with the winstrol ive been thinking of doing some of them for cutting ive only ever done bulking cycles and cut through diet id like to no the results when cutting with winstrol and a good diet though..

Comment #15

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