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My first question is: VitaminShoppe Pro Performance 100% Whey Protein?.

My next question is: I know test is test and this may have been covered before but sus with cyp gives a better kick than just cyp and deca, 500 a week of cyp and 750 of sus a week I did for 12 weeks it was awesome with a 4 week kick start of dbol at 50mgs a day, any views...

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Your question was: VitaminShoppe Pro Performance 100% Whey Protein?.

Your question was: Cyp and sus together.

Of course it gave a better 'kick'. sustanon is much more androgenic than deca. all you did is increase the dose of a much stronger drug. you could have got the same effect from using 1250mg of sust alone each week. all that with dbol too, androgens are your favourite then ?

Comment #1

To me it's trial and error what works for me may not work for some one else, leaving the deca out and upping the test did give me better results in mass and strength I belive the prop had some thing to do with it not alot a very small amount. may try sus and tren depot. next? has any tried this stack...

Comment #2

Maybe i'm old, but I remember a time when it was common to stack an anabolic with an androgenic. I like the logic in that approach. these days it seems that everyone wants to take only the strongest compounds available at all times. this more is better approach is the reason why 400+ mg/ml drugs are floating around now. gone are the days when primo and cyp was a heavy cycle. now it seems, dbol, tren and sust stacked together is the way to go.

Seriously, to anyone, if you don't get good gains from 500mg long acting test, and 400mg deca a week, pick another sport.

I can tell you first hand, some off the really 'big' guys are nuts with the juice, total megadosing sh*t that is scary as hell. others who are just as big, use less than most people on here. granted genetics play a part, but if you take a little and grow, stick with it. this sport is full of casualties from self over administration of gear..

My two cents...

Comment #3

I totally agree with bodyworks here. I dont see how ppl cant just gain on basic cycles. 1 or 2 compounds is easily enough gear for an amateur. Less is more!..

Comment #4

Im a firm believer that more is almost definately not better in bodybuilding. After a couple of trips to casualty reality sets in believe me I know,.


Comment #5

Why are you doing a 12 week course of cyp and sust? Are you trying to impare your endocrine system? Are you suffering from a mammoth shutdown since you came off?.

If you're doing a 12 week course your cyp, sust, deca, enanthate, etc should have stopped at 6 weeks (8 at the most) and been replaced by eq, prop, tren, primo, winstrol, even dbol for the last month or so so that when you stop everything is out your system quickly and you ARE clean again as soon as possible..

All this ranting and raving about PCT is down to too many people taking the same product for too long and causing a shutdown. I never bothered with it bcos I never had to but my courses were a all structured unlike todays would be physique heroes...

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