VitaminShoppe ONLY has 300mcg tablets i need a stronger one for hair growth help anyone?

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My first question is: VitaminShoppe ONLY has 300mcg tablets I need a stronger one for hair growth help anyone?.

My next question is: Hey all,.

Been reading up on oral and injectable steroids for the past few months now. I was considering a 12 week cycle of Testosterone Enanthate as my first cycle. But Ive come across the oral called turinabol (tbol) which has caught my eye. So my plan now, is to take 40mg TBOL per day for 6 weeks. Im 5,11 weigh 200lb and my age is 27. My aim is to increase my muscle size and strength but have the lean look.

My questions:.

1. Theres not much info on what PCT to take with tbol and when to take it. Some1 mentioned Nolvadex 1-21 @ 40mg ED and to start it the day after the last tbol dose. Would this be correct?.

2. Should I taper on and/or off of tbol or just use the full dose from day 1 to the end..

3. What is the recommended Milk thistle brand and at what dose?.

Cheers fellas..

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Your question was: VitaminShoppe ONLY has 300mcg tablets I need a stronger one for hair growth help anyone?.

8 Weeks is not to bad on T-Bol..

Its too long on it's "brother" D-Bol (dianabol) tho..

As Young Gun said, Nolva should be fine for PCT on T-Bol, but personally id go with Clomid, running 300mg day 1, 150mg days 2 - 11, 50mg days 12 - 21..

Id also take nolva @ 20mg ED along side that, as well as CortBloc, Tribulus and ZMA...

Comment #1

Wow thats a big recipe!.

I know what Tribulus and ZMA is. But what is CortBloc, I cant seem to find any in the UK?.

Also could you explain what CortBloc, Tribulus and ZMA will do for me while on tbol? Im guessing tribulus will aid in regaining my natural test..

I was under the impression tbol wasnt that bad when it came to shutdown?.


Comment #2

And info on Cortisol:

Put them both together and it makes an ideal supplement, anytime, esp post cycle..

Taken from: http://www.tropicanahealthandfitness...QP&product=104..

Comment #3

Cheers mmuk, nice read..

Gonna make the order on monday, just to clear up 1 or 2 things..

1. Should I start the PCT the the day after my last dose of tbol? I believe the half life is 16 hours?.

2. should I taper on and off of tbol.


Comment #4

Good news fellas, my order turned up.

Just to make sure I have this plan correct in my head:.

I complete my tbol cycle and the next day I start the clomid and nolva..

I have Liv52 and Tribulus as well and intend to drink plenty of water..

Just 1 question, Ive been doing some reading on this cycle and theres a few ppl saying that only 1 of the pct's is required as tbol isnt as bad on the natural test as most other steroids? basically can this pct harm me from doing to much?.

Cheers fellas..

Comment #5

Smurf my opinion is this for your tbol cycle....

Liv52 (4 tabs spread evenly throughout the day whilst on cycle, 2 tabs in PCT).


Tribulus twice a day starting 5 days before PCT.


Day 1: 60mg.

Days 2 - 14: 40mg.

Days 15 - 21 (or 28): 20mg.

Easy peasy..

No need for clomid at all..

Comment #6

If i`m honest my nuts didnt feel right after my last dbol cycle so i`d say do nolva and clomid too...

Comment #7

Bugger, ive got 2 different answers here lol.

Is there such a thing as taking too much pct?..

Comment #8

What about water retention? is it minimal with tbol say upto 80mg ed?..

Comment #9

Mr.Muscle Six posts all the same spam..

Now give it a rest..

Comment #10

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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