VitaminShoppe Nourshair? Do it really work?

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My first question is: VitaminShoppe Nourshair? Do it really work?.

My next question is: Any one heard of this drug and it's usage getting mixed results elsewhere..

Any info welcome.



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Your question was: VitaminShoppe Nourshair? Do it really work?.

This is why you would use Naltraxone in a cycle because suppression is menat to be not so bad so better blood results would be expected.....

I am not using any AI's/SERM's in this cycle......

Comment #1

The dose for HPTA recovery is approx 6mg 2-3 times a week so you will have to split these tabs down..

Comment #2

Pscarb, would a person use this all through a cycle and then continue?.

And if so, how long would you suggest continuing after the cycle stops?.

3 or 4 weeks??.

I'll be using 2 x ml of sus (plus hcg and arimidex) a week for 12 weeks..

Thanx mate..

Comment #3

This really comes into it's own when you run long cycles I have just finished a 32 week (2 x 10 weeks cycles with a 12 week cruise in between) on period and I have no atrophy in my nuts at all this will be part of every cycle in the future in fact I am going to continue to use this through the year as it has a huge posative effect on the immune system..

Comment #4

Nice one, thanks. I didn't add that i'll be cruising after the inital burst at 125 of test e/week..

Will def be checking this out....


Comment #5

I got a couple questions for you bro. First, do you use HCG while using naltrexone? I know the idea is to keep you producing LH, so would using HCG be overstimulation to your testes via HCG and your own LH? Or would you use a lower dose or none at all?.

Also, Eric P from Primordial perf recommends 50-100 mg 2x per week in his article. Where do you get 6mg 2-3 times weekly from? I have 50mg tabs, so splitting them up more than 1/4 (12.5 mg) would be extremely difficult I would think, no? I guess I could do 12.5mg EOD or something...or even less? What do you recommend? Where do people get the dosing schemes from? I heard someone else say to take 5mg ED or EOD. Obviously these are vastly different...

Comment #6

Well Naltrexone effects the whole HPTA not just LH so different from HCG, I have not used it in this last cycle so I can see how the Naltrexone worked....

As for the dosing 50-100mg is normal for the purpose it was created for which is to help addicts come of drugs and alcohol but this is not why we are using this drug it helps the HPTA on a much lower Low Dose Naltrexone on the net and you will see the doses of 5-10mg a day or eod is used to help in many health issues......

Could you link me to where this guy recommends this does for stimulating the HPTA please as I would like to see his reasoning...

Comment #7

Wow, so you are using naltrexone on cycle without any HCG at all and experiencing no testicular atrophy? Have you checked your LH and FSH levels while doing this? Also, how do you split a 50mg pill into 6mg? (or even 5 mg for that matter?) The best I can do would be to split it into 1/4 tab, which would be 12.5mg. So I guess "low dose" would be what...could I do 12.5mg EOD? Would that fall into your guidelines? Who did you hear about using naltrexone for the purposes of HPTA supression from and have you seen bloodwork on cycle to support the theory that LH and FSH are still produced?.

Here is Eric's article: Opioid Modulation for preventing AAS induced HPTA suppresion.

He doesn't really explain why to use 50-100mg, but I emailed him and asked, and he said this in response to the dosage and why to use only 2x weekly:.

"The pulse dose was based on maintaining maximum sensitivity at the pituitary and testes not too much, but not too little.".

"The lower dose you are mentioning [5-10mg] is probably something used during a lower grade addiction. For this protocol to be effective you would need to truly offset suppression for a period of time so I wouldnt play with a low dose.".

I am confused though as to which would be better...lower more frequent dosing like you do (maybe 12.5mg EOD, since I can't split my pills more), or higher less frequent dosing (50mg 2x per week?). I wish people did blood work on both methods. Is anyone an expert on this stuff?..

Comment #8

Here is some more info from Eric:.

"Like I said, I wrote that article over 3 year ago, and read about 50-60 related studies on the topic. Whatever dosing protocol I came up with at the time was a result of what I calculated from the research and what I deemed would be effective..

I really dont believe there is any basis for a low 5-10mg dose of naltrexone being effective. That just sounds like wishful thinking.".

"The higher dose is based off the pulse and amplitude theory that the testes prefer. A low steady dose will produce a low steady result. An acute high dose will produce an acute spike in LH & FSH which is exactly what the testes respond best to.".

Yes, we understand LDN treatment helps with a variety of conditions (cancer, HIV, autoimmune, firomyalgia, etc), but show me please where there is evidence of it helping maintain GnRH and LH/FSH output. Eric makes the point that you need a larger dose and want them to be infrequent (2x weekly).

I am not saying his method is better, but pscarb, where did you get your method from? How many guys do you know who do LDN for hpta on cycle?.

Also, do you get your naltrexone prescribed or what? How do you get 6mg? my pills are There's a guy on promuscle named Max who says to use 5mg ED or maybe not sure, but I guess that would be similar to your protocol.

This is DAMN confusing...

Comment #9

I have read this article on UKiron, this is my first use of Naltraxone I got the idea from Maxitier on UK iron all I can tell you is that I have been on cycle or cruising for 33 weeks and I had little to no atrophy now I am waiting to get my bloods checked next week so I will have levels to compare to the bloods I got completed before I started the Naltraxone only then can I comment on how effective this drug is on the HPTA...i use a scalpel to cut the tabs into eights......

Max has completed studies of guys on 16 weeks cycles using his mthod who recovered after 3 weeks which is I said I read the article but found no references to HPTA levels before and after treatment? or did I miss something....

As I said above this is the first time I have tried this drug if my bloods come back with no change from my prevouise bloods then I know this low dose does not work and I will try the higher twice a week approach....

Can I ask have you tried Naltraxone?..

Comment #10

Okay, thanks for your input. I have not tried it. I just picked some up (50mg tabs) and I am looking to start it myselfhence my curiosity. Though I am torn between the two methods. You have the 50mg tabs as well? How do you accurately cut them into 8 equal parts? So you take approx 6.25mg EOD?.

Please do let me know about your blood test results. I would be interested also in testing LH and FSH of someone who is currently taking naltrexone to see if they are maintaining LH and FSH production during cycle. I think that may be more indicative of it working...checking LH/FSH after doses....

I saw Max's post on professionalmuscle, but he is no longer active there. Does he still post on UK iron? I would love to speak with him.

And no, there are no references to HPTA levels before and after treatment...the article is fully theoretical...

Comment #11

My tabs are not exactly 6.25mg of course but as near as dammit.....there will be some suppression even on naltrexone from the impression I have they limit suppression especially on long cycles....but because I get bloods done before and after each cycle I have something to compare to.....

Max has his own spotlight forum on UKIron......

My only issue with this other method is that he has not trialed it and really only guesses at the dose and outcome, Max has trialed this on 16 week cycles this is how he has come up with the dose for me at this point it is a no brainier as this Eric guy has no references to the HPTA if you see my point....but I guess only time will tell..

Comment #12

How many people has he tested it on? I'm pretty sure he essentially just made up his dose too. Doesn't mean it doesn't work, but he definitely switches what he says and doesn't really have a perfectly worked out dosing scheme, as i've heard him say as little as 5mg ONCE per week or 5mg every day. Those are vastly different dosages, but he has recommended both, so clearly he doesn't have all the kinks worked out either. According to Eric, you want large doses to achieve maximal LH and FSH output, but you want them INFREQUENTLY b/c that is what the testes respond best to, not frequent low dose stimulation. This is theoretical of course, maybe the right dose is 25mg 2x per one has tested out many of these schemes. I am thinking of trying 50mg 2x per week right now and seeing how that goes.

If 5mg works, I don't see why 50mg wouldn't work better to increase LH output...

Comment #13

The one thing you have to do is decide on the path you want to go and stick with it, I have choosen Max's way to be fair I have re-read the article last night and I really see no where in the article where he explains how he came up with the dose so really he is guessing.....maybe Max is but I have used it over the last 10 weeks of my cycle and my nuts are not atrophied this along without bloods tells me it is working as I always get be fair mate you cannot make up your mind until you try it yourself as you know how you react to Gear so by choosing a path you can see if you react differently..

My last FSH reading was 0.1 will have to check on my LH as I don't have to hand but I have a range to compare to.......

Comment #14

Fair point. Let me know the results of your method. I may go with the 50mg 2x per week. I can also do bloodwork and let you know the results of my method and we can see which one works better. =]..

Comment #15

Paul - could you keep us updated with regards to your nalt experiences please?.

Am going to be running this myself starting in 2 weeks, so i'm v curious....

Ta mate..

Comment #16

What dosing protocol are you going to use? Are you using hcg as well?..

Comment #17

Considering 0.5 eod. and yes 250 hcg 2/wk (tho hcg poss every other day, i'll see as I go along)..

Comment #18

0.5? What is that? Is that half a tab or 5mg or what? lol. Naltrexone is usually 50mg tabs. And btw, you prob don't need as much HCG as you usually would need, b/c naltrexone should help in the LH department. I'm doing 75-100IU HCG 3x weekly with my naltrexone.



Shows cortisol increase in WOMEN ONLY..

Comment #19

Yep 0.5 mg - one tenth of a 50 mg tab..

For these kind of doses I crush the pill with a spoon and divide by eye..

I noticed pscarb saying somewhere he was trying cycling without hcg, am interested to know how that's worked out.....

Comment #20

Firstly, 1/10 of 50mg tab is 5mg. That would be good EOD. He says it's working well without HCG btw..

Comment #21

Yeah, my mistake! there's an edit to that post at the bottom, 5mgs eod..

I've seen pscarb mention that too now. i'd like to hear any other people's experiences. i'm starting a cycle with a cruise after in a week or so, my nalt has been ordered, it looks as though it's an interesting med.....

Comment #22

I'd try 5mg eod or maybe even less, try like 1/8 tab 3x weekly. I find that I still need HCG though, just so you know. I'm using 6.25mg 3x weekly with 100IU HCG 3x weekly also...

Comment #23

I'm starting cycle on monday, nalt's arrived. took 5mgs last night, and will be dosing the same every 3 days to start, i'll monitor this as I go along. i'll still be using hcg, and will be using as alow a dose as I can, 100 iu twice/w, upping it if necessary..

Will update in a few weeks....

Ps the best way I find to divide a tab into small equal parts is to crush it with a spoon and then simply split it by eye into 10 portions...

Comment #24

So, guys, did you try Naltrexone on your cycles? How did it work for you?.

I am planning my next cycle now and this drug seems to be very promising...

Comment #25

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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