VitaminShoppe mega men sport pills make me pee bright i drinking enough water?

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My first question is: VitaminShoppe mega men sport pills make me pee bright I drinking enough water?.

My next question is: It seems the original message didn't go to well so, I will re write..

Today I started a 10 week course of Sus and Dianobol. Has anybody else done a similar kind of course? Maybe you have done sus & deca together? Or maybe taken the Deca with some Winstrol?.

Do YOU! think this is a good course for maximum muscle and strength gains?.

Any tips you might like to add or some advice is greatly appreciated.

1 More thing, do not post if you're going to be rude!!!!! I don't appreciate it at all..

Thank you for reading, you've been wondeful..

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Your question was: VitaminShoppe mega men sport pills make me pee bright I drinking enough water?.

I dont think giving the bloke a hard time is right but to be honest mate you want the advice before you start the cycle. Diet needs to be in order. And you need to have a decent foundation before you even think about gear. Let us know and I'm sure youll get the advice you need...

Comment #1

Sorry fella but he is right - you don't have anything like the knowledge I'd hope anyone using AAS would have..

To answer specifics.

Tamoxifen (Nolvadex) is not solely to stop Gynecomastia (Gyno - man boobs) but used in this way in PCT as an aid in the rectification of the hormonal imbalance resulting from low testosterone production caused by the introduction of exogenous hormones. The risk of gyno is not only during PCT but also whilst you are on cycle. Also nolva as a standalone is a poor pct in personal experience.

You can't induce site growth by spot injecting AAS.

You can inject practically anywhere as long as it's intramuscular. Whether this occurs properly depends on pin size..

10 weeks of sus is fine - 10 weeks of dbol is very very excessive, particularly for a first cycle. Also you look exceptionally young to be using AAS at all?.

Gains depend on a myriad of factors - and depends what you consider 'considerable to mean' - 4kg net of lbm would be a very solid result for any cycle..

My advice stop the gear - do some research - don't waste your 1st cycle which is your most productive opportunity to grow..

Comment #2

Thank you for replying. It's interesting to see what people are saying here. I must say that do you really think that many people that take 'Gear' actually are clued up about it?.

I think a lot of people aren't..

People are just primarily focused on 'getting big' as the saying goes. They haven't a clue about the whole way the drug works. They will pay someone for the drug and they will show them how it works for the first jab or if the drug is of oral form they will tell them how often to take the steroids..

As humans we are inbuilt to find short cuts in life. Its just in us to do this..

Thanks for your advice but I will not stop the gear as I am perfectly clued up and have done an almighty load of research.

Thanks for saying I look exceptionally young I'm 22 and have learnt a lot in those years..

All comments appreciated..

Comment #3

Fair play - I didn't for a second think you'd take my advice. Although please don't be arrogant/silly enough to say you are 'perfectly clued up' 10 minutes after asking about spot injections and displaying a frightening understanding of nolva..

No I don't think people understand enough about the compounds they use - this doesn't provide you with a justification.

Your attitude reminds me of mine way back when so I'm not judging you (just telling you how it is) and thanks for the lesson in evolutionary biology. How long are you planning on doing the dbol for?..

Comment #4

''Telling you how it is'' What is ''it'' though? We all have our personal views and thats perfectly fine. I will take on board what you are saying and bear everything in mind.

I plan to take the Dianobol for a period of 6 weeks. Any longer will cause even more damage to the liver then already done. Why do you ask? Would you recommend otherwise? Shorter? Longer? I completed a 6 week course about two months ago (Before you say anything, I know doing a D-Bol only cycle is not good) and saw some good increases in size. Afterwards I took some milk thistle just to help clean out the liver. I will also be doing this after this course has finished...

Comment #5

'It' is what I say 'it' is generally, at least IMO - but nice to see we are branching from evolutionary biology to the philosophy of subjective meaning..

The 6 weeks is a little heavy but fine. 4-6 is usual. One thing I would say 'I completed a 6 week course about two months ago' - Meaning that including PCT you have been clean at most 5 weeks?..

Comment #6

I'm assuming you have years and and years of body-building expertise behind you? Competitions etcetera? To make a comment like this you must have? If not, then wow!.

You have a nice evening. Its been an eye opener..

Comment #7

Im not a hundred percent sure on the specifics of taking steroids as I dont myself, but as far as I have read so far is that your best starting with taking both D-bol and Sus, after 6 weeks or so stop taking the D-bol because that's when the Sus will begin working. Finish the cycle of Sus without D-bol. Then move on PCT after the cycle is finished Now dont even ask me what PCT is as I have no idea but any sites I've been looking at hugely recommend this after your cycle..

Edit: The sus will have been working from the start but you will only start noticing gains after 6 weeks, the D-bol in the first 6 weeks kick starts your gains...

Comment #8

This is horrible advice, wherever you read this it's crap..

I've noticed The Trixsta has put some pics up of himself (good on him at least for having the balls to do that) and it looks as though he is very young and very under developed. Steroids are not necessary to add muscle to your physique and I certainly would not go soliciting advice from anonymous people who clearly are not knowledgeable on the subject...

Comment #9

Lol seriously? I got that off, it has profiles on different steroids, at least as far as I can remember that's where I got it from, I could have read it off another forum. Anyway, what is PCT?..

Comment #10

In order to kick start a dianabol cycle, usually what you do is incorporate a fast acting oral like dianabol (or anadrol) and combine it with long acting injectables (such as Deca or Eq with some Testosterone). The reasoning here is that the oral (Dbol in this case) will give almost immediate results, while the injectable takes time to produce results. The end result is that you start seeing results within the first week of your cycle and continue up until the end with the injectables. This entails taking anywhere from 25-50mgs of dbol (although as little as 20mgs or as much as 100mgs have been reported) for 3-6 weeks at the start of a cycle (average time for a "Kick Start" is 4 weeks, though), and then ceasing their use as the injectables start to produce results..

That was the advice I was trying to give, maybe I worded it wrong, or is that advice wrong anyway?..

Comment #11

Very under developed lol? I believe putting on 2 stone is quite an achievement in itself. The problem now is, of course the growing process starts to slow. Therefore I have opted to take some steroids because I'd like a quick fix like so many people and am prepared to take the risks involved with them. Thanks for saying I look young though. I'm 22 years old 23 next month. I do not believe there is a certain age when someone should start hitting the roids to make gains.

You say steroids are not necessary to add muscle to ones physique? Well what are they for then? People use steroids precisely for muscle gains and strength gains.

Thanks for your comment..

Comment #12

Thanks for your post. I understood from the last one lol and have received a lot of info like you have provided including friends already taking D-Bol and Sus just as you have described and they have seen incredible results as I have seen for myself training with them..

I think the problem is that people don't like to condone the use of steroids my friend.

Thanks for your comment..

Comment #13

Maybe it's the side effect of being a grumpy old sod that comes with taking steroids, you should prepared to be the same in the next couple of months!!!! Haha only joking. Is Sust an injectable?..

Comment #14

Maybe it's is.

I'm naturally a very calm person so am sure the 'ROID RAGE' as it's so called won't really affect me as much as somebody who is naturally an angry person..

Sust is indeed an injectable. It's not to bad when you know how to inject it. I've had no trouble so far, I hardly feel the needle going in. No soreness or redness..

Are you in training at all? Planning to use in the future maybe?.

Nice to meet you fella..

Comment #15

Read the next 4 words of my post, I had hoped sarcastic wit would not be lost on a British person..

Comment #16

OOOOOO cheap shot at us Brits there, where are you from then? America?.

Ive only started training in the last few months, just starting to build up a decent core and trying to put on a bit of weight (muscle mass). Got creatine ordered (ordered about a month ago but some postal strike stopped it so has been posted out again, hopeing to get today or tomorow) and will use that for the next couple of months. Only 19 years old and as I said only been training for a few months so I think I'd wait till I was like 24,25 before starting to use the gear.

Really just trying to build up my knowledge on steroids at the minute, but as you've just proved it's hard to come by good advice on steroids as whenever you ask anyone about it they get all uptight and just mouth off instead of actually helping. Saying that I have had some good sound advice on all different aspects of training off people from this site so Im not refering to anyone and everyone when I say that...

Comment #17

Steroids are absolutely NOT necessary to add muscle to YOUR physique. you have added size, well done, but if you believe that the 2 stone you have added means you are no longer under developed you are delusional. in no ones eyes are you big. Do what you like, it's your body..

Chris46, your advice was to use sust and dbol together. this kid is 10 stone wet through and clearly naive. so in my opinion, not the best advice.

Bottom line, what p*sses off people like me is people who want results without putting in the hours. zero respect for them, And then, people who know jack but pass on this knowledge to others.

But hey, what do I know.......

Comment #18

Your asking people not to be rude but giving everyone such an attitude! What's that all about? You've already started a cycle then come on for ADVICE on wether it's good or not. The answer is NO! Nobody takes Dianabol for TEN WEEKS! Do you know why? Orals can damage your Liver. What are you gonna do when yours packs up because of your arrogant lack of wisdom? Buy another one? You are going to learn the HARD way,why everyone is warding you off steroids. I think you need to appologise to Young Gun and Bodyworks and then learn to shut up and listen. You are going to irreparably ruin yourself. Like oh so many smart ar$es your age do with gear.

Don't bother coming back here when your HTPA is shut down,your balls are the size of Acorns and not working and you can't figure out why!.

Thanks for reading, you been a right pain in the a$$!!..

Comment #19

Clearly this is becoming a huge tangent but anyway... No I'm from Manchester originally. My point, which seems to have unfortunately been lost, was that whilst everyone has an opinion some are more valid than others. The - 'it' is what I say 'it' is, at least in my opinion - was a sarcastic joke to highlight the stupidity of being that headstrong..

Anyway no need for an apology I'm not remotely offended. The only point I will say as I have said in another thread of yours is don't misjudge the hostility toward you as some anti-steroid crusade. That's missing the point entirely. What you have done appears to be asked one guy at your gym, started pinning then gone onto a website with a 'youthfully exuberant' attitude. For people who use anabolics safely, cautiously and in an educated way you are a walking nightmare - as the more people experience complications they can't deal with the worse the aggregate reputation of using AAS gets...

Comment #20

Was that aimed at me? I dont use steroids if it is and as Ive said I dont intend to for agesssssssssss if at all. Furthermore, mon the scouse!!!! Lol oj...

Comment #21

4 weeks is plenty if youre doing an injectable with it..

[quote]Get under your bed and hush your gums/QUOTE].

Hmmm tbh matey if youre after advice i`d learn to suck it up abit more...

You do look pretty big-undeveloped maybe from a competative point of view..any other point of view impressive..

Very impressive in the time scale, you look like a different person....

You must have great genetics to train 6 days a week and using isolations...

Comment #22

I reckon will can all agree this thread is now pretty boring -.

Summary Trixsta - overall opinion seems to be that you shouldn't do gear yet - but you're going to..

Did you actually get the answers you wanted from this?..

Comment #23

I'm thinking about injecting 500mg of Sust into my eye every morning and afternoon, will I see immediate results if I don't train at all and try and sit as still as possible for as long as possible every day?.

Also, I was thinking about injecting at night as well but I thought it might be more beneficial if I just eat Pizza instead, preferably a large one with no crusts but plenty of anchovies. And a large glass of Tesco's finest own brand Lager..

Thanks for your help,.


Comment #24

I understand what you're saying and I can relate to you but, I am not prepared to put in the hours because I'm impatient like so many others out there. I want to be big and I want to be big quick. I want to look good without having to wait years and years. Like you have said it's my body and I can do what I like with it. It's interesting to hear other peoples views on this. One can understand why another would be pissed of as the person using steroids will of course get bigger than the other person doing it naturally.

I would also like to add that I have put plenty of hours into training. I have trained hard for 2 years! Sometimes people just come to a point where they are no longer growing so they take performance enhancing drugs. I'm afraid that's just the way it Is and will always be..

Thank you for your comment..

Comment #25

Hi Gary, Nice to meet you even if it's not likewise..

I'm sorry if you feel I have an attitude that's really not how I meant to come across ..

Who said anything about taking D-Bol for 10 weeks? If you carefully read the WHOLE post you will actually see that I will be taking the D-Bol for only 6 weeks. Yes you're right, I probably will learn the hard way just as I've said, through trial and error like so many others..

Thanks for reading, you been a right pain in the a$$!!.

That's nice.

Thank you for comment, it's greatly appreciated and nice to hear your views...

Comment #26

[quote=crazycal1;246406]4 weeks is plenty if youre doing an injectable with it..

Thanks, I appreciate that a lot. Maybe I do have great genetics from my fathers side? I also have dedication and motivation which is key. Once I have my mind set on something I will stick at it..

I will also suck it up a bit more as you say.

I apologise to anyone that I have offended...

Comment #27

Not really no but, it's been interesting to hear other peoples strong opinions on this subject..

Also, yes you are right I will continue my course despite peoples recomendations not to and see some wonderful results..

Comment #28

I haven't posted on this site for a long time but got reading this thread..

You remind me of me a few years ago..

Yes, humans like shortcuts. However, these should be built on a solid foundation..

I believe one of the best character traits in life somebody can have is dedication over a long period of time to one goal. I'm not sure you exhibit this - which is a shame because persistence and dedication are paramount for bodybuilding..

That aside, like I did, I think you are pinning a little too early. Your progress has been good - you look quite muscly, sure. I don't think you are underdeveloped. But I think you look young and perhaps have natural growth / puberty left..

Doing steroids too young at 22 for me contributed towards these things for me in the last 3 years:.

- Bilateral gyno that flared up 3 months after taking.

- Depression, anxiety symptoms.

- Obsession, body dysmorphia towards bodybuilding.

- In the end, a total hatred for bodybuilding, and giving it up.

- A blazey approach to any drug, be it bodybuilding, recreational or prescription - leading to a very interesting couple of drug abusing years.

Now i'm a couple years on from that, and feeling a lot better. I no longer have body dysmorphic outlook of myself, I am dealing with mood fluctuations, no gyno, I love bodybuilding again but doing it sensibly and drug free (maybe I will indulge in the future again)..

The post-teen period of 20 - 24 is still an incredibly hormonal time..

Expect a rollercoaster 'The Trixsta'...

Comment #29

Putting two stone is a acheivement in it's self so well done for that. So you still have massive potential but If you are gonna start using steroids, well it's your life. Just start with using one compound in your case sus, and see how you get on with it, also dont forget your PCT it's massively important, dont start your cycle with out it..

But please have a good think before you start, is it worth it ? .

Look at the risk for a young person...

Comment #30

I'm a father so I guess that ball breaking persona shows itself when I see young lads being thoughtless d1cks! Ask my son! You've misunderstood ME if you think I'm just being belittling for the sake of my own ego because I am infact concerned for you even though I have never met you and more than likely never will. You dont have to say sorry to me or anyone you just need to respect yourself and there is no trial and error in life if you stop and listen to the people who have already made the mistakes!..

Comment #31

**** off with all your rational bullshit, you just don't want to condone gear use..

Comment #32

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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