VitaminShoppe mega man pills?

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My first question is: VitaminShoppe mega man pills?.

My next question is: Hi all,.

Just got an order a week ago and would like some advice, recieved 10 amps of deca (2ml) and 10amps of sustanon 250 (1ml)??? 100 pink, pentagon shaped d-bol...........would also like some advice for pct?.

Gear all checks out with photos i've seen and i'm confident it's the real deal, but shouldn't I have a lot more than this, works out as only a 5 week cycle I think.....and shouldn't I have more sust than deca? What ratio deca: sust should I be taking? Been lifting for at least 5 years, 2 properly now,diet is good, train mma 2/3 times a week and am in the gym every other night, am in good shape lookin to put on 10-15 pounds of muscle.............Any input would be much appreciated as i've searched forums for hours and not quite found the advice i've been looking for and really want to get started!!...............

Thanks JimJim..



180 pounds.

B/f 8%.

Liftin 5 years.

1st cycle, test/d-bol 2years ago..

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Your question was: VitaminShoppe mega man pills?.

Run the dbol for the 1st 4 weeks. pct will start 2weeks after your last shot of sus and will last 1 month. pct should consist of clomid and nolvadex...

Comment #1

Sweet,that's a big help, thanks again lads.

The more information I have the more confident I feel, can't wait to get stuck in now!..

Comment #2

By my calculations you still need more deca, you need two amps per week for ten weeks, thats 20, you only have 10 is that correct? Also, remember the sus should be should ed or eod, thats why I calculated it at 525mg per week, which would be 75mg ed or 150mg eod..

How did you run the d-bol in your last cycle, do it work for you? Think most people run it at 40mg/day for the first 4 weeks...

Comment #3

Personally I think a correct cycle would look like this (mega-classic:.

W 1-10 500mg sust (2 shots).

W 1-8 400 Deca (2 shots).

W 1-6 30-50 mg D-bol..

W12: d1-2 300mg clomid/ 40mg Tamoxifen.

D3-d7 100mg clomid/ 40mg tamoxifen.

W13-16: 50mg clomid/ 20mg tamoxifen..

You could also run a cycle of Clenbuterol/ Albuterol during PCT because they are anti-catabolic and enable you to up-regulate your fat burning mechanism without going too technical. I think you should be careful not to run Deca too long, 8 weeks is usually enough, the nandrolone will be active sufficiently for another 3 weeks or more since the Decanoate ester it is bound to is slow releasing. This is also why it is a good idea to run test for an extra couple of weeks longer..

Good luck bro...

Comment #4

Thanks again guys,.

You're right Richtries, do need more deca.........(mix up in calculations).

However, I might take Geezuz advice and run for 10/8 weeks, purely because I have holiday booked for mid June, and will be finished the week I go if I run the shorter cycle, then can come back an start to run PCT, should work out well?.

Will have rest of gear by Wed,so will wait till then for first shot..........

In your opinion, whilst I've read that it's ok to mix sust/deca and take in one shot, do you think that's alright or should I shoot seperately..........? I'd prefer to just mix, less pinning the better, for me...................

"How did you run the d-bol in your last cycle, do it work for you? Think most people run it at 40mg/day for the first 4 weeks.".

Ran dbol for 40mg/day(8 tabs, russian white) for 5 weeks, till I ran out basically, 1st cycle was poorly organised to be honest, but still gained 15-20lbs, kept 10...

That's why I want to get this one spot on, this site is great, really appreciate all your advice...............

Comment #5

You can mix it in one shot m8 no problem..

Comment #6

Thanks Fat Boy,.

Roll on wednesay, thanks for all the help and advice again lads, i'll keep you posted!!!..

Comment #7

Week seven now and havin fears that gear aint great,.

Was off to a flyer with the first four weeks(actually lasted me almost 5) of D-bol, was up a lean 10 pounds and strength and recovery were awesome,.

But, last few weeks have seen no gains and strength is down, diet is in check, very rarely miss a meal, have had two drinks in almost eight weeks. and training is better than ever.......

Gear all checks out with photos i've seen but I know it's hard to be sure if it's the real deal these days.......

Any advice? Any easy tests to know if gear is fake?.


W 1-10 500mg sust (2 shots) Organon india.

W 1-8 400 Deca (2 shots) P&B Labs. Bombay.

W 1-4 40mg D-bol. Pink stars.


Comment #8

Not sure about the deca or dbol but the test you can put in the frezer for 5 min or so if it goes cloudy I belive that goes some way to indiacting that it has test in it... deo not frezee it..

Comment #9

Cool, will try that when I get a chance!!.

Thanks Chris..

Comment #10

Didn't go cloudy, feared the worst anyway i've even dropped a few pounds........


Comment #11

Listen mate it may be body fat you lost, how are things now?? PCT? The cycle I recommended will work for 100/100 people and is a must for bulk in your first cycles, hope you gained well buddy...

Comment #12

Alright Geezuz, gear was definately fake so stopped using it, kept about five pounds off the the d-bol though and am in good shape, just got some BD test e, BD Andropen and Biozer Tren................first shot last night, 1 ml of test and 1ml of Andropen and then wednesday 1ml of the Tren..........

Know a few people on this and they've made some good gains after only a few weeks...

Have sorta started a new thread and will keep posting on that......

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