VitaminShoppe Full Body Cleanse?

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My first question is: VitaminShoppe Full Body Cleanse?.

My next question is: Wks 1-2 Dbol - 40mg Mon-Sat.

Wks 1-8 Sust 300, 1ml every 5 days.

Wks 7-8 Dbol - 40mg Mon-Sat.

Wks 3-6 Anavar 40mg Mon-Sat.

PCT - 40mg Nolva for 25 days.

Milk Thistle for 25 days.

Do you guys think I should have Nolva DURING cycle, or just take some if I experience adverse sides during cycle..

Looking mainly for strength gains...

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Your question was: VitaminShoppe Full Body Cleanse?.

Alright...where to begin. this cycle is messy at best..

First of all get yourself some proper support supplements: life support by annabolic innovations is a good one for BP, cholesterol, liver etc..

And get fish oils for joints, heart health and cholesterol also..

A pct of novla for 25 days at a set dose is not good my friend..

20mgs nolva as I stated in an earlier post today - raises endogenous test by 150%. And more than adequately prevents gyno at that dose. any higher and it does more damage than good. Plus by not tapering down you are running the risk of a rebound effect - equaling gyno.

PCT should be:.

Nolva @ 20/20/10/10 thats 4 weeks.

And a natty test booster of your choice.

For cycle:.

Take your stuff 24/7 not 6 days a week. Thats like saying ill sleep 6 of the 7 days a week or ill eat most days but not all. lol Not quite but you get my point..

Sus 300 for best results due to some of the esters used in it should be inj. EOD. If this is too much then it's not the rite test for you sir. grab some nice test E or C and inj twice a week.

You need arimidex or aromasin for on cycle estrogenic sides - of they occur..

You need hcg for on cycle. Start 4 weeks in @ 250ius twice a week and run till end of test. - this aids recovery and stops your nuts getting too small while on.

So this is what you should do:.

1-8 test E or C @ 400-600 mgs (if sus do the EOD inj 400-600 mgs per week).

1-4 dbol 30-40mgs or Var @ 40-50mgs (not both - var for lean gains, bol for size).

4-8 hcg @ 500ius.

0.25 to 0.5 adex EOD if needed or aromasin 10mg twice a week with 1 week on and one week off (repeated). if signs are still present, take 10mg EOD for a week, then wait a week without taking it.

Adex is easier to deal with lol both work good tho..

4 caps split into 2 doses of life support.

Fish oils thru out the day.

1 gallon of H20 daily.

And at least 1.5 grams of protein per lb of BW..

Comment #1

Oh and the test kicks in after about 4 weeks and after the 8th (ish) it's effects start to decline somehwhat (not always the case).

So no need for late in the cycle orals. youll be g2g for that comp..

And shit forgot: take pct 2 weeks after last shot so the test clears your system fully. Sorry bro, it's late over here and I'm tired. Almost left your info incomplete. :s.

Hope this helps.


Comment #2

Wk 1-4 D-bol.

Wk 1-10 Sust.

Wk 12-14 PCT.

Anavar is pointless if ran under 60mg (for men women get away with a lot less) and ran less than 8 weeks...

Comment #3

Not always the case tho dude , I was still growing very well after 15 weeks on a test based cycle ...

Comment #4

I agree not always. But if you ran test for 16 weeks, it would be highly unlikely to expect to gain thru-out this at a good rate. youd be looking at 50lbs if you did..

Glad to hear you were still gaining..

And so 10-12 week cycles are often preferred...

Comment #5

Must admit gains did drop of slightly but I upped the macro's and I was still gaining visually aswell as weight wise at a rate worth staying onwas using deca aswell but only at a low dosei seem to be able to grow stupid ammounts on low doses of test + deca ...

Comment #6

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