VitaminShoppe diet supplement... anyone have any advice?

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My first question is: VitaminShoppe diet supplement... anyone have any advice?.

My next question is: Asia Pharma - I read I don't know if it's human or ugl..i want to do some deca+testo cycle but only human gear....

Please help..


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Your question was: VitaminShoppe diet supplement... anyone have any advice?.

How can something be human or UG? Thats plain dumb, don't you take it if it's UG?.

Do you mean is it a legit Pharmaceutical product from a legit Pharmaceutical manufacturer or is it an underground product made in god knows what circumstances?.

I used to batter Ganabol, it was a vetenary product made by a real pharmaceutical manufacturer, what category would that have been?.

Asia Pharm is an underground lab, underground lab usually meaning home made...

Comment #1

I read it's human..but most say ugl..dont know..i think human and g2g..

Comment #2

You read it's human, where did you read this? On another forum?.

What is g2g? You need to remember no everyone knows what all the abbreviations mean, including me...

Comment #3

Can you explain Biggerboy what the difference is between human and UGL is please as far as I know there is Steroids for human use and steroids for Veterinary use steroids made by UGL is for human use.....but you are probably trying to say that human use is steroids made in a licensed lab where UGL is not licensed..........

Comment #4

Asia pharma is the guy that ratted out Richard and Vincent. He was selling BD than made his own line and got rid of them. The word is he will die a slow painful death soon...

Comment #5

The word is that the recession is easing too...

Comment #6

Hmm.. dont you love these threads where magically new members appear to add comments about a new lab!!.

Id say it was an amazing coincidence if it didnt happen so much lol.

As for asia pharma - UG, UG, UG - if you think otherwise then... well.... you're an idiot!..

Comment #7

Asia Pharma do have some products registered and 'Thai' FDA approved in Thailand.

Even so the brand is still a little too mysterious for my tastes...

Comment #8

Asia pharma is human since it's fda approved..i am doctor and I see them in new list of meds for friend who work in thai hospital say they use it there 100%human only!..

Comment #9


Doctor my arse...

Comment #10

Somebody see gear production on youtube?.

See video on you tube guys..

Comment #11

Here is link..i think it's alowed.

YouTube - Anabolic steroids Injection manufacturing by ASIAPHARMA..

Comment #12

Fatboy where are you a doctor about? What is your speciality?.

I've had a look at the Asia Pharma website and there is not even an option to view the site in any language other than English, odd for an allegedly Malasian website is it not?.

On th subject of it being Malasian this is it's listing on the registry;.


Domain Discreet.


Rua Dr. Brito Camara, n 20, 1.

Funchal, Madeira 9000-039.


Phone: 1-902-7495331.


Created on..............: 2008-02-29.

Expires on..............: 2014-11-09.

Current Registrar: REGISTER.COM, INC.

IP Address: (ARIN & RIPE IP search).

IP Location: LV(LATVIA).

Record Type: Domain Name.

Server Type: Apache 1.

Lock Status: clientTransferProhibited.

WebSite Status: Active.

DMOZ no listings.

Y! Directory: see listings.

WebSite Title: Asia Pharma Pharmaceuticals LTD - Home.

Meta Description: Asia Pharma Pharmaceuticals LTD.

Meta Keywords: Asia Pharma.

Secure: No.

Ecommerce: No.

Traffic Ranking: Not available.

Data as of: 22-Apr-2008.

Kind of funny for a company from the far east don't you think...

Comment #13

After digging a little more I have found KenzoP to have a Croatian IP address, do you all now smell a rat too? Asian company, website hosted in Madeira and the IP address linked to the same website showing as being Croatian.

Is Croatia next to Latvia? Wouldn't it be a big coincidence if it is and it was possible the IP address was a couple of hundred miles out as they are at times?..

Comment #14

And the relevance to Croatia and Italy is?.

I wouldn't be surprised if one of the new British Dragon lines comes from the same place as Asia Pharma..

Biggerboy, the only thing you post about on here is Asia Pharma and BD, why is that? Do you have no other input or questions for the forum?..

Comment #15

Man I am looking for human trenbolone-masteron-anavar. I am professional athlete-gymnastic! I cant play with rules...

Comment #16

Extreme,see this,is it BS,who is that AR?.

***site contains sources do not post the link again***.

Is he really AAS guru,etc? or he is just another BS guy?..

Comment #17

Asia pharma is expensive...and I have just learnt that it was underground, thanks all..

Comment #18

Biggerboy, PM me the edited message and I'll have a look..

As far as I am aware there is no such thing as pharma tren any more, there hasn't been for around 13 years since the French compnay who made Parabolan stopped making it due to it having no place in general medicine and them knowing it was all being sold on the black market to bodybuilders...

Comment #19

I see thia fda.on bos forum...this gear is human guys..**** I am happy now!..

Comment #20

Jeez.. is this still going??.

Still not pharma.... fda approval from eastern type countries is generally bollocks - enough money gets you what you want!.

I really dont get why labs still try to do this - all it does for me is give me less confidence in them.. if they lie about that then what else do they lie about?..

Comment #21

Human gear opposed to what Vet gear?? this is UGL gear thai fda are not the same as the US or UK....but if you want to believe it then cool your money your body your choice for me it is sh1t......

Comment #22

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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