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My first question is: VitaminShoppe Creatine?.

My next question is: Hi there I'm 1 week into a cutting diet and cardio lost 4 lbs alrdy. clean atm..

Ive been reading around for what would be good to help maintain muscle. ive seen quite a few ppl saying dbol alone at 20mgs a day for 6 weeks works well. some water wight involved but once you lose the water still good lean muscle..

If I decide to go the whole route ill continue to cut and do a show then prob start working in some winy or EQ..

If not I have nolva and 6-oxo handy for PCT along with ZMA and such..

Any1 recommend otherwise? I also have 10ml of test E (400 mg)and about 8 ml (300 mg) of deca on hand...

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Your question was: VitaminShoppe Creatine?.

And how are you working out your fat loss if you have added an extra variable which has increased your weight...?..

Comment #1

Bottom line-i reckon dbol will do the job..

I got visibly leaner after one of my dabbles...

Comment #2

Thanks cal. hows the doing look to u? for pct I was gona run nolva at 40/40/20/20 and work in the 6-oxo at 1 dose a day at week 4 of pct. should I start pct as soon as I discontinue dbol?.

And tall at the beginning of my post I posted that ive been on a diet and cardio regimen for the last week and dropped 3-4lbs already. cardio the a.m. on an empty stomach or after 2+hours of a meal, depending on work. ive dropped my carbs to around 1 gram per body lb of wieght a day. protein is around 1-1.5 gram per lb and fat is .5 gram per lb. carbs consisting only of brown basmati rice, oatmeal and a 1piece of fruit before workout and the needed sugar after training.

Ive written down every meal ive eaten for the last 8 days, if youd like I can post a few to c if theres any tweaks I can work out...

Comment #3

Water retention has more to do with diet than steroids I have cut for a show on sus and D/bol with minimum water retention..

Comment #4

Thnx man so I'm gona go through with it, my carbs are quite low so the water shouldnt be too bad.

How you like the dosing? 20mgED for 6 weeks and my PCT as stated above?.

Ive never tried dbols before.

Edit: plus I have milk thistle handy, should I run that all the way through?..

Comment #5

Beauty man thnx..

No answer on the dosing yet tho and pct..

Oh and should I be popping it in the a.m.?..

Comment #6

The dosing is fine if you have never used it before I dont know anything about your history with steroids so cannot comment if this dosing is good for you..

Start the PCT 1 day after the D/bol is stopped you can take them all at once any time of the day..

Comment #7

Hey thnx man.

As for my history with AAS, 2 years ago ill admit I was stupid and listened to the wrong person I know where I live and did a small cycle of winny. thank god ive recovered fine..

As for now after doing my own research I did a 10 week cycle of test E and deca at 400mg, and 300mg respectively 11 weeks ago now. I gained about 20-25 lbs,did PCT consisting of nolva and 6-oxo along with smaller things like creatine and ZMA and ended up holding all my weight, although I think some extra bodyfat came after cuz of the high calories..

Never felt like crap coming off except for catching a cold, libido never dropped and the boys are back to normal..

Anyways as for dbol I havnt touched it yet. the tabs are 20mg pills so 1 a day for my dosage and if I dont notice much maybe ill bump it to 2 tabs a day..

I still have 10 ml of test e and 10 ml of deca left if you think stacking soemthing dbol is a good idea. also have a bottle of EQ and a bottle of Winny handy...

Comment #8

Ah 1 more thing I'm thinkng I should run the milk thistle at least 1 week before I start? or is it ok to just start it all now?.

Mmm yea and nolva the usual I read is 40/40/20/20 and work in 6-oxo at weeks 4-7 ill be taking zma throughout and bcaa's of course. might grab some tribulus as well ..sound good?..

Comment #9

Ive recently have som1 seriously considering training me for my first level 1 entry show thats about 17 weeks out..

He said for me to shed some bf and see how I look at 14 weeks out. if he thinks I should seriously follow through with it then start contest prep. as of now I have alrdy started the dbol at 20mg a day. it's been 3 days on it. is it ok to be on the dbol from weeks 17-14 out? it's a long cycle. any recommendation where to go from here? I'm sure the guy will advise on what to get on at 14 weeks out but I dont think he was counting on me alrdy being on.

Any help as always is greatly appreciated..

Comment #10

Thre's no official scientifical evidence that concludes Milk thistles functionality in protecting your liver from AAS, there are however very good posts about regarding low daily intake of Methandrostanolone. Do your homework before the exams mate, no offence...

Comment #11

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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