VitaminShoppe creatine, vitamins/amino acids question?

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My first question is: VitaminShoppe creatine, vitamins/amino acids question?.

My next question is: I have a 50cc bottle of test enathate and 100 pills of 5mg d-bol. I was curious on how long they will last. I read the info on new members and relized I havent been working out nearly enough. On and off for a few years. I dont want to do any damage to myself. Any suggestions on if I can hold on to them or can I even use them.

23yrs old 6' 180lbs......

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Your question was: VitaminShoppe creatine, vitamins/amino acids question?.

Your question was: How long will it last.

Striper is a type of fish (striped bass), I like fishing. How long they will last before they go bad. I got them from a trusted friend who is a body builder. The test is in an unmarked bottle as was the d-bol. I have done a cycle of test about 2 yrs ago. I was on it for 12 weeks 2cc a week.

I did not use nolvadex. I was also wondering if that is needed. The reason I want to use them is because I am a small guy. Before my first cycle I was only 135lbs. Any info is greatly appreciated..

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Can you post a pic please. I gotta see what an unmarked 50cc bottle of test enanthate looks like...

Comment #2

I heard of a mate getting something similar recently..... brown bottle with rubber stopper in top. no markings. obv home made of some description... came from the future of british bodybuilding himself!!!!! GT!..

Comment #3

Sorry guys.... no camera to post pictures with. It is in a clear bottle with a rubber stopper. The fluid inside is a golden color..

Comment #4

No need for a pic. if it comes from where lee says, it may in time, develop your physique to his level...

Comment #5

Now now guys.....

Striper no offence mate but just because you are a small guy why do you think you need steroids why don't you adapt your diet, supplement and training plans to grow naturally as it is clear you have not researched steroid use, plus you have bought a bottle of so called gear from a mate that has no markings what so ever on it and you are considering injecting this into your body come on you cannot be serious...this stuff is obviously home brew gear which be distinction is bad as their is little to non sterile procedures that have been used in making this product.....

My opinion is for you to ditch this gear (which I don't think you will) and look at your diet and training plan then go from there it is harder and will take longer but this way forward will not having you visiting hospital so they can drain an abscess.....

Comment #6

Thanks for the advice. I know you are right, it just sucks knowing I paid for something that I can not use. Is there any way that it can be tested??? Do you think I should scrap the D-bol too? As far as diet goes Ive tryed different diets unfortunately my body just doesnt seem to respond to dieting alone. That was the reason I tryed my first cycle. It gave me something to work with. I will try dieting again now that I have more of a frame to work with.

Thanks again for your help..

Comment #7

Striper, I would take the bottle back to your mate and ask him for your money back, tell him you are afraid to use something with no labelling..

I know of a guy who takes the label off a bottle of site oil and sells it to guys as a 100ml bottle of nandrolone! Some people don't care about you, they only care about whats in your pocket..

Stick to products from labs that you can read reports about, look back through the pages of this forum and see the consensus of opinions regarding all the different companies out there..

I had snide stuff which put me in hospital for 8 days and this was only 5 weeks before my first contest, I was gutted. I made the event and got a 3rd but without my hospital trip I feel I could have won. Its not worth sticking something into yourself without knowing what it is and being sure it's right..

Excuse my ignorance regarding your member name, I know nowt about fish or fishing. I went once and caught a wee trout (no Lee, not Jo!) and it wriggled in my hand and that ended my fishing days. Pig poof, I know...

Comment #8

I am assuming you are after increasing both size and strength believe me you can achieve this to an extent with diet and a few over the counter products like something as simple as creatine and a decent protein shake....

Post up what you are eating now on a typical day along with your current stats and we will see if we can help you add some pounds.....

Comment #9

PScarb's right here..

Say your BMR is 2500 cals, there is no way that eating 3500 and training hard and compound and resting a lot isn't gonna make you grow. in fact it's impossible you wont ! (unless you have some serious illness).


Comment #10

I am currently not on any kind of diet. If you have a good diet that will help me gain size and strength I would appreciate it. I would still like to use steroids in the future. The first time I used them I got incredible gains and I even felt more healthy. My biggest problem is that I get discouraged when I dont see improvement right away. Thats when I start giving up.

I was working 60hr work weeks and I had no time to eat right or train. Basically I look like crap and want the body that I used to have. I used to train in mma and am looking to get back into it. I feel that I cant do it without the help...

Comment #11

As he said, it's impossible with the right diet for anyone not to put weight on...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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