VitaminShoppe Creadrive good workout or not??

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My first question is: VitaminShoppe Creadrive good workout or not??.

My next question is: Hi all.

Im nearly 3 weeks into my first cycle of dbol. I dont know if it's just me but I seem to be crashing the pounds on.

Iv not noticed that I'm not lifting much more that normal, but seem to be able to do more reps ect. My gym partner was flagging behind on are last work out...

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Your question was: VitaminShoppe Creadrive good workout or not??.

How much weight a week should I put on with dbol??..

Comment #1

Everyone is different mate... first week I can put on 6-10lb and then 3-4lb a week after that... akot of it is water and the more junk food in your diet the more water people tend to hold...

Comment #2

I also get massive pumps in my arms when working my biceps...

Comment #3

Lee when you say hold water, what do you mean??..

Comment #4

With a Dbol only cycle, your body will hold water. The level of water held differs from person to person, However it is fair to say that if you have gained a stone in say 6 weeks on a Dbol only cycle then your body may be holding a stone in water. So when you stop taking your Dbol the body lets go of the water so weight loss is experianced..

To hold onto this weight people may stay on cycle for longer periods and often swopping types of steroids used, this may help to hold onto some of your gains, howmuch? no body knows...

Comment #5

As above... your body can hold water both inside the muscle and under the skin... so when taking dbol you will hold more wtare than normal.. alot of that is usually under the skin... hence why people tend to get a bloated look and a moon shaped head!..

Comment #6

Not sure if I'm developing a bit if gyno or if it's my chest growing???..

Comment #7

If it's gyno you shuold feel it before you see it... i.e. you would feel a tingling sensation around teh nipple and if you rub it there will feel like theers a hard lump behind it!..

Comment #8

No not got any of thenm signs. tbh I do suffer from puffy nipples, when I'm hot so could just be me getting a panic on...

Comment #9

Hi benzo5 here, you probably got bad d-bol, what color r they white or pink? if not you might not be using enough a day, wats your stats? if over 220lbs 50mg is needed. get back...

Comment #10

They are pink.i weigh about 14.5 stone. currently taking 4 or 5 aday...

Comment #11

Lol hold on a minute here mate... hes getting bigger and stronger and from the sounds of things his perfromance has improved alongside his bodyweight... he seems to be showing all the classic symptoms of being on dbol and getting good results from it as far as I can see???.

Your advice is that either what he is taking is not legit or that he needs to take more??? can you please exlain what you base this on?..

Comment #12

Benzo, he has just told you that he's putting on weight and gettin more reps out from using it so you're conclusion seems bizarre to me....

John, why are you using dbol if you clearly havn't made an effort to do your research first???? do your research and use the search function to help you. here is my 2 cents: don't listen to benzo!..

Comment #13

Agree with scottswald and leeB. There working so no need to up the dose..

Comment #14

Scottswald..i have done lots of research, I'm just keeping my progress updated ect..

I think are friend benzo, was just looking for a gap in the market if you know what I mean....

Comment #15

Lol nice gap in the market... my stuffs working but theres a chance I may be getting gyno.. well your stuffs no good or you need to take more.... theres help for ya!.

Again, please everyone be aware of scammers and people looking to make a quick few quid! if anyone feels anyone on the board is doing anything untoward or against the rules please contact a mod!..

Comment #16

Is that the gyno worry over with then mate?..

Comment #17

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